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Rebuked, YES Bigfoot is both Physical & Spiritual

I am currently watching a very good You Tube video which is based on the idea that Bigfoot is both physical and spiritual. A comment is flashed up onto the screen, one I've heard many times now, from a respected Bigfoot researcher who is a Christian and believes in the Bible. So do I. However, I do NOT agree with this guy's statements that he constantly inserts into other's work. So the question he has inserted into THIS You Tube video, which is exploring the Nephilim as Bigfoot (also incorrectly understood based on wrongly interpreted Bible verses in Genesis 6) is:

"How do they enter into the spiritual world when Jesus said that our bodies born into sin can not enter in to the spirit world?"

I stopped the video and wrote this because he aggravates me to no end.



I searched for this saying (and if you have a book, chapter, and verse instead of just your memory in quoting this then use it) and I assume you are referring to I Corinthians 50:15 which was said, not by Jesus, but by Paul. So there's your first mistake. You are quoting something falsely. Your second mistake is your doctrine. "our bodies born into sin" places you into a certain Christian doctrine subset. This was not written FROM your doctrine's viewpoint NOR TO those who hold your doctrine. This was written from Jesus' true doctrine, which Paul understood. He was writing to those who actually grasp and understand the true doctrine of God's holy Word, and God's holy Bible. So the answer is that you are not only quoting it incorrectly but from a vantage point that is incorrectly interpreting the entire doctrine and then forcing your incorrect doctrine upon current Christianity AND more importantly, Paul and Jesus' doctrine. Here's your answer with that as the base...

This verse is actually talking about YOU and people LIKE YOU. It is saying that those whose lot it is to focus on the flesh and who REFUSE to focus on the spirit (INSIDE THEMSELVES) CANNOT understand the spiritual. Unless and until YOU cleanse your flesh, including your lot you have chosen for yourself, to be ONLY FLESH minded, YOU cannot begin to grasp the spiritual realm. The very FIRST word in I Corinthians 50:15 contains the concept that is the foundation needed to understand the rest of the verse. It is talking about those who HAVE COMPLETED the Spiritual path, which like Jesus instructed us to do, places OTHERS above SELF. Once that perfection of the spirit has been obtained then those persons follow Jesus right back to the flesh, the SELF side of the circular path. When they arrive they are a mirror image, which represents WHERE normal mankind BEGINS the journey from the kingdom of earth to the kingdom of the heavens. Normal mankind BEGINS the route to the kingdom of heaven in CORRUPTION. That is WHY Bigfoot stink. They are a symbol for this concept. God created them to display the symbolism of when, where, and how MAN DOES enter in to the SPIRITUAL realm, the kingdom of heaven. So I REBUKE YOU in the name of holy Jesus Christ and instruct you to STOP corrupting the Word of God with your loudly and repeatedly inserted FLESH only opinion of God's holy spiritual WORD and BIBLE.

Copyright Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written March 25, 2023 at 4:43 pm


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