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This is the Best Story I've Ever Written

I posted this on my Facebook page just now...

I think this may be the best short-story I've ever written. If you've already read it then read it again. I use my Facebook page as a springboard to help me write. I am continually re-writing until I get it just right. My late husband, while he was creating his multi-million dollar historical "Drilling Data Center" software and technology would do that. He didn't have Facebook of course. He had a friend named Stuart. He'd toss ideas off Stuart all the time, like I toss my ideas out to you guys. Stuart was a geologist so he could grasp what Robin was saying. You guys are my best Christian friends gathered over the course of my life. It's the same thing. After I met Robin he did the same thing with me he had been doing with Stuart. He'd be working up in our loft in our home in Houston and I'd bring him his millionth cup of coffee. I'd stop to rub his shoulders and he'd say, "I can't figure out how to get StarCom and the Manager to take turns." I knew Star Com was the name of his software program he had written to allow the Data Star units on the oil rig to communicate the data from the well that was being drilled through sensors. I knew that the Manager was the name of his program that was in charge of all the other programs he had written, it controlled the entire integrated set. So I'd say, "Well, what's the problem?" He'd say, "The problem is that the Manager needs to retain control of everything overall but StarCom needs to have temporary control all on its on in order to..." And that would be about all I understood that round. But I had a feel for it. So I'd say, "Well, do it like a train yard, you know, when they are moving the trains around on different tracks and one has to wait on another." And a light would go off in his brain and he'd say, "YES! I can do that, I'll just have the Manager waiting...." And off he'd go totally absorbed in his work, his eyes glued to his computer screen and his fingers typing at the speed of light. I'd kiss him on top of his head and go back downstairs to wash the dishes, make supper and check on our kids. That's what I do with you guys. I create and I continually create and change things until they are perfect. Then I put it on my website and print a copy for my book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," coming before too long, and go on to the next idea and story.

This is one of the best short-stories I've ever written. Read it again. Love you, Angel

Here's the story I'm talking about: "A Small Southern Town" HERE

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Written February 7, 2023 at 10:41 am

This is actually our wedding day (night). We had just moved Robin home from his office at Dresser Industries in Houston, where he'd worked for over 20 years, to our loft. He worked like this at Dresser, and now I knew he'd work like this at home but at least he'd be home. The only equipment he had at this time in our loft was his plotter. But it was connected to his multi-million dollar computers in Houston and at Mobil in Irving and Louisiana and through them all over the world. His geologist friend Stuart, from Dresser, was in Canada on this day. He and Robin's oil friend data buddies in Canada are sending us a Congratulations message on Robin's plotter. Soon our loft will be filled with all his computers and books. Then we will eventually move us and everything to Chapelgate and keep living life this way while he changes the world. xo Angel

Here's "the best story I've ever written, " which I wrote yesterday: "A Small Southern Town."

You can read it HERE


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