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Spreading the Truth, Bigfoot Robots??!!

Things grow. That's part of God's Design of his Word. Things grow. You plant seeds in the earth, take care of it, give it some water and sun and nutrients. It grows. My stories grow. Your stories grow. You just plant the seeds and take care of them. When you do that while loving your Father and listening to him it's even more fun. He causes things to happen. He likes to have fun with his children, too. He's beyond indescribable, majestic, our Creator, our King, our God. But he plays with his kids too. So here's what just grew... Some Bigfoot are Robots???!!!

I now have many short-stories about my Ozarks land, "Angel Creek." You just find them in my short-stories on my website and start reading. Everything I write is in order in "and then THIS happened." You can see my Father God through my eyes until you learn how to do it yourself. It's fun. Bigfoot inserted into my life story apparently wasn't enough fun for Him, for God, Yahweh, YHWH, that's what I call Him. YHWH is the ancient Hebrew for Yahweh. They didn't use vowels in what I read. I read the original scriptures, as close to it as I can find. We're talking Bible scriptures, the Bible. It was originally written in Hebrew and Greek. That's what I read so I can pull out the deepest original meaning I can get to. I've done that for 15,000 hours so I'm pretty good at it now. That's where my insight is coming from, in addition to just knowing my Father and living my life with him day to day. Then I write it all down. He makes whatever he chooses happen in my life. I react to it and write it down. Today he made Bigfoot Robots occur. See what I mean?

Ok, so this is what happened. My friends Jerry and Tracker E ALSO have about 1000 people following them on their You Tube channel now. HERE I think they hit 1000 yesterday (seeds grow). They have special, close friends. They share their best experiences with them. They teach and learn together with these friends. Jerry trains scouts, teaches them to track. One guy is in Tennessee. He goes by TennesseeKentucky Bigfoot on his You Tube channel. I'll put a link. HERE Well now he and I have discovered each other's existence and we are sharing thoughts. He just wrote, a minute ago, on my Facebook page. Here's what he said:

TennesseeKentucky: "I wrote a book on your comments on that page and then it lost it. Not doing it again. Here."

Angel: "I watched it right after you posted it. It was very interesting and helpful, thank you! You have first hand experience with these things. I watch your shows and it makes me go over my day to day life when I was living in Tennessee. I think about being outside, especially on our farms, and wondering if any of these things was right there with me. A lady found some in one of my old pics from back then. Thank you for what you do!"

TennesseeKentucky: "Thank you for replying. I don't get much feedback so I get discouraged. I have information that I can share with the right people but trying to figure out where people are in their walk makes it hard to discriminate. West Tennessee is also a dumping ground for lab mutants. So not all these things are bigfoots. Not all bigfoots are real. Some are robots. I can talk securely on signal if you ever want to talk. Tine, Matt and my self are all in this together. Jerry stayed with us a month (while waiting to visit - I'm sure you know who) and did much to help us open our spiritual eyes. I'm currently working with a psychic. I recommend you find a psychic if you need answers. They help with ptsd and can tell you about what you are dealing with. Not all are bad. Many are heart broken creatures. Things could get ugly on earth. We was adopted by the giant we know. If you have photos or a map of anything you need read send it via signal please. I believe you're important in this entire thing. Not sure what your part is yet. Please like if you read this so I know it wasn't snatched away by the AI."

Angel: "That is absolutely fascinating and I know you are telling the truth, so very valuable information. I knew zero 4 years ago. I bought Ozarks land online because it was really inexpensive, $500. down and $134. mt. for 72 months. I gave it to my baby granddaughter so she'd have land when she grew up. My family farmed their land in Oklahoma for 70 years. We've had a farm in Tennessee for 45 years. I've had a couple of farms. So I wanted her to know what that is like, it is her heritage. I saw a couple of bent trees in the video my real estate man had taken. I honestly don't think anyone except maybe a very occasional hunter had been on that land for the past 50 years or longer. I think all the creatures there came out to see what in the world my real estate man was doing that day, walking around with his phone camera. I have that video. I took a couple of photos out of it and shared them in different groups I'd found. They started pointing out to me what was in my pics and how to see them. That's when I contacted Jerry and Tracker E. I'm still figuring stuff out. But I've come a long ways. I'm a writer so I write about whatever happens and put the stories on my website. I call my land "Angel Creek." I bought a new little blue shed last year and it was delivered. I was there at that time and took photos. I was so happy! My plan was to just use the land maybe a couple of weeks in the summer but make it really pretty for my little one. Then I kept getting more and more sure something was there, which it was. Jerry and Tracker E tracked it for me and made a 2 hour video report for me. They found everything. It's on my website. I've barely even been there still, after 4 years. But I love it. That's why I'm so focused on figuring stuff out. You know a lot and are sharing it. Thank you so much! You can turn your Facebook page into "Professional Mode" now. That lets you post something then "Boost" it. You can get about 50 viewers to read your stuff for $5. That gives you feedback. Just start googling that and figure it out. Thank you!

TennesseeKentucky Bigfoot's You Tube channel was HERE

His You Tube channel will tell you what to do to find his work.

I had finished my story right there. Then I went back to my Facebook page and he had written again. I told him I turn everything that happens to me in my day-to-day life into a story. So unless he tells me not to include this, I'm going to include it. He also just said:

TennesseeKentucky: "I went from bigfoot to notifying anyone that will hear that there is life above and below our planet. There will be a game played out that will deceive people of that information. Many will not take the help that is coming. I sound like the old street preacher. The End is Coming. In the next 4 months it is supposed to gear up per one psychic I follow. Her live was deleted last night. Follow her. I was adopted by a giant. A real man with clothes. A real man that lives in the earth. We will go with them. But there are aliens that are good and will come from the skies to help. People will not take their help for many reasons. All the psychics I follow know and love Jesus. This is not about Jesus. They are using Jesus as a tool to hurt people. I'm not into the bigfoot stuff as I was. The giant could have dropped off a dead one for me if I want it. Bigfoots are not where we should be focused on. I hope I gave some information to help those you love."

Angel: "Oh my goodness! Ok wow! I write about whatever happens in my life. I've been doing that for the past 37 years, day by day, as whatever happens. I just started writing about what you and I were saying and how we met through Jerry and Tracker E because I already have stories about them in the order they happened. So just be aware about that about me. I usually don't mention names, I just write about the essence of whatever happens. God uses me like his little pen. So I'll share that story here in a minute. I'm going to stop at where I was which was just basically making people aware of you and linking to your channel so my readers can find you. I post my stories on Facebook Cryptid pages so I've gotten a good number of like-minded people interested now. There are 50 people on my website today reading my stories. So like that. You are absolutely fascinating. I'll keep following you and thank you SO much for your insight. I've never heard anything like it and I believe you."

Seeds grow.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 22, 2023 at 2:41 pm

TennesseeKentucky Bigfoot:

His Twitter channel


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