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No, Aliens Don't Exist (or the Universe)

I wrote this in response to someone who believes the universe is SO large that we'd be silly to think WE are the only humans. Nope.

Angel: "I value your input & friendship! We just think differently. You said that was ok as long as we are respectful. So here's my idea. I don't think we are in either an ancient or a large universe at all. I think there is a dome over the earth with the sun and stars etc. immediately over our heads as simple lights being directed in from outside the dome. I don't believe there is one single alien but that there ARE principals and principalities, regions, and overseers of the regions both positive and negative energies. I think everything has been designed by a father, God, YHWH, Creator who is exceptionally wise in how he has designed everything to fit together to lead us to know him and our mother, the earth forces. I think the goal is Christ Consciousness and our perception is guided through levels of understanding so that we finally arrive at perfection. I think that is what Jesus was, a human with perfected consciousness, Christ consciousness, all the chakras activated, a god, the only at that time and firstborn son of our Father, with the spirit of holiness existing inside of him which gave him his knowledge and wisdom. I think he was teaching us about what I've just said. I am studying how the Cryptids such as Dogman and Bigfoot FIT inside that paradigm as having dual existence in both the heavens (spirit) and the earth (physical). My entire life and all my energy has gone into this understanding. It was not obtained easily. But this is the direction I personally am exploring. Thanks!

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Written October 3, 2022 at 1:18 pm

Eric Dubay explores this concept further HERE


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