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Today's Interest

Today’s interest… I began reading this one at 6:30 am this morning. I have about 100 books I’ve bought in the last two years. I’m studying them. Why? Because with my foundation of my life story combined with my intensive decades long study of the Bible, God’s Word, I am unraveling the massive web of lies Christians have been indoctrinated with for centuries. My goal is to uncover God’s Word, in all its glorious truth and majesty. Look in my new folder (I posted this on my Facebook page) “Today’s Interests” to see a few of the books/directions I believe are relevant. It all ties together. As silly as it sounds Bigfoot is a key. That’s why God put the subject into my realm of interest. This particular book is 75% true, in my opinion. However it continues the mass deception by inserting the false narratives we’ve been fed. These creatures exist, yes they have spiritual/physical combined abilities, but no they did not come from another planet (Nasa cover-up) and no they are not to be allowed to become new idols (Christianity cover-up) by our looking to them for security, healing, and as a mouthpiece for the continuation of false narratives that keep the understanding of God’s Word hidden from us. Go look at the other books I’ve chosen to buy and study. xo Angel

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Written Dec. 3, 2022

Here are some of the 100 books I bought to study:


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