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The Box

(I frequently write posts on my own Facebook page and then decide to turn them into a short-story or expand on the idea. That is the case here.)

A new Facebook friend posted on her page a bit ago. She said that she had posted a couple of Christian posts on her page and someone had privately messaged her to remind her she is sinful and not perfect.

I don't know this lady, my new friend. I commented on a post on Jason Christoff's page yesterday (See my newest short-story "Truth is Truth"). I assume she read my comment and liked it and sent me a friend request. I don't usually accept new friend requests, I usually just delete them. My page is mostly private, just a few friends from High School, and music, and people I know. But I went to her page and saw she was very insightful and thinking outside the box. I also don't usually post comments anywhere, especially on someone else's page. Sometimes I send my best stories to my personal friends in Messenger, or post on a Group page I've joined, that's about it. But she was special because she could see. So I wrote a comment to try to encourage her to keep seeking:

Angel: "What they were doing was reprimanding you for standing outside of the box. You must get back in the box. If you don't then you will learn the box disappears and was an illusion. If you learn this it threatens the entire kingdom of boxdom and they too might have to give up their favorite sins that they simply cannot stand to lose. You too must therefore choose to believe it is impossible. That keeps them safe. You are the correct one. Keep looking at that box. God the Father was actually teaching Jesus his son who had watched the box disappear and was saying, "Hey, look at this guys..."

I have over 80 of my short-stories on my website now and more in my books and songs. They describe how one day I started to see this box disappear and God took me on a journey...

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Written at 11:10 am December 8, 2022


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