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Rattlesnakes & Olive Oil

Every single thing in all of Creation is about Christ. Every single thing in the Bible is about Christ. Every verse. As you study and grow and grow and study and grow and grow and get the idea. I'm talking about the experts. The Bible is not for the common man. God has the common man covered with his system. Not Christian doctrine, God the Father's system. YHWH. Yahweh. God has designed a system that contains the correct doctrine. The Bible, not our Christian translation, but the real, actual, underlying scriptures in their fullest meaning is for priests. We got that wrong. The Bible is for priests, the experts. I'm not talking about physical PhD's either. That helps, of course, if done right. I'm talking PhD's of the spirit. That is who the Bible is for. Experts in following Christ.

Now, let's talk Rattlesnakes & Olive Oil. An expert in the spirit, in Christ's spirit, is like a burning fire in passion for God and God's Holy Word, both the written words underlying the English AND the word as learned in actually step by step following God and the Bible's instructions. It takes years, decades, and more decades of passionately following the physical, written Word, and the spiritual Word learned step by step by putting the physical written Word into action, existence. That's the level you have to get to to grasp Rattlesnakes & Olive Oil. It's not really for you. You're covered. All common man has to do is to basically be decent. I'm talking the Bible, true Bible, and Priests, true Priests.

Many decades ago, when I was already two decades into this path, but still young I described how you learn God's spiritual Word. I said, that you learn it by obeying. If your study of God's written Bible has led your comprehension to the point where your HEART nags you when you are passing someone, let's say a homeless beggar, who is in need. It nags you and won't let you just walk by with a hard, calloused heart. You think about the scriptures as you have studied them and you bring the ones to mind that fit the scenario you are in. Think, "The Golden Rule." That's pretty basic. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Matthew 7:12 King James Version

12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

What do you wish someone would do to you if you were a homeless beggar? You think about that. You decide. You do the best you are capable of. I've given a dollar before. I've given my restaurant leftovers, sitting there beside me on the passenger seat, before. I've rolled my window down one inch, when I was scared, and put a $20. hurriedly through the crack at a light, before. I've bought $100. worth of diapers, formula, soap, canned goods and juices before, several bags, at Whole Foods - just to take them to the family standing together with their baby on the corner with a sign, "Our baby needs diapers," before. Then, later, when I noticed that same family was still standing there with their sign 3 hours later, after having GIVEN them the diapers and more they asked for, I've stopped the car, rolled down the window, and fussed at them for still being there. I've bought a sleeping bag before and given it to a homeless person. I've given at least change and a dollar or a five when I had very little money, every single time I've passed a beggar and they can sometimes be thick on the corners going home. I've done this for years and years without ever missing, regardless of how much money I had. This is how you build a priest. It is internal. Now apply that to decade after decade after a couple more decades. Now we are to the point where you can grasp what I'm going to say next.

A rattlesnake strikes fast, and can be very unexpected. A priest on this level is ALWAYS thinking about and living God's Word. It is ingrained. A priest on this level has practiced scripture so many times that he/she knows what happens when you obey scripture. Those who do not do this, on this level, do NOT know what happens. That is what I used to say when I was young, two decades into this. I'd say that you cannot know what happens when you follow and obey God's Word when you do not do what it says. How can you? It is only those who actually obey who gain insight into what happens. A rattlesnake strikes fast.

Study the physical world for spiritual insights. Then learn to recognize the spiritual symbolism inside you. The priest, on this level, is a rattlesnake. He has the nature. But it is CHRIST centered - ALL of it is CHRIST centered. So what happens is that the priest understands scripture and obeying scripture to the point that God's true Doctrine exists inside of him. This week I struck. I gave a warning, a rattle. It was ignored. Then an action from a friend of mine unexpectedly broke my composure and I struck. Instantly. Poisonously. I struck with my words and actions. I was obeying scripture. I was following God's true doctrine. Now flip it. The two worlds, heaven and earth, are parallel mirror images. What is evil in the physical world is good in the heavenly world. A rattlesnake can be good. The poison injected can be good. It is backwards. The GOAL is to set the friend, whoever it is that has unexpectedly stepped over a log where a rattlesnake is coiled and resting, back onto the correct doctrinal path. That is love. That is LOVE. That is obedience. That is the role of a priest. It is instinctive. I struck. BITE. POISON. Rattlesnake.

What happens next? In the physical world someone who has been bitten by a rattlesnake can rapidly die. At the very least they KNOW they've been bitten. It makes them think, "AHHHHHHH!!!!! What??? Why???" Now apply this to the heavenly realm. The goal of the priest is to instinctively, because he IS a priest, correct false doctrine. The priest can strike simply due to his nature. The result, however, is not death, but life. Whoever has just gotten bitten now has to THINK about the situation and the unexpectedness and pain of it can prompt INTENSE retrospection. If that person is also on the path towards Christ then that person will do what I've described. They may just be a decade or two in. So it may not be obvious what has happened. They rack their brain, looking for the answer, matching it up with scripture as they understand it. Now we get to "Olive Oil."

I bit a person this week. It was instinctual. I bit them hard, fast, unexpectedly, even to me, and poisonously. It took several days for us to get back to normal. We are friends again. Lesson learned.

Think about an olive tree and how virgin oil is pressed out. The olive tree, once again, is about CHRIST. Let's now examine my Christian friend, a few decades in. When we reached the point of healing, where we tried to restore the relationship and understand what had happened and why, he was the olive tree. He was the Christ olives. His thinking, mulling over scripture, previous experience due to obeying for years, resulted in the OIL being PRESSED OUT. Olive oil. Healing. Here's what he said to me, "Just trust Christ. He'll lead us. Let's try again (our friendship)." And then it was over. We were back to normal, just a bit wiser, both of us. Here's what I said to him, "I restored everything that I took away (the poison). Here you go..." That's olive oil. I was hurt. I restored everything back, healed what had been harmed. I gave all I had. Olive Oil.

Rattlesnakes & Olive Oil. Nashville and the cruise are back on. I may stay home. But it is fixed.


I am now taking this wisdom and applying it to physics. Every single thing in existence is about CHRIST. During my Federal trial (3 years of my life from start to finish) over my late husband's intellectual property damages (I was right and the entire judicial system was wrong) I ran into the same situation that Tesla is describing. Mobil had had an employee who inserted a single coffee cup worth of uselessness into Robin's Drilling Data system at one point. They therefore tried to claim rights to his system that were using this same faulty logic. Christ was no where to be found in the entire 3 year experience I went through, except in me. Because Christ WAS in me (not just during those pivotal 3 years of my journey but through every single step) I have now arrived here. Robin gave our son, Sidney, a Tesla coil for Christmas one year. That's why I now know where to start looking for Christ in Physics. I'm starting with Tesla.

This short-story is the spiritual equivalent of a Tesla coil. It takes low voltage Christian's and converts them into high voltage followers of Christ and increases their frequency. Electricity represents DESIRE to follow God, walk in Jesus' footsteps, go where he leads.


A Tesla coil converts low-voltage alternating current electricity to very high voltage and increases the frequency. It is named after its inventor, eccentric genius Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who displayed his first model in 1891.

There was a second part, a deeper part, to the above story. The concept I've written here in my story is just a baby concept. There were much deeper concepts occurring during this same rattlesnake and olive oil incident. I could actually see that there were octaves involved. My comprehension of God's Word was on a higher level, due to my faithful walk with God for 66 years, than my friend's faithful walk with God. He started at a later date in life but he's on the same path. The two sets of comprehension were interacting like octaves. That's Tesla. That's Christ in Tesla. Once Christian Priests figure this out and start following the breadcrumbs my friend and I and others like us are leaving behind us the war is over. Heaven rules over Earth. Holiness rules. Righteousness rules. Christ rules. It works like this.

Now, to end with a quote from Tesla. I describe going through the Federal trial in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." My story has written for babies levels and deeper octaves that were also occurring that I am hinting at here. At this precise moment in time I am studying Joseph and the Pharaoh of Egypt "dreams" verses in Genesis 41. I study this every single day. I wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee because it reminds me of my love, Robin, and I sit down in my big white massage chair (because doing all this crippled me) with my 72 inch TV in front of me opened to a Bible Hub tab HERE and Truth Unity tab HERE. I have the King James version, the least corrupted, next to the ancient Biblical Hebrew interlinear translation. I look up every word, still, after 15,000 hours (I quit counting in 2009) hours of studying like this. I use the Strong's definitions. It has gone way beyond that, however, with my Father's help and guidance. The entire Bible translation system in place in 2023 is corrupted beyond the imagination. God, YHWH, Yahweh, taught me himself, the correct way to translate. The doctrine they have superimposed over our entire Bible is 100% poisonously deadly wrong. It PREVENTS Christians from discovering what I have been describing now for decades. God, our Father, not Jesus, leads us. Our Christian ideas about Jesus will get us to the correct path but Jesus was actually pointing all of this out to us, even back then. The translators and churches have simply corrupted what he was explaining to us, showing us. That doesn't negate the truth of Jesus, however. His essence comes through, even in our English hodgepodge of Bible translations and even in our churches who have every scrap of what he was saying wrong. Jesus still leads because every single thing in existence was designed by God our Father, Jesus' father, YHWH, Yahweh, to be about CHRIST. Tesla was discovering Christ. Physics is about CHRIST. Here's an example... Every single word Tesla is describing is a physical representation of a spiritual concept. I can grasp some of it. I'm working on grasping more. This is the Theory of Everything that my late husband grew up hearing about in the 1930's through 1980's. He taught me. God is blending my Bible understanding with Physics now. THIS is how you DO Physics. This is how you grasp the theories that are actually true. They are all part of God's DOCTRINE. This is God's WORD.


"A few words should be said in regard to the various claims for anticipation which were made upon the issuance of my patents in 1888, and in numerous suits conducted subsequently. There were three contestants for the honor, Ferraris, Schallenberger and Cabanellas. All three succumbed to grief. The opponents of my patents advanced the Ferraris claim very strongly, but any one who will peruse his little Italian pamphlet, which appeared in the spring of 1888, and compare it with the patent record filed by me seven months before, and with my paper before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, will have no difficulty in reaching a conclusion. Irrespective of being behind me in time, Prof. Ferraris's publication concerned only my split-phase motor, and in an application for a patent by him priority was awarded to me. He never suggested any of the essential practical features which constitute my system, and in regard to the split-phase motor he was very decided in his opinion that it was of no value. Both Ferraris and Schallenberger discovered the rotation accidentally while working with a Gullard and Gibbs transformer, and had difficulty in explaining the actions. Neither of them produced a rotating field motor like mine, nor were their theories the same as my own. As to Cabanellas, the only reason for his claim is an abandoned and defective technical document. Some over-zealous friends have interpreted a United States patent granted to Bradley as a contemporary record, but there is no foundation whatever for such a claim. The original application only described a generator with two circuits which were provided for the sole purpose of increasing the output. There was not much novelty in the idea, since a number of such machines existed at that time. To say that these machines were anticipations of my rotary transformer is wholly unjustified. They might have served as one of the elements in my system of transformation, but were nothing more than dynamos with two circuits constructed with other ends in view and in utter ignorance of the new and wonderful phenomena revealed through my discovery."

–Nikola Tesla

“Some Personal Recollections.” Scientific American, June 5, 1915.

Dr. Nikola Tesla

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Written August 1, 2023 at 9:33 pm

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