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Reptilians are just Evil dead humans in Hell; Seek Heaven

I said in previous articles/stories that I am 67 years old and for 67 years I have obeyed God's Bible instructions to NOT let a trace of "witchcraft" enter into my mind or life. I obeyed. At the same time I've spent 15,000 hours plus retranslating the King James Bible back into the original languages, obtained a Master of Arts in Religion, and a Master of Divinity, on TOP of my "Chapelgate" experience where I sacrificed everything I loved and that belonged to me ($690 million dollars of damages over my late husband's intellectual software I own; see my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir.") I love God and know the Holy Bible is inspired.

The part you're not really seeing is day after day after day, for decades, fine sifting what I was understanding in the deep study of the Bible, with my daily life choices. You start off in kindergarten then you advance through High School then into is a path. My understanding of God's Word at the age of 67 is deeper and more insightful than the insight I had at the age of 30 etc. You have to pick and choose the very best you can, at any point in time, comparing your current understanding of God's Word, of the Bible, with its' instructions/commandments, to your daily life choices. If you mess up, and God will show you when you do and teach you, then you repent, keep studying, keep walking, keep obeying to the best of your ability and your insight will become fine-tuned. That is what I believe. That is what I did. That is how I understand our walk with Jesus/God.

Ok, all that to say this: My current understanding is that once we have PERFECTED our OBEDIENCE to any of God's COMMANDMENTS in the Holy Bible that we are THEN released from that commandment. I believe I have been released from the Commandment that we are to shun Witchcraft. I do shun it. I have shunned it my entire life to perfection, 67 years. I do not believe in the teaching of Witchcraft or the Occult. I feel like this is a very dangerous, deadly area. If I had entered this area at earlier points in my walk I feel sure it would have been fatal to my spirit and insight. I didn't. Therefore, I am here, at this point of time in my walk. I feel God my father, Yahweh, YHWH, has released me from the Commandment to not enter in to this area. I feel there are TOOLS that God intended for us, Christians, to USE that belong to HIM, that belong to US, waiting here to be added to our spiritual armory. It is like handling a rattlesnake in order to drain the venom in order to create an anti-venom to heal those who have been snake bit. I'm draining the venom to make an anti-venom. Therefore I am reading books that I would never have read or been allowed to read without damage to my spirit, before.

I am in a Facebook group that is posting personal photos of the members of strange things that happen to them. I think they are posting their experiences with the Occult whether or not they realize this. There seems to be a "misinformation" campaign, heavily funded by the powers that fund such things, to direct the public's interest into outer space and aliens. That is what this group I am in seem to be doing. I disagree. I don't think they are exploring dimensions in outer space populated by aliens. I think they are exploring dimensions in HELL populated by dead human souls and the beings that exist in these dimensions. There is a difference. One idea is going AWAY from God. My idea is going TOWARDS God. Big difference.

So this is my comment back to one of the leaders of the group when they started talking about dimensions, aliens, UFO's, Nephilim, and "Reptilians." I disagree with that concept, point of view. Here is my comment:


"The book "The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena" by C.W. Leadbeater talks about the occult and how a secret group of the members experimented with the astral dimension that dead people’s souls go to. It is the same as the stories of someone rising out of their body and seeing themselves on an operating table. They learned to separate their 2nd body (spirit/soul) everyone has from their normal body (tied by an invisible elastic silver cord) and explore. Then they would get back inside their normal body. Lots of beings were in these dimensions. It is where people’s souls go after death.

It says there are planes based on how evil a person was when they died and their karma is worked out through these different dimensions. It talks about reincarnation. It describes hundreds of different types of beings in the different dimensions. It says Werewolves & Vampires begin in this world through humans doing unspeakable acts of immorality.

The group had learned to instruct their members how to stay on the plane that exists right after you die and appear at séances. Then they learned this resulted in a deterioration of the dead spirit because it was intended to go into the next dimensions to work out its karma of actions chosen while alive, being prepared for reincarnation. It described 7 dimensions. The occult believe there are dimensions higher than those 7 but they couldn’t see that far. It sounds like HELL to me. These dimensions are levels of HELL and they couldn’t see the levels of HEAVEN.

The lower levels of HELL had the dead humans who were turning back into animals. So that could be the Reptilians. It also talked about how the occult learned transparent spirit type vehicles could be created. I think a blend of normal but advanced science is being blended with the knowledge of dimensions of HELL blended with an accurate knowledge of the true design of earth in the frequencies we aren’t normally aware of. Mostly normal science blended with HELL dimensions. I’m not sure what this group believes. But it seems very similar. How is this different?"

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Written October 29, 2023 at 11:21 am


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