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Tetiaroa and Chapelgate


Tetiaroa is my most beloved place on earth, besides Chapelgate. This atoll in French Polynesia (30 minutes from Tahiti by helicopter) inspired my book "Island." The setting for "Island" is a blend of Chapelgate, Tetiaroa, Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea. My husband, Robin, and I went there for 3 weeks when we still lived in Houston. My parents kept our 3 children. I had decided we were going to buy Tetiaroa because I had discovered it in a Unique Homes magazine and it was for sale at the time. My imagination went wild and I was so determined I kept asking Robin, "well since you can work on your computer network from anywhere in the world why couldn't we live here and you could just keep working like normal?" His answer was to take me there to see for myself. Afterwards, I chose Evins Mill (and renamed it "Chapelgate") from the same Unique Homes magazines I poured over daily, searching for our "forever home" to live, run our business, and raise our little children. I have always loved Tetiaroa and plan to go back several more times and take my family. I am on the mailing list for flights to Tahiti and look at them weekly. I never forget what I love.

The Brando wasn't yet built when we went, just Marlon Brando's private buildings and primitive huts were there. We rode in a kayak to an outer islet where rare white birds were nesting. The lagoon is in my book, "Island," as being crystal clear shallow water filled with millions of beautiful many colored fish (it was). We stayed in one of the palm leaved huts on the beach. There was a time when I worried about how to keep sharks from entering my lagoon so the kids would be safe. I actually had a plan. I changed that to worrying about how to keep my children from falling into the creek that went over the 6 story waterfalls at Chapelgate, or falling from the top of the 15 story waterfall while exploring our land.

I've truly had an amazing adventure and I've captured all of it story by story in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir" and in my entire body of work found here on my website. Little did I know at the time that God my father had all kinds of plans for me himself and had led me step by step through my adventures so I would retranslate the real meaning of the ancient scriptures in the Bible. That has been a lifelong project, and what I am currently diligently working on with my sequel, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," in progress. Thank you YHWH for your miracles and for letting me live my dreams within your own plans for me.

"Island" is a modern day parable telling us to sail off into unknown beautiful worlds with our hand in our Father's hand.

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January 31, 2023 written @ 2:21 pm

My vision of "Island" except my version has a black sand beach and is surrounded with cliffs with only one small archway just big enough for her sailboat, "Swan," to enter. She then grounds her sailboat on the beach as to never be able to leave ever again. She promptly puts up a hammock, and studies her Greek and Hebrew Bible scriptures. Later, she discovers a hot springs in a cave behind a waterfall, just perfect for a hot tub.

This is Evins Mill, the property Robin and I bought, that I renamed, "Chapelgate."


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