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The Limberlost Camp

I showed my brother the video on The Bigfoot Expert and Co-tracker tracking my Ozarks land. He said he'd sell the land, that those things are demonic. I said, yeah, I don't want to deal with them either but the land itself is stunningly gorgeous so I'm keeping it. I said I'd focus on my Florida land I bought at the same time, online, again, sight unseen, lol. It is an hour south of Orlando in a 44,000 acre swamp type place, last of its kind, but there is a camping section where I bought a lot. It's off-grid too. You can live there if you want. I've never seen it. So here come THOSE adventures and, LOL. I bought a ticket to Orlando a minute ago, if it works out, for next week. Maybe, I said, maybe, I'll go. I'd like to see it. I made Facebook pages for both of them. I put Cryptid stuff I like on "Adventures in Swan," and I put Off-grid, homestead stuff I like on "The Limberlost Camp," my Florida land, just 1/3 acre but hey, an hour from Orlando. The profile pic is "the Swamp Angel" from the book, "Freckles," by Gene Stratton-Porter. I read it when I was 12 and chose Angel as my pen name for writing at that time. I planned to write about God, just like I grew up to do. The setting for the book was the Limberlost swamp.

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Written at August 27, 2022 at 4:50 pm


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