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No, Mom, I'm a Writer, a Theological Writer

I sent my photos of the Television Station to my mom. She said, "Oh! So you are a Television Producer, good."

She and most people do not understand what I do. So I tried again. "No, Mom, I'm a Writer. I am a Theological Writer who researches and studies the deep ideas about God and the Bible and then writes about it. The Television Studio just gives me the tools I need to write visually. Now I can use their biggest, best studio. I was ALREADY a Television Producer there."

I have 3 lines of work: Chapelgate, Texas Tales, & Angel Creek. They all tie together. I created a Non-Profit Foundation which pretty much means that I support everything I do from my own pocketbook.

I have a World-Class background and training. I was trained as the Documentation Specialist for the first real-time oil well drilling computerized system in the oil industry. My late husband created it and trained me and then gave it to me. It was the first in history. Today's technology was founded on it. $100,000,000. (100 million dollars) per year value to the oil industry for years. My genius husband died. We lived at Chapelgate, our home. I went to Federal Court over his intellectual property that belonged to me. $690,000,000. value. It was, in my opinion, stolen from me. At the same time I gave every penny to God moments before.

That started my journey into the Bible to try to grasp what God was doing. I studied 15,000 hours after 2 Masters degrees retranslating the original Bible scriptures from the original languages, figuring out what it was actually trying to tell us. I then trained myself with another half-masters degree (all the good courses) in Creative Writing, followed by another half-masters in Non-Profit Management, on top of my BA in Radio/TV. I'm a Writer. I'm a Theological Writer who writes about God and his Word and researches it.

My book series talk about ALL of this. "The Chapelgate Adventure Series" includes "Island," "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," "The Songs of Chapelgate," "Willie Worm & the Apple Tree," and 2 music cds of my songs. "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" is a project I started in 2014 with a television series, short-stories, and photos of music and Texas stuff because I'm a 5th generation Texan and it fits into my other work. "Angel Creek" is my newest line and is turning out to be mostly Bigfoot and Werewolf stuff because they are on my Ozarks land. So I'm figuring out HOW they tie into God and God's Word. "Adventures in Swan" is mostly fun stuff in my van, a lot with my grandbaby. I'm about to publish "The Harvest of Chapelgate," (2009-2022) everything I've written after my first book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." (1985-2009). My next project is to go through the 100+ interesting books I've been buying for the last couple of years and see how everything ties in with God and God's Word. (Tesla, Electromagnetism, the Pyramids, Cryptids, Flat Earth, Medicine, Healing, Light etc.) xo Angel

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written September 20, 2022 at 1 pm


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