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The report on my Ozarks farm is now published. This occured this past week. 8/25/22


s Streamed live 15 hours ago

This is the comment I left below this video:

Thank you Jerry and Lead Tracker-E! This is my land in the Ozarks you so graciously tracked. When I bought the land I did so sight-unseen. The real estate guy had made a video and when I saw the land it was so beautiful and so affordable ($500. down and $107. mt. for 5 years) that I simply bought it. It was located 600 miles from me. I loved it and still do. After a bit I had watched the video so many times that I began to notice unusual things like a small bent tree and a very old bent tree. So I googled it and discovered "Indian Marker Trees." At the same time I learned that Bigfoot ALSO bend trees when they are young so they grow bent. This is used to mark paths, or caves, or springs, or territory (Later, I learned from your dvd they do this and more, for many reasons.) I didn't know Bigfoot was real. But I began to learn baby step by baby step. I spent 2-3 years researching until I began to suspect that not only was Bigfoot real, he/they might be on my land. Why? I found 3 eyewitness accounts online that were walking distance from my land, going back 50 years. I have children and a grandbaby and I was researching in order to determine if Bigfoot is real or not, to keep us all safe. I began to strongly suspect he was. Bit by bit I learned. Then I discovered Werewolves and Dogmen. Again, I watched hundreds of videos and spent countless hours researching. Not that long ago I noticed in a photo I had in my folders for my land (I call it "Angel Creek") that there was a black blob, low to the ground, that reminded me of an animal. This month I joined a Facebook group and showed my photo to the founders of the group. The answer came back, "Dogman." You talk about Divine Appointments and I fully believe that God sent you, Jerry, and you, Tracker-E, to me because the timing was perfect. I noticed a comment Tracker-E had made on a Facebook page I was reading. It was very intelligent and expressed a level of spirituality that I hadn't found anywhere else. So I went to her page, and found your You Tube channel. I watched and watched and bought your dvd. I couldn't wait to watch it, I watched it immediately, and was stunned. I took that same photo and sent it to you, Jerry, and asked for your help figuring out what was in it. You showed me not only that yes, my black blob was a short-snout Dogman, but two obvious Bigfoot. They were translucent and I had never noticed them before. But once you showed me I could see them as plain as day. You said there were many translucent predators in my photo. I began to be able to see them too. I asked you to help me, to go to my land and see what was there. You and Tracker-E did so almost immediately, just the moment I could get my key to my new little cabin I put there a couple of months ago, directions, and my permission slip to you. You did so very professionally. I now know 100% Bigfoot, Dogmen, and translucent predators are real. I now know 100% they are not only on my Ozarks beautiful land but have been for decades. I plan to keep watching your videos and re-watch your dvd over and over and over until I understand everything you have to teach. I am a writer (bet you never guessed) and have a website for my writings and projects. Now I'm writing about Bigfoot and Dogman and my property, "Angel Creek." I've been writing my entire life and do so because of my love for my Father, God. All of my writings are about my experiences following God. If this hasn't been "Divinely Appointed," like you describe in your video about tracking my land, then well, then Bigfoot doesn't exist, lol. I don't know if YouTube will let me link to my website and writings but it is www. followed by ChapelgateAngel followed by dot com THANK YOU!!!! PS you can use my testimony

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written August 25, 2022

Permission has been granted to Jerry Williams "The Bigfoot Expert" and his Lead co-Tracker-E, to use this testimony.


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