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The Hairy Ones

Today, a friend of mine asked me to go take a look at Isaiah 13: 21-22. So I did. It says (King James Version):

21 But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there.

22 And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

For privacy's sake I'm not going to use my friend's name. I'll just say, "Friend:" Here is the conversation...

Friend (to me): "I don’t have time to look into it right now but wasn’t sure since you have the two masters degree in theology and the knowledge of Hebrew if you knew what the original text says?"

Angel: "I'll look and see, may take a sec. xo"

Friend: "Take your time and thank you."

Angel: "This is actually the exact TYPE of research I am talking about when I call my property, "Angel Creek: Bigfoot Research Center." Exactly. I'm not really interested in researching how big they are or what they eat, etc. I'm interested in figuring out how they tie in to God's Word. So far, my research has led me to the scientific equivalent idea of "The Grand Unification Theory." I think God designed the heavens and earth, Creation, with a specific system in mind. I think that the spiritual realm that we barely understand as normal Christians is actually an exact replication of the physical realm, that we barely understand as normal Scientists. I think they are identical. So, for example, once you understand how to clean your house and cast the demons out and keep them out of your physical house, you simultaneously learn how to clean your spiritual house, your mind, your spirit, your essence. Jesus was teaching us that God's holy Temple is INSIDE us. I think that is the goal. That Heaven (spiritual realm) is ABOVE and superior to Earth (physical realm). So once the correct original DOCTRINE is set back in place, which is what I'm describing and what I've spent my life trying to figure out, THEN you can figure out how Cryptids fit in. So far, I've been figuring out that Bigfoot and Dogmen are physical equivalents of spiritual concepts. We don't reach these concepts as Christians because the DOCTRINE everything is based on is in my opinion faulty. I think we are meant by God, Jesus, and God's Word, the system, to wind up with holiness perfected. Our current Christian doctrine is preventing any of us from exploring holiness, righteousness. But I did. I started in 1985 with a simple prayer, "Dear God, if there is more to Christianity than I understand then would you please show me?" God answered. At the same time I prayed I decided to 1. Obey God's laws even when I didn't want to 2. Listen only to Contemporary Christian Music, Gospel actually, I didn't know about CCM yet because I listened to Country. 3. Read at least one verse of the Bible every single day for a year. Well, I kept that vow. The essence of my vow was: obedience to God's laws, spiritual nourishment, Bible study. I'm STILL keeping that vow 30 plus years later. As a result God showed me what I was asking for. It all ties in with Cryptids because what they physically are - a parallel representation of, (in the spiritual realm) - is WAY WAY WAY above any of our current understanding BECAUSE our DOCTRINE is faulty. Once you have the holy Temple literally built inside your self, mind, heart, habits, understanding, character, then that takes you into the realm of holiness and how to maintain it and how to know what direction (East) God is showing you next. None of us know that now. These Bible verses about Cryptids were written by minds and characters who had the holy Temple inside them. That's why they could write about them. These Cryptid concepts match concepts in the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm, the stages just before or in Christ Consciousness (Perfection of holiness) involve spirits inside of the Christian, the believer, the seeker, the person who has mastered the scriptures to the point where they live and breath minute by minute in harmony with God's Word. Today, and God ALWAYS shows me physically what he wants me to understand spiritually, the DOGMAN spirit that exists inside of me, the heavenly counterpart, battled with a Dogman spirit that exists inside of my opponent who has spent his life mastering money, not God's Word. MY Dogman spirit WON because even though we are identical in our characters MINE is from Heaven and HIS is from Earth. Spiritual/Physical. All you are going to get as answers from normal theologians is that words change, etc. baloney. That's because they don't know what they are talking about. This is exactly the area that I've determined "Angel Creek: Bigfoot Research Center" is going to research. I think you have such a strong pure spirit inside of you right now that you can grasp a lot of what I am saying and actually know what to do with that information. We are not just the Remnant, we are the Warriors leading the way back to the truthful original meaning of some of these difficult to understand Bible verses. Anyway, the answer lies here and no where simpler. I think I'll go turn this into one of my short-stories, lol. xo Angel"

Angel: "Ok I'm looking at the word satyr right now. As you can tell from my answer I am a "hairy one." I have delved so deep for so long into God's Word and following God, that I am the equivalent of an ancient, a giant, a hairy one. Well, like I was saying, my opponent God brought me into battle with today has LIKEWISE delved so deep for so long into REBELLING AGAINST God's Word, that he is the equivalent of an ancient, a giant, a hairy one. That is the meaning of satyr. I think these physical creatures actually existed and do now exist. As you know. I know they exist because everything spiritual inside of me has an equivalent matching physical representation. SO if I have a satyr - in my zeal for obeying God and God's Word - in my spirit then that means they literally exist in the physical world. I think a PERSON with a wicked satyr spirit, in any of the directions, greed, sex, covetousness, etc. begins to TURN INTO that creature literally. Once the spirit itself is consumed and totally gone over to the dark side I think their dna has changed step by step, choice by choice, until they have then reached the end point of the rebellion path. I think the end point of the rebellion path has perfected them so they are able to start the beginning point of the spiritual path. The mirror image part allows them to grasp what steps will be necessary, the choices, obedience to God and his Word his laws, to eventually complete the spiritual path and wind up at perfected Christ Consciousness. It's just my theory, but I've written some short-stories about it on my website. I know I changed during my journey with God. I documented it over a period of decades. It's in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir". So if I changed, spiritually, that means physical choices can change our dna. That's the area I'm currently exploring. That's when you get Skinwalkers. Once they reach a certain degree of wickedness, I believe, they can't turn back into a human anymore. Once stuck there in animal form I believe they can breed. They become Dogmen. I'm not an expert by any means but I am putting all my knowledge and study into trying to figure this stuff out and that's my best at this point."

Angel: "Short version - satyrs are in the Bible because satyrs exist."

Friend: "Thanks for the response, appreciate the compliment, but we 100% disagree with the interpretation of their spiritual essence. They are the exact opposite of Christ and there is no Holy Spirit in them. If you have it available what I want is the exact wording interpretation in Hebrew. I sure appreciate it. Do not trust any of the suckers for one second. Not even in your heart. You proceed with extreme caution, okay? (My friend is referring to my plans with my "Angel Creek: Bigfoot Research Center" project. My friend is an expert with Cryptids which is why we are having this conversation.)

Angel: "I agree with you. That's not what I am saying. I am saying they have the same but OPPOSITE spiritual essence. Yes, no Holy Spirit at ALL."

Angel: "I just finished the first word. Isaiah 13:21 To lie down:

Isaiah 13:21 To lie down (includes the word "fine linen" - the way I've taught myself, God has taught me, to read it. The concept of "fine linen" is both a spiritual and a physical concept. It would mean to be royally clothed in purity. This is like how Jesus himself, his spirit, was clothed in fine white linen. (I have a song called, "Linen & Lace" that talks about this.) Ok, someone evil will take what appears to be goodness and cover themselves with it, while they are actually full of vice and wickedness - they LOOK pure and good.

So the first word contains the concepts of "abundance" and "fine linen." Think Jesus. Think Bill Gates and his philanthropy." (They are the same but Polar Opposites.)

Angel: "Ok this is getting way too long. I think bottom line. It says satyr because it meant satyr. xo"

Angel: "The word for "hairy ones" is devil, satyr, demon, goat, and it means like I was describing. Our Cryptids are hairy ones, meaning devil, satyr, demon, goat - the physical representation of rebellion against God and his Word."

Friend: "This is a great conversation."

Angel: "Only because you have the spirit to grasp it."

Angel: "Start using this. Click on Interlinear. xo" (I sent a link to Bible Hub.)

Angel: "Ok, I'm getting to the climax of the entire chapter. It is saying that if we will obey God, keep his Word until the holy Temple has been built inside of, us, and to the point where we are able to use all the skills and weapons that will be inside of us at that point, not before, THEN we will be able to trap and slay the dragon. Think of how you could possibly hope to battle someone with Bill Gate's resources and linen covered wickedness. It is talking about Babylon, (the period of CHAOS in the loss of understanding God's Word because of rebellion). In THIS setting, it is instructing us that we will be able to use our goodness, holiness, temple, to set wrongs right and slay the dragon, meaning someone of Gate's essence. Bye. xo"

(A bit of study later, well, the entire chapter...)

Ok so I read the entire chapter and know what it says. It is just like I've been saying but with a twist. It is like Jesus on the cross, saving the world, saving even his enemies, blessing those who curse him. IF you can reach this place, where the holy Temple has been built inside your spirit and you know how to use it because you ABIDE in God's Word THEN not only do you defeat the Bill Gates monsters of the world, you bring them to Christ eventually. Eventually. You bring them to step one of the path that leads, through obedience to God, spiritual nourishment, and deep, deep Bible study, to Christ. To the eventual perfection of Christ Consciousness. God, YHWH, creates a mirror image map inside of them. You bring them to step one. THIS is HOW we SAVE THE WORLD, one little hairy giant at a time. 1. Obedience to God's Word and his laws. 2. Spiritual Nourishment. 3. Deep, deep abiding study of the Bible, of the ancient scriptures and their true meaning. "What would Jesus do?"

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Written September 13, 2022 finished at 7:20 pm

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