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What the Rainbow Covenant Really Is

I just retranslated Noah's Ark again. It is way deeper than anyone has understood. The ark is inside us, those of us who love and serve God the Father, YHWH. If we do so for a long long time it builds many things inside of us. When we reach the point in time called the Last Days we are full of the spirit, of heaven's skills and knowledge and gifts.

The pure cattle of all kinds represent our spiritual possessions. When we then interact with the world, with the earth, things happen that set the earth's understanding back on a new fresh level. A new cycle is started. Forever.

At this point in time we have stopped TEACHING, we rest. It is our TEACHING, both those who teach about the earth and those who teach about the heavens, that is the problem. The COVENANT of the RAINBOW is that God ALREADY has the earth set up in such a way that it teaches man everything he needs to know. Jesus said, "Go your way and sin no more." He meant that it is in the design. God created the earth in such a way that it teaches us everything we need to know. He also did this with the heavens, the spiritual realm. The Covenant is that it will ALWAYS work out. It is ALWAYS under God's master design.

I've reached the point in my spiritual journey that I am now circled back and learning about the earth. I did it backwards because Jesus told us to seek the Kingdom of Heaven first. My entire spiritual walk, which I documented in my books, involved God teaching me stuff. Now God is teaching me stuff on the earth's side of the circle, the spiral, the dna spiral shaped walk. The best we can do is recognize the rainbow is God's covenant, that he has a design, and he is teaching us. We can rest. Rosh Hashanah. xo Angel

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written September 25, 2022 at 10:16 pm on Rosh Hashanah

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