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The Analemma Design in our King James Bible & in Heaven/Earth

Yesterday I posted in my Facebook Flat Earth group to ask a sincere question. I said, "I want to know how high the sun is when it is straight over us. This seems to present problems. But I think 3,000 miles is the best answer I’ve read. Any thoughts, anyone? Also, I suspect there is movement going on in the shape of a torus. My passion is ancient Biblical Hebrew. Stan Tenen on You Tube has fascinating insights."

The group's founder, wrote back, "The torus field holds many secrets. Those of us who've studied this, know this."

Another lady wrote, "Depends, google Sun Analemma."

So I did. Then, I came here to write this short-story...

Angel: "Ahhhh!!!!! Thank you! There it is. Ok, I don't usually comment anywhere but I do write stories. There are 220 plus of my stories on my website and the link is on my page. When I do comment I usually go back and erase it because my thoughts get viciously attacked, usually. This is a Christian group and I respect that. But that leaves me open to attack. Because of my question and you guy's answer I now know the answer. Yes, it is connected to the torus and yes it is connected to the analemma shape. I didn't know that, thank you! I googled it: In the symbolism of mathematics, the analemma shape has another name: the lemniscate, from the Latin lemniscus, which means ribbon. It is the symbol for infinity. You guys run every idea through scripture. YAY! Yes, that is how it should be done. I do that too. The problem is that when they translated our Bible scriptures from ancient Biblical Hebrew and then Greek, they either didn't know what they were actually dealing with OR the same deception we've been seeing everywhere else around us, including the shape of our earth, was used. If that is the case then it was used masterfully and I mean masterfully. I've spent my lifetime trying to figure this out. I have a Master of Religion and a Master of Divinity ALL to try to really grasp our beautiful Bible and I only use King James. But even our King James has this happening in it. So somewhere way back in time our current comprehension of our beautiful King James Bible was sabotaged OR whoever was involved in translating it simply didn't grasp the absolute masterpiece they were handling. YHWH, that's what I call Yahweh, our Father, not Jesus, I think Jesus was a human who obeyed our Father to the point of perfection and then tried to teach us, designed not only his Word in the scriptures underlying our King James Bible as the ultimate demonstration of a masterpiece but also the world all around us. After spending probably 45,000 hours retranslating our scriptures back and forth for decades and trying at every point to live what it was teaching me I now understand that both the pattern in scripture and in the design of Creation has to do with just what you said, the eternity symbol, the analemma. So this is our problem. Our respect for our Bible is true and is 100 percent the right path. It contains absolutely everything perfectly. But our paradigm we are living by right now, today, with Christianity, has a different design than the design of the paradigm in the original scriptures. The design in our original scriptures that I found myself by my devotion to trying to grasp our Bible is the shape of the analemma. It involves other basic concepts and these are also in the design of nature itself, they match. The design is: Self/Others, Individual/Corporate, Male/Female, Inner/Outer, Spiritual/Physical, Great/Small, - in other words there is the shape of the torus and the shape of the analemma occurring when our Bible talks about Heaven/Earth. All of these concepts are polar opposites but are mated together in perfection. So to get to the root of the matter about how high the Sun is over us we simply have to change our perception of what is going on with it - what God's design is and then we also know why he created everything in this design. Like I said, I will probably erase this but when I take the time to write in this way I go turn my thoughts into one of my stories on my website. I'll do that with this. Love you guys, you have the truth. xo"

Then I came back later, and added:

"PS I left out electromagnetism. That is also all over the design of scripture, our Holy Bible, AND in nature, in Creation. Where? The design of electromagnetism in our Holy King James Bible, in the original languages is key. It STARTS in Genesis 1:1 "Dwelling in the HEAD PLACE (Israel is the head place) the elohim (not translated correctly; it always means masters of Torah and masters of life because they OBEY God's laws and design) CREATED (means to shape out, in other words when you live the laws, the design, the instruction, internally it allows you to eventually be able to recognize the laws in the design, the instruction, externally, in nature, in Creation because they match) the COMPREHENSION (they aren't translating AT Aleph/Tav correctly, it means like A-Z the alphabet but the Hebrew alphabet) - the comprehension of what? "the heavens and the earth." (Nope, it says ATTACH, they don't have the vav meaning correct either, the usage of the Hebrew vav here means to attach one concept to the other concept) ...the Comprehension of how you can attach spiritual concepts/Heaven to physical concepts/Earth. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Nope, it is what I said just now and it isn't even talking about everyone it is specifically talking TO and ABOUT the true house of Israel, Israelites, - Jesus WAS a true Israelite, a Hebrew Prophet, Priest, and King. We don't SAVE the world - the current Christian paradigm by teaching grace from the law through Jesus. Instead, we LEAD the world - BECAUSE we are following in Jesus' teachings and footsteps, which boils back down to Hebrew/Israel a true Israelite whose obedience turns them into a prophet, priest, and king. Jesus saved us, by his gracious nature, from MISUNDERSTANDING God and God's laws because he had sacrificed his own self, and OBEYED God's laws in the holy scriptures and in nature, they match. He saved us by telling us we had it wrong and he KNEW because he DWELLED Genesis 1:1 "Dwelling in the head place of Israel/translated as In the Beginning." He saved us back then and he saves us today because if and when anyone will actually DO what Jesus taught us then they are LED to this understanding by their struggle to figure out what God wants from us and to apply it honestly. It is a pattern, it is an ANALEMMA pattern. The tent of the tabernacle moves through the wilderness until the pattern is shaped and if you could diagram a person's life following Jesus, the Sun, it would form the analemma pattern which is the same pattern throughout our Holy Bible translated correctly. Even the Greek is based on the Hebrew concepts by the way so don't give me your "we're not under the law" business. The New Testament is the perfection of the Old Testament just like Jesus and isn't talking a bit about what current Christianity has taught us. It is talking about this. YOU have the analemma pattern inside you, the concept of Heaven/Earth which is Spiritual/Physical. Electromagnetism has this same pattern. xo"

I looked up the "ribbon" part. Ahhhh! I told you so! HERE "In the symbolism of mathematics, the analemma shape has another name: the lemniscate, from the Latin lemniscus, which means ribbon. It is the symbol for infinity."

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 29, 2024 at 6:45 am during Lent Wed, Feb 14, 2024 – Thu, Mar 28, 2024

Note: Lent is a period of time between Ash Wednesday and Easter where Christians focus on spiritual purification, meditation and penance. It lasts around 40 days, not including Sundays, drawing from the 40 days Jesus fasted in the desert before starting his ministry. (I've said many times that, unknown to me, I will write about the heart of a matter DURING the DATE of that matter. Today I wrote about the Sun, which is part of God's design for his Calendar, and about how we need to repent because we have our ideas about God, Jesus, and the Holy Bible wrong. God always does that with me, I've noticed since I began retranslating way back in 1998 in Orlando, because I was keeping track of how many hours I studied, retranslated, on my wall Calendar. He will also do it with each and every one of you who get this right. It is like a personal sign he gives us, to his leaders of his precious Word. Jesus was doing it, the Bible is doing it, nature is doing it and WE do it when we are in alignment with his Word. It is a sign, a seal. xo

PS I almost always write on ancient Biblical HEBREW holidays (led unconsciously to the essence of that holiday). I noticed this one is Lent, which is a Catholic holiday. I think there is a special message in that. Ok, so then I googled it. The Jews don't believe in Jesus the way the Christians do and the Christians don't believe in a lot of what the Jews and/or the Catholics do but some Christians are Catholics and some but not all Christians observe Catholic holidays, same as Jewish. So the holidays are all a big bowl of chaos and remember what God does with chaos. He brings order out of it. That's what I'm writing about in this article and what he designed our Calendar for, our Sun, Moon, and Stars. xo


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