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The Law of Redemption Leviticus 25:23

It is talking about those who have mastered the earth’s laws are rich physically but poor spiritually. Those who have mastered the heaven’s laws are rich spiritually but poor physically. When we reach Christ consciousness, perfection of the spirit, we are extremely humble and poor. We’ve sold everything physical to have riches in heaven, the spirit. Christ consciousness then leaves the heavenly realm to go learn from the earth’s laws. Jesus said to seek the kingdom of heaven first, opposite of earthly masters. He said he would then add the earth’s laws to us. So when we obey we go back to redeem our poverty stricken rich earth brothers. The first to accept our teachings, our spirit, are those who find similarities between us and themselves. That acts like a portal and those who have spent all their energy on the earth’s laws now realize there is a parallel heavenly realm. They then begin to seek it, the spiritual realm. That’s my opinion. xo Angel

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Written Sept. 6, 2022; finished 1:32 am


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