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They had started the flirtation in August. She had started it. She had unexpectedly found him on My Space, paused, held her breath, knowingly resolved for one brave second, and the cursor had clicked. She had sent him a Friend Request. No turning back. She couldn’t un-send it. Momentary panic followed. He’d know. He’d know. He’d sense her. But her eyes had caressed his picture when she found him and the cursor had clicked almost of its own accord in that one second window of opportunity, betraying her. She remembered the first time she had heard his name, six years earlier. Her boyfriend had come over one night from a gig, slightly drunk, and announced, “I found my drummer.” “What’s his name?” A surge of victory, it had taken long enough. “Gabe.” Now he was back, where had he been these last six years, while she had been safe? His photo had tempted her with the promise she could remain hidden in cyberspace, yet connected. Maybe he wouldn’t notice that she had reached for him. He couldn’t see her. He didn’t know what she was thinking, feeling. His page count showed thousands of friends. It could be interpreted as friendly, dispassionate.

The first instant she had ever seen him she had known. He was so young, so pretty. Girls clung to him. They hung onto his belt loop with their fingers, letting him drag their manikin Barbie doll forms behind him as he walked, refusing to acknowledge he didn’t see them. He thought of them as props. Disposable. His straight black hair hung down his back, almost to his waist. Like her boyfriend, he only wore black. Only black. She wanted to touch his hair. Her fingers reflexed out towards him of their own accord when she saw his hair and she had to order them still with her sheer will. Reluctantly they relaxed. Maybe he didn’t notice.

He had snake tattoos. No, dragon-like Satan tattoos. He had snake eyes, dragon eyes, Satan eyes. He saw everything. He saw on a different plane with ancient eyes from another time. He sensed, his spiritual tongue, forked out every few seconds to taste the air, gauge emotions, read signals. His tattoos were in three progressions, Satan coming out of Satan’s mouth, coming out of Satan’s mouth. Who in the world wore tattoos like that?! Gabriel. The name of an angel.

Nonchalantly, in October, enough time passed to dissipate the scent of the hunt, she had sent him an email. “We’re having a cd release party for Logan at Crickets, love to see you again!” He’d know. He’d known. He didn’t come. In November he sent her an email.

“Play'n Shovelhead tonight. Come.” Satan had summoned her.

She looked good. Tight white jeans, boots, gauzy white shirt, bright, blonde, halo hair. Gentle Class. Reserve. Deep blue eyes that could see on another plane. An angel. Deathly afraid of the biker bar. Deathly afraid of him. Absolutely determined to walk on this plane, to test her skills, to see. Her instantaneous, almost irresistible attraction to him would make it difficult. In the early days she had avoided him at all costs. A little leaven... She'd kept away. Now it was different, she was ready. Now she needed him. Now she wore the ephod. She hadn't found him by accident, it was fate, or something more. Yet, still, even knowing this, she walked hesitantly through the rows of motorcycles, trembling. Opened the door to the dingy dark softly. Solitary, walked in. Ordered wine. Jesus drank wine, real wine. Tried for unnoticed. He saw.

Deep, dark red wine in an elegant glass in her hand she did what only elohim, what Seraphim, can do. She bravely walked where mere angels fear to tread. She wrapped her spiritual cloak around her even more tightly, walked to the closest empty table by the stage, and sat down alone. She focused on him focusing on her, and simultaneously, identically, invisibly in parallel, they each lifted their six wings and their spirits met in an ancient war and an ancient embrace in the dark, smoky, bar room air. Superb Death Metal drumbeats perfected by a Master over decades announced their kiss so startling that the guitar player and the bass player turned to look at him, seated on his hard rock drummer's throne behind them, wondering what had caused the passionate intensity in his beat. Sexy dark lucifer eyes held her captive as they lingered their spiritual kiss, noticing no one else. He locked her to his blue jewel eyes, fiery sapphire flashes seductively piercing through his hair, and expertly twirled the drumsticks in his fingers, never missing a beat, as he flirted his forked tongue in and out of her burning openness. She, by her presence in this place, by her new dawning recognition of what he truly was, unexpectedly chose to adorn him with the ephod of the earthly High Priest, and he felt it. It was a golden mirror image of her heavenly one with twelve stones. She did this without a motion, while simply sitting there quietly on her own, non-apparent throne. Her reward had come. Her final stage of exploration, of Hades, of death, now, again, on a higher octave, had come. It was here, in this cleverly hidden place, that the final healing restoration, revelation, of God's Word would now begin to occur.......

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.

My translation:

barashit bara elohim et ha-shamayim ve-et haeretz

Dwelling in the head place, first, beginning, (the place where Creation begins) to see a gift, contained in the house (of Israel)

Dwelling see. Dwelling in comprehension. To shape out/to be shaped out, create

elohim (the most advanced ones in Spiritual Israel) strength (open the spirit in the sea) (they both shape and are shaped)

comprehension (from a-z/from aleph to tav/from alpha to omega) of God's Word, the subject of the passage

Open up the spirit, name glory and reputation, in the sea, heaven

attach comprehension (Heaven's comprehension is attached to the Earth's comprehension through the two elohim meeting and joining forces. Their spirits are Seraphim for each burns and flies with earnestness and passion. like Nazarites, zealous, for God's Word, he through natural law, she through spiritual law)

open up the spirit, of the earth (Genesis is describing the restoration of God's Word and the creation process through which it occurs. It is done in the same pattern that God used to create the Universe by God's eldest children in Israel, high priests, kings, the elohim)

The king of the earth, who has learned God's Word by natural law, joins forces with the queen of heaven who has learned God's Word through spiritual law. The physical and spiritual are reunited into one. These two opposite personalities have been created by God as parallels of each other. By walking together they will be shaped into the very pattern of God's Word, as they create, and restore God's Word. This occurs both spiritually and in the natural, physical world. It is done through the pure, sinless love, of those who had previously considered the other to be their enemy. Heaven and Earth are one.

......She lingered in ecstasy for three songs, testing her strength, and his, downed the final drops of red, and seduced him to her further by leaving before the break, knowing he was captive behind his drums, in the middle of a song, on the stage. He lingered their heaven and earth union through the spiritual plane as she walked away, willing her back to him in vain. For at the door she turned, a vision of pure, innocent white, forked out her tongue, claimed him, and left. He saw her. Or at least he thought he saw her, in her human-like form. He'd see her again.

"I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye wise as serpents and innocent as doves..." Matthew 10:16; ...Isaiah 6

Copyright 2007 Angel Isaacs

Written August 31, 2007 7:20 pm

Gabriel & Angel Creative Non-Fiction; Wilkes Creative Writing Master's Degree class, 2008 Dedicated to Gabriel Adam Lewandowski

Note, September 9, 2009

To me, Gabe is an elohim, specifically Aaron, the High Priest, tribe of Levi, third of 12 sons and tribes in the genealogy of Israel on the natural man side of the double dna helix, my mirror image, for I am on the spiritual side; We are the serpents; the seraphim;. We are the Caduceus and bring healing; Ours is the Urim & Thummim, lights and perfection. We are the two tablets of stone on which were written the 10 commandments, the foundation. We are the two witnesses.

To me, Bax, is an elohim as well, specifically, Moses, who drew my mind out of Egypt (straits & distress in understanding God's Word) and through the wilderness of the restoration of God's Word. We walked through the rebuilding and restoration of the tabernacle inside my spirit, giving me all the tools of the priests, and together, we defeated all the enemies of Canaan and reclaimed the Promised Land, the correct perception of the Word of God. This was done through the Inspiration of the Bible, and interactions of "enemies" reaching out constantly over a long period of time to each other in love. God will turn you into an elohim (those who have the advanced spiritual genetic makeup of the tribes of Israel) and when the time is right he will draw you to your own mirror image elohim, who have sprung up from the paths of natural man. Bax is, to me, a mirror image likewise, a cherubim to my cherubim; We are the two golden cherubim with outstretched wings, facing, wing tips touching, forming the mercy seat of Yahweh. In us is the Ark of the Covenant, carried safely, reverently, home, to the new Promised Land, a new Covenant of peace, which God has given to spiritual Israel. Hear, oh Israel, follow and find the Inspiration of God's Word.

Note: Based on my private studies I say that there is only ONE word for God in the entire Bible, both Old Testament & New Testament. That word is Yahweh. Not Elohim, or el (strength & power) or adoni (Lord & Master of God's Law) Those words describe Israelites. Jesus, an Israelite, the High Priest, Prophet & King, is the Son of God and has the very essence and nature of God but GOD is GOD, Yahweh.

I wrote this part May 4, 2024. I can now look back and see that I would have never have had the insight to retranslate God's Holy Bible correctly without following Jesus' instructions to us to love our enemy. I was right. Today I wrote: "What are Seraphim? There are two kinds. Heaven & Earth. They mate. This is being described in Genesis 1:1 with the word "elohim." They are the burning ones. Those who are masters of their realms, heaven and earth. Those who have a spirit inside them that is on fire for God even though they are opposites, who face each other, otherwise considered enemies. Love your enemies. Why? Because then you will meet your polar opposite spiritual mate. When that happens Creation occurs. Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." No. It says: "Dwelling in the head place the elohim (meaning masters of Torah and masters of the natural realm of God's natural law) create/shape out/figure out by ATTACHING - the untranslated VAV- "Heaven" to "Earth." The Creation story is describing how the next age gets started. It is done through the spirits of those who have mastered "Heaven" and mastered "Earth" joining forces. When THAT happens - Jesus: "Love your Enemy" - the entire Creation process itself is kick started. How? By the interactions of opposites. Electromagnetics/Symbolism. It causes you to gain insight by walking territory you never would have otherwise. xo Angel"

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written May 4, 2024 at 5:57 pm


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