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Raising a Little Texas Girl

Today, after I took my 5 year old Granddaughter, Laileigh, to see my friend, Andy’s, horses and she rode our friend Lexi’s horse, we passed a herd of cows as we drove home. Lai’s comment as we drove past the loose cows was, “Those cows are lost. They’re branded.” (They were on the road, not behind a fence.) So how does a little Texas girl KNOW something like that? Well, because I’ve been taking her to Andy’s Cowboy events since she was born and to Andy and Lana’s ranch. But also because she watched this documentary about them a couple of days ago (they brand a cow) and I explained it. Then she drew her own conclusion, “Those cows are lost - loose on the road - cause they’re branded (they belong to someone and should be behind that person's fence.)" Little did she know the lady who owned the ranch and cows owned 4,000 acres and the branded cows on the road WERE behind her fence. Texas. Lai and I were at Andy’s ranch for this documentary, enjoy! xo

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Written September 24, 2023 at 7 pm Yom Kippur; also posted on

September 25 8 am Yom Kippur "The Grand Finale of Chapelgate" HERE


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