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"What is THIS transparent creature?"

I'm in a Bigfoot group on Facebook. There are literally dozens and dozens now. Most of them are propaganda groups to try to steer the Narrative of the awakening populace. Over and over I've looked at people's fuzzy, blurry, is-it-really-there photos of beings. Some are Bigfoot. Some are Dogmen. Most are just happy little strange misty beings. Today, someone posted a picture of their dingo dog, on a trail going towards the woods, in nature, with a bunch of hay colored weeds on both sides. The dog had stopped in it's tracks. It was VERY aware that something was just up ahead in the weeds. Something was. The person walking their dog is aware enough that they not only watched their dog, observed it had acted like this in the past, and commented that when it had acted like this in the past it was because it was always aware of something the owner hadn't seen yet. So the person took a picture of the dog, the path, the setting, and the weeds. Then they outlined a misty nice looking being that was obviously there. You could see though it. It looked pleasant and curious. They posted that in the Bigfoot group, one that I am hoping has less propaganda than others, and said, "What is this?" I've seen that now over and over. The comments are usually "wow," "cool," "awesome," but NO ONE ever answers the question.

Today, I answered the question. I said:

"I’ve been asking what they are for 3 years. No one knows. The best info came from an occult book on the afterlife. It said there are millions of “elementals” - spirit creatures that live in the 4 basic elements: fire, air, earth, and water. My guess is that is an earth elemental spirit being. I am also making a 3 years of study guess the reason why we are seeing them is a mixture of the facts that we are in groups who are taking pictures and looking, most aren’t, BLENDED with, I am guessing, the veil between the physical world (low frequencies) and the spiritual world (high frequencies) is thin. It is thin because we are going through a “pole shift” that is being hid from us. Also, the occult - besides elementals - explores the different low/medium/high levels (frequencies) of hell. They don’t realize it. They can’t perceive the low/medium/high levels of heaven. You only perceive the levels of heaven through a purity of spirit (like crystal) derived by making thousands and thousands of personal moral/righteous choices, especially involving sacrifice, in care and love for God our Father and others. The more choices you make for “self” and $$$ the lower your frequency and ability to perceive. That’s my best educated guess. No one wants to hear this answer because it interferes with aliens/UFOs/selfishness. My website link is on my personal page. I’ve been studying this to try to figure it out because I have hundreds on my off-grid Ozarks land “Angel Creek.”

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Written November 16, 2023 at 4:50 pm


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