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Andy: “Why do I have to go with you to… I don’t even know what it is you are wanting me to go with you to…” My Texas Outlaw Cowboy hero of my Austin Public Television show, “Texas Tales from a Lone Star,” is on the phone with me.

Angel: “It is a $2 million dollar private ranch a mile from Enchanted Rock. My friend, Mark DeAlessandro’s friend, Chuck Ebert, is hosting a music event for a half-dozen of his Country & Americana musicians. He owns a recording studio in Dallas. There will be 100 people there. He is a music promoter for independent artists.”

Andy: (picture him calling me from his ranch; his unfinished new Saloon is behind him where he has already been hosting music events for the last year; his five black labs are bouncing around him as he yells at them; he’s leaning on his big black, muddy Texas truck; my 4 year old grandbaby, Laileigh, sees his name on my phone and recognizes it is Andy - she is yelling “Hi Andy!!!” next to me and trying to take the phone from me; the first thing she had asked when she woke up that morning was, “Can we go to Andy’s ranch today?” I had told her no but that we’d go Easter when all his musician friends were there like last year. Laileigh had taken her pink guitar and marched up to Andy when she noticed he had started playing his guitar and singing, outdoors, seated amongst several dozen musician friends of ours, seated next to the big rock firepit he had built himself, with the work-in-progress new Saloon behind him. Laileigh had taken her pink plastic guitar and had stood next to him as he played his guitar and sang his Country songs.)

Andy: “Hi Laileigh!!! Hi baby!!! How’s my pretty girl?”

Andy to me: “Well I don’t NEED a music promoter. I already know so and so and so and so and so and so and I’m not even doing my music right now, I’m trying to finish the porch on my Saloon. THAT’s what you NEED to be filming for “Texas Tales from a Lone Star.” We were talking about that at the breakfast table this morning because you sent us one of your stories. You KNOW I don’t read them I don’t know WHY you send them and you are missing SO MANY opportunities to film REAL Texas tales I’m doing all the time like last week when I went to Terlingua. I don’t know WHY you want to take ME to whatever this is. I don’t have TIME. I like to be FREE. When did you say this is? Why don’t you take so and so or so and so - they are YOUNG and hungry and need that kind of opportunity. I don’t.”

Angel: “It’s March 11th and I don’t want you to go for any of those reasons. I am asking you to do it simply as a personal favor to me. I need you because you make ME look good, and this is Mark’s friend. He’s one of the highest up Music Producers I’ve ever met and Mark has been introducing me to his friends who are on an entirely different level. I want to meet him. My goals are on the PBS and major network levels and that’s where Mark has been opening doors for me.”

Andy: “So you want me to just be your “eye candy” on your arm?" I hear his voice mellow towards a laugh.

Angel: “Yes, exactly.”

Andy: “You’re just trying to flatter me…”

Angel: “No, that’s actually EXACTLY why I want you with me.” (Actually it’s because of what I’ve just described to you. Andy is a renegade old-fashioned hero. Andy inspired my television show in 2014 and I’ve filmed him doing all kinds of real Texas Outlaw Country Cowboy types of things. It is Andy’s personality that I want, besides his rugged handsomeness, Texas ways, and big black Texas truck.)

Angel: “Robert Brady and his fiancée are going with us in your truck if that’s ok.” (Robert has a music events company and engineers music events constantly all over Central Texas. Robert knows every musician there is around Austin and further.)

Angel: “I invited Pitt Garrett first but he has an event that night.” The Austin Mayor created a “Pitt Garrett Day” in honor of Pitt’s work as the Executive Producer and creator of “Songwriters Across Texas.” Pitt knows every musician and songwriter in Central Texas, and further.

Angel: “AND I invited Cody but it is Cody’s Birthday weekend. I was afraid you wouldn’t come with me once you figured out it was Cody’s birthday, but I told Cody, “PLEASE don’t steal Andy from me. You can have Andy Thursday and Saturday, just let ME have him Friday night.” Cody Price networks with Texas musicians and venues and cooks Texas BBQ on a major scale at his events. His Birthday’s are legendary with his dozens of authentic Texas musician friends all coming together to perform.)

Angel: “You, Pitt, Robert, and Cody are all DOORS. If I take one or more of you with me it opens the door for the dozens and hundreds of musicians who surround you. Robert can’t wait to come. So is it ok?”

Andy: “Just keep reminding me as it gets closer… DOG get out of that….just a minute, one of my dogs is…”

Angel: “Laileigh, tell Andy “Bye!!!” and Laileigh and I both holler bye to Andy and turn him loose to go finish building the front porch of his Saloon he’s built from 1800’s authentic Texas wood and tin he took off of old Texas buildings he rescued it from. He’d have to tell you more than that. I have photos, films, and stories though.

xo Angel

Angel Isaacs

Creator & Producer of “Texas Tales from a Lone Star” 2014-2023 Book coming Soon!

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 8, 2022 Andy Armendariz


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