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Pappadeaux Birthday

Skye’s gone to pick up our Pappadeaux. We ordered King Crab and Mississippi Catfish Opelousas to share, $150. That’s why it is a Birthday splurge. I told her her choice of TV shows to watch together while we eat are Green Acres, Route 66, or Bigfoot. Just kidding, she can pick. And she surprised me with all sorts of bath salts and bath goodies! She’s amazing! Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!!💕💕💕

*** Thank you for the birthday wishes! That makes me feel good! Here’s what I texted my son just now. Oh and we decided to just stay home right now! We’ll see Tennessee another time! Thank you!!!


Thank you! Skye worked 7 pm to 7 am. Later today we will order Pappadeaux seafood and eat it at home with a movie. Mom and Dad have been at their Tennessee farm for a couple of weeks. Laileigh is at her dad’s this week. I’ve been watching old tv shows Route 66 and Green Acres and reading my 100 cool books I bought on stuff like antigravity and mass transport. I love my beautiful apartment and massage chair. I take Lai swimming in our pool when she’s here. Happy as can be! Thank you! Love you!!! 💕💕🌹🌹💕💕 xo Angel.


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