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What Beings are in my X Cross?

I wrote this this morning:

"Hi, you sent me a friend request this morning and I've been reading your Amazon book descriptions. Thank you! I think you may know the answer to a question I have whether you realize it or not, about Bigfoot. I've been studying Bigfoot and Dogmen (Werewolves) for 4 years now. They are on my off-grid Ozarks property I bought. The Bigfoot there built a tremendously huge X cross beside my new little shed cabin last May. No one in the Bigfoot world can tell me what it is I see when you enlarge the X cross and put it through a filter. I see these all over my property in photos, especially near or between trees. The closest I've come to figuring out what these various creatures are in my photos is that they are cloaked in dimensions with a thin veil, maybe at portals, and maybe waiting to consume the blood from the kill of the bad Bigfoot or Dogman creatures. I've figured out there are both good and evil Cryptids. I don't know what kind I have on my property. Some of them look really nice, like a mother Bigfoot with hybrid toddlers, one on each hand, both a Bigfoot and a Dogman toddler. She just looks nice and maybe a bit dumb. But the various ones in my X cross range from human looking to animal looking. They don't really look good or evil. Can you give me a guess what you see in my photo? Thank you and I plan to buy your books and study your ideas."

Then I sent the same man a few of my photos. I said, "This is my little blue shed cabin the first day I had it delivered to my land."

This is after the Bigfoot built the X cross:

This is a close-up of the X cross with all the various beings circled:

Thank you!

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Written March 14, 2023 at 4:02 pm


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