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Not "Crowds" - God's Elite, Palm Sunday

Here's a conversation I just had on Messenger with a dear highly devoted Christian friend of mine in another part of Texas. I sent her the "They changed our calendar and I want it back" video another one of my friends had sent me yesterday. He's a founder of Contemporary Christian Music and we met when I owned Chapelgate in the 1980's. Still friends. 2023. Because when you connect on the God level, you really connect, for life. We know. Anyway, I sent her the video he sent me and I sent it to a dozen of my best Christian warrior friends, until Facebook blocked me from sending it to all of you. I said:

"We ARE going to figure this all out & change the world (back to God's ORIGINAL DESIGN, including his WORD in the Bible and in Nature). One of my old, 30 plus years ago, Contemporary Christian Music iconic friends just sent me this. We're on it..."

I'll put the video in the link below, or just scroll down my page. I also wrote a short-story about it. I'll link that too. Anyway, she watched the video about how our Calendar we use has been changed from the actual Calendar our Father, God, created for us, which shows the Passover (this week). Today is Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem, the King, the restorer of God's Word - because THAT's how he ACTUALLY "saved" us. He restored God's Word, the true understanding, which is what I've devoted my life to and what you see my friends, here, doing as well. She said:

My strong Christian Texas friend: "WoW! Makes sense! My friend Kay {which I wish you would connect with} is doing a lot of research on how all of these gods tie in with our biblical record and deception of the enemy in our modern times. Looks like Light is being revealed!"

To which I answered:

Angel: "Yes, and also I've been researching the word "crowd" in John 12 describing Palm Sunday, today. It is talking about God's elite, not the normal sense of a common crowd. It is talking about US, OUR crowd, of the elite of God. The whole passage BEGINS with simple words they translate wrong. They actually set the setting as NOW, the period when God's elite are gathered together, from all walks of life, YET HIS Elite. AND when they determine that the FUTURE is going to belong to HIM, to God the Father, in accordance with his holy Word. THAT's what Jesus was doing. He was setting the stage for the centuries to come. NOW WE, God's elite, are setting the stage for the centuries to come. It is SO cool! xoxxo"

She gave me a "thumbs up." We understand. You are seeing Palm Sunday on Palm Sunday. That's the power our Father, God, YHWH, has.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written April 2, 2023 at 3:03 pm - on Palm Sunday

The video about the Calendar is HERE

My short-story, "Our Calendar was Stolen...I want it back..." is HERE


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