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Moses Is the Burning Bush, yes you read that right

Yesterday one of my Facebook friends wrote to me and mentioned the Moses and the burning bush story in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is actually in Exodus 3. We were talking about several different things but I was motivated to go re-translate the story and did. I would like to simply show you the highlights of that actual conversation. When you read the ideas just hold on tight. We have been programmed. We have been seriously brainwashed. We have been seriously misled. What I am about to show you is how to know. I showed my friend how to know. I showed him how to walk with God himself to the place where God reveals his Holy Bible stories and concepts to his holy priests. This is a documentation of that happening.

I document everything. I've done that all my life but especially since 1985 when I prayed, "Dear God, if there is something more to Christianity than I understand would you please teach me?" I write that God did teach me. He took me on an adventure I call, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." My main book is "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir."

I was the Documentation Specialist for an historical achievement, technology created by my late husband, Robin Isaacs, his system for monitoring the drilling of oil wells world-wide using his computer software and hardware design that came to be known as the Drilling Data Center. I was trained by him to document his system both software and hardware.

After his death I fought for his intellectual property rights damages in Federal Court. This lasted 3 years. I was able to do this because I knew what I was talking about. Because of my walk with God I chose to sacrifice what was rightfully mine, the financial damages, that I believe I had just proved. The judge stopped the trial right in the middle, dismissed the jury, and decided I wouldn't receive one single penny of damages. This, in my opinion, was a crime. However, it was also a miracle. It was a miracle because I had just gone into the courthouse bathroom, alone, at the break between the ending of our presenting our case and the defendant's beginning of their defense. The judge chose not to allow them to defend themselves. He chose to simply take every penny of damages from me instead. It was a miracle instead of a crime because I had just knelt down in the bathroom and prayed, "Dear Father, God, this case is for a billion dollars. You KNOW that I am right, that every single thing I've said is the truth. You KNOW it belongs to me. You KNOW what they have done. Dear Father, this billion dollars doesn't have the power to take me from you. I GIVE it to you. Father, you know how much I love Chapelgate. You know how hard Robin worked on his Data Center. This is my inheritance. This is my children's inheritance. You know the truth, that they were not allowed to do the things they've done. YOU judge, Father. I love you. I realize how important this is and that you are doing something that I don't even grasp but that it is BIG. Father, you know I love you. You know I've told the truth. You know our story, that you have led me to this place, right here, today, right now. So, dear Father, God, I GIVE you every single penny. And you know what that means, it means all of Robin's lifetime of work, all of what is rightfully mine, all of my children's inheritance, all of my dreams and plans you and I were doing together at Chapelgate and most of all it means that I will never be able to buy back my beautiful Chapelgate. You know how I lost it, I lost it because I was faithful to you. I give it to you, I give you Chapelgate and the Data Center. I give you everything. Every single penny. If there is SOME WAY you can use it for YOU to be GLORIFIED, dear Father, God, I give you every single penny, everything. In Jesus' Name Amen." Then I got up and the Judge took everything. Miracle.

That is what gave me the driving DESIRE to then turn to the Bible to understand. Even though I had sacrificed it all it didn't make sense to me. It didn't make sense that Robin had died. It didn't make sense that God had given me Chapelgate and then taken it away. We had turned Chapelgate into a private retreat for the writers of God's songs, Gospel Music and Contemporary Christian Music recording artists and songwriters. Robin had built a recording studio for me at Chapelgate. I had written and we recorded 2 albums of my songs about God. We had handmade a sign together, "Chapelgate, a private home dedicated to the glory of God." I had GIVEN Chapelgate TO God. I had NAMED Chapelgate FOR God. I had thought about how wonderful the property was but that in God's eyes it must just seem like a beautiful little jewel, a chapel. I had determined that those who wrote and sang the songs about God were very special and needed to be protected and nurtured. I had thought, "I'll bring them here, we'll all be friends, and we'll have a private place, away from the world, where we can write God's songs." I had named it for Genesis 28:17 "...How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God and this is the gate of heaven.” It didn't make sense.

It also didn't make sense that God had allowed the major corporations, in my opinion, to steal Robin's Drilling Data Center he'd spent his entire career creating. (To this day it still belongs to me, his software/technology; they simply took the fruit). This lawsuit lasted from start to finish for 3 years. For 3 years I had pictured David and Goliath in my mind, prayed everyday, made every single decision with all the ability I had to obey, serve, and follow God. I had followed the Bible story perfectly. Goliath wasn't supposed to win.

After I had prayed that prayer asking for God to teach me he had given me Evins Mill. Yes, we had bought it but it happened miraculously. Robin was the premiere engineer at a Fortune 100 company and had lived his entire life in Houston, Texas. He was the leading-edge expert in an entire industry, based out of Houston. Robin had prayed, "Dear God, do you REALLY want me to leave Houston, my home, my job, EVERYTHING, and MOVE to the middle of Tennessee???" Robin had asked God this 3 different times, in anguish, before buying Chapelgate for me. Three different times he had prayed this prayer and then he had closed his eyes, opened a Bible at random and pointed blindly to a verse for God to answer him. THREE TIMES. The verse had been the same identical verse every time. It had said, "Pack up your tools, I am sending you into exile." This had special meaning to Robin because it WAS like God was "sending him into exile" and because he had been raised in a family who owned a Hardware store in Houston. He proudly knew how to use every tool imaginable. He and I had then spent 6,000 hours EACH, side by side, with his tools, our tools, repairing and restoring what was simply a masterpiece of a property, Evins Mill. HERE

Evins Mill had been in Senator Edgar Evins and his son, Congressman Joe L. Evins', family for 50 years before Joe L. died and left it in his will to Vanderbilt University. I had found an ad in "Unique Homes" magazine of Evins Mill, for sale. Robin had already talked me out of buying an island for our home (actually, an atoll with 12 islets) - Tetiaroa - which I love to this day. HERE I had been fervently asking God for a "forever home" to raise our family even though I passionately LOVED our Houston townhome we had married in. I had a pile of "Unique Homes" magazines and "International Homes" magazines I had collected one by one at the grocery store as I shopped for MONTHS.

After Robin had taken me to Tetiaroa and I had realized he was right, that it was just a dream, I had continued my search for our home. I had prayed, "Dear God, YOU know every single home out there. Would you please just FIND our home for us?" Then I had looked AGAIN through my pile of magazines until I saw Evins Mill, $734,000. It was 1986.

Robin and I had founded our own corporation because he had told me, "I've always wanted to be a Consultant," and I had said, "Well, then, BE a Consultant." Later, after we were AT Chapelgate, after we had bought it and were busy restoring it with our kids he'd finish telling me WHY he wanted to be a Consultant. It was because it would give him the money he needed to retire and be able to work on his own projects.

Robin was one of the most intelligent men who has ever walked on our planet, with an untestably high I.Q., a genius. His mother had started having him tested when he was 3 years old. They had tested him over and over and each time his I.Q. was higher than before. He broke all rules and boundaries. He wanted to have money and retire SO he could have TIME to work on projects and goals he had set for himself. He wanted to be the first person in history to solve the problem of "The Grand Unification Theory," as well as "Mass Transport," and "Anti-gravity." Robin was born in 1936. He grew up when Einstein was at his peak. Google quote: "Einstein's unified field theory consumed the last 30 years of his life without resolution." That was the era Robin was raised in. He wanted to solve THAT problem.

Robin was 20 years older than me. We met and he began training me to become the Documentation Specialist, at Dresser Industries in Houston, for the Drilling Data Center when I was 24 years old. He sent me back to Abilene Christian University to finish my BA in Mass Communications Radio/TV and then to Rice University followed by the University of Houston. Later, I would add Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania for Creative Writing training, the University of Florida for Non-Profit training, and Lipscomb for Theology training. Robin sent me to computer training classes in Boston, near Harvard. He took me on trips with him, Banff, the Grand Canyon, Louisiana, Mexico, the French Pacific. Early in our relationship I had taken a long, hard look at us and had said, "WE can't be together." I had explained why. Our ages, our families, our jobs. We had been driving in his white company car at the time, in Houston, on Westheimer. He had looked at me and said, "I will give up EVERYTHING for you, the Data Center, EVERYTHING. I will drive right now, and keep on driving, away from EVERYTHING. Yes, we CAN be together." I believed him and I changed my mind. To this very day, yes, we ARE together.

When we met he gave me a silver bracelet, handmade on one of his many international oilfield trips, this one to Africa, to Ethiopia. He had drawn the design himself, in the sand, and a local silver artisan had created my bracelet from silver ore dug out of the ground. He had saved that bracelet, hidden in his office for ten years, until he met me. When he gave it to me he said that when he was 3 years old he had had a dream about me. He said his dream was just a beautiful lady, an angel, standing there in his dream, smiling at him. She had blue eyes and long blonde hair. He said the very first time he ever saw me that he stopped in his tracks, stunned, and certain. She was me. He gave me his silver bracelet. I wore it in our townhome he bought for me on our wedding day, we were married in our Houston home. He taught me himself, personally, day by day for a decade. I founded our corporation. He made me the President. He'd say, "Someday I won't be here anymore (because he was older) and you will have to take care of yourself. We need to train you now so you can do that later. He did. He'd also give me every single thing I dreamed of, including our Houston townhome, my education, our family, and Chapelgate. He had his own agenda, however, for Chapelgate.

Evins Mill had a Millpond and a dam. The dam was concrete, 50 feet high, 150 feet long and millions of gallons per hour flowed over the spillway or, if we wanted, through the pipes. Then that water went on down the creek and into a gorge with 3 of the largest, most beautiful waterfalls in the State of Tennessee. They were 30 ft. high, 6 stories high, and 15 stories high. Robin wanted the electricity from the dam. Robin gave our oldest son, back in Houston, before we bought Evins Mill, a Tesla coil for Christmas. Robin had studied Nikola Tesla. The Grand Unification Theory, he explained many times to me in detail, was the theory of how everything worked. EVERYTHING. That was Robin's goal. He wanted to solve that problem. He talked about it so much that I rewrote my first children's book I had written in 1978, before meeting Robin in 1981. I rewrote it while we were living at Chapelgate, we DID buy it, he DID start working on our dam. I rewrote the story to be about Gramps, an eccentric genius who had a chemistry set in his bedroom, kept a fishing pole baited, while Consulting on his Drilling Data Center from his log mansion which was perched high on a cliff overlooking his old Gristmill, Millpond, and dam. Gramps who was testing his mass transport device using the power from the dam and had opened up a portal to another world, an island, like Tetiaroa. Those are my books, "Island," and "Willie Worm & the Apple Tree." They are the prequels to my life story, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," and my book of songs I wrote along the way, "The Songs of Chapelgate." Now, I'm writing, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," and I have figured out the Grand Unification Theory - it is God's Word. It has a design: Individual/Corporate, Physical/Spiritual, Self/Others. I write about it in my story, "A Small Southern Town," and describe how I figured out the pattern that I kept seeing in all of my Master's degree classes in Theology while studying the Bible books. I'd draw a little spiral in my notes, in my Harper Collins Study Bible, every time I noticed it. Now I am fine tuning the details of how the Bible, our real Bible, the one in the ancient biblical Hebrew and Greek (ancient Hebrew is the key) scriptures that our English King James version Bible was translated from FITS with physics. They are identical, parallel, mirror images, of Heaven and Earth. That is the Grand Unification Theory. Solved. The answer is: GOD'S WORD. "We did it, baby."

My life, my journey, FINALLY makes sense. OH!!! Now I see! THAT'S what God was doing. God was restoring GOD'S WORD. My desire, prayer, during my sacrifice had been, "If there is SOME WAY you can use it for YOU to be GLORIFIED, dear Father, God, I give you every single penny, everything. In Jesus' Name Amen." God's Word IS the Grand Unification Theory. Physical/Spiritual Heaven/Earth Individual/Corporate Self/Others. That's it. The pattern is that the spiritual realm, heaven, is OVER, the physical realm, earth. It is superior to it. They are parallel mirror images, as above so below in its true sense. They work together just like male and female (which is WHY the Bible says MALE is OVER FEMALE - it's the PATTERN.) They are beautifully entwined like a husband and wife but the pattern is that the spiritual realm, the kingdom of Heaven that Jesus was teaching us about, that he operated from, is the ultimate controlling power. RIGHTEOUSNESS. GOODNESS. HOLINESS. RULES. And that is a GOOD thing. That is a VERY good thing. It shifts the power of the entire current world system from selfish/evil to others/good. God.

I was raised on Bible stories. My parents were faithful fundamental Christians. They taught me from birth. I'm a 3rd generation graduate of Abilene Christian University. My parents met there. My grandmother went to classes there while my father, as a tiny boy, played outside her classroom window where she could keep an eye on him as she attended classes. My great great Grandmother gave from her own inheritance to help FOUND Abilene Christian University. My dad had me beside him on the bed as he studied his college lessons, as a baby, as a toddler, in his and my mother's first apartment in Abilene. They were married in the church next to Abilene Christian University before he graduated. He'd study. I'd study my little toddler books right there beside him. He had told me from birth, "When you grow up YOU will go to Abilene Christian University. God LOVES you. I love you. Your mama loves you." Then they had faithfully taken me to the Church of Christ three times a week plus every time the door was open for the next 18 years. I had studied Bible classes taught at ACU, later, by the very same Professor of Bible who had performed their marriage ceremony. I had been baptized, just like Jesus, at the age of 11 going on 12 - the same time Jesus was old enough to be doing his Father's work in the temple - in my hometown of Lewisburg, Tennessee at Church Street Church of Christ where I was raised after we left Abilene and moved to Tennessee. You have to realize my entire life led me to that point, to that prayer that I prayed that started this entire walk. I saw David and Goliath in my mind. I saw God and Jesus in my mind. I knew every Bible story by heart. I knew that the rich young ruler had turned away from following Jesus because the price was too high. The price Jesus said, to follow him, was EVERYTHING. "Dear God, I give you every penny."

What happened after the judge took every penny and the trial was over is described in detail in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." I published it in 2009 but I wrote it day by day by day from 1985, beginning with my praying that prayer. I DOCUMENTED what God answered. And here we are. Now, I've documented 2009 to July 18, 2023 and I'm still going.

...The miraculous story is still going and it's getting really good...

Yesterday, a friend asked me about Moses and the burning bush. Yesterday, I re-translated it. Today, I'm stopping to document this step of the journey and I'm taking the trouble to really make you see where my messages to him about the meaning of the Bible story are coming from. That's so important. I didn't do this on a whim, I paid the price. I know what I am talking about.

It is going to sound so different to you than you've been taught. But all I can do is put it out there and trust my Father, God. He's the one writing this story. So here you go:

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written July 18, 2023 at 12:29 pm


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