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Our Calendar was Stolen...I want it back...

We ARE going to figure this all out & change the world (back to God's ORIGINAL DESIGN, including his WORD in the Bible and in Nature). One of my old, 30 plus years ago, Contemporary Christian Music iconic friends just sent me this. We're on it...

What it says is that our Calendar that God designed himself, for us, has been stolen from us. I watched half of that video I just linked to, posted it immediately on my own Facebook page and my page for "Texas Tales from a Lone Star," and then messaged it to the max number of friends Facebook would allow me to. I noticed that after a dozen or so it wouldn't send anything except blanks to the rest. Just like our ability to communicate on a broad scale has been stolen from us, by the exact same type of people, our CALENDAR was stolen. They use the same techniques which is to subtlety change everything and convert everything around the subject into lies and confusion. That's called "Babylon." Well, guess what? Babylon doesn't win. WE DO!!!

So go read it and begin to understand and together we can PIECE IT ALL BACK TOGETHER.

I sent it to my friend I talk about from my hometown in Tennessee. The main story for that AND for my DOCTRINE which I've figured out so far, GOD'S TRUE DOCTRINE in the Bible and in his Creation. It is called, "A Small Southern Town" and is HERE

I noticed just as I began writing this short-story that she had written me back. Let's go see what precious jewels she just sent us. God's TIMING is impeccable. Today is April 1, 2023.

Angel: (I sent her the first paragraph and the link to how our Calendar was changed, above)

Southern Friend: "Amen!!! All over it!! I’m so thankful that God gave us the great desire to research and find the truth. We are on a High Sabbath today.

I find it very interesting that the pagan easter/ashtar….. is the same as Passovers Resurrection Day this year. God Is Up To Something!!"

Angel: (To myself, "well the reason why the pagan ideas overlap with God's True Design of his holy Bible and NATURE, his Creation, is because there IS A DESIGN. We aren't the only ones who have ever noticed that. The DESIGN is our Father, God, YHWH's. It is FOR US.)

Southern Friend: "Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. This is the time when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey colt. He also cleansed the temple during His time there prior to the Last Supper and His death before Passover began. 4 Days the sheep stayed inside the homes with the Hebrews prior to their death. Then the blood went onto the doorposts. So the Death Angel would Passover their home."

Amazing. Go watch that video about our Calendar now.

Here's my short-story about my Contemporary Christian Music background and friends (who also sent this calendar video to me just now, today, a High Sabbath day, just before Passover). Passover is when those who follow God, YHWH, to the END of the Path that focuses on OTHERS (as in the golden rule), as in what Jesus instructed us to do, FINISH that PATH. They THEN "PASSOVER" from the Others path to the Self path.

THAT's the TRUE meaning of Passover. That is what you see us doing right now as I type up what is happening. That's what I figured out from my 15,000 hours retranslating our holy Bible, 2 Masters in Theology, AND more importantly to SACRIFICING every single thing I possessed during my Chapelgate experience. (Described in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir.") That gave me TREASURE in HEAVEN and the guidance I needed through God's daily, hourly intervention in my own life, to walk the OTHERS path. (See my story, "A Small Southern Town.") I've now CROSSED OVER, (and it is PASSOVER, the period when we pass over from the Others path to the Self path.) AS described in God's true Calendar.

These things don't happen by chance. It is DESIGNED. Our Father, God, YHWH, DESIGNED his true Doctrine and it is described in both the real underlying structure of our holy Bible, what I study passionately, and in every spec of his Creation. THAT's what HIS Calendar was designed to communicate. Jesus knew. Jesus passed over. On Passover. Follow.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written April 1, 2023 at 12:29 pm


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