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"Why can't we clearly photograph Bigfoot?"

Frequently I will respond to something that crosses my path and then realize I've just written my next short-story. That is the case this morning. Now, I'm off to actually finish the short-story, which I will also post in a minute... xo Angel *** One of my friends who created one of the Bigfoot groups and also studies other Cryptids and mysteries invited me to join a private discussion group. Someone in the group asked why we STILL can't get a clear picture of Bigfoot after all these years. This is my answer:

Angel: "Because God split humanity into male and female and their thinking is not the same. God did that to teach us there is a physical world of substance and a spiritual world where there is no substance. These 2 mirror image concepts war. Bigfoot is God's symbol of where the two concepts pass over. The Passover is actually designed by the ancient Israelites (my passion is ancient Biblical Hebrew) to incorporate the stage where male thinking (the spirit) "passes over" into the realm of female thinking (the physical). Ultimately the two work together as a married team. But in the early stages those with primarily physical thinking battle with those with primarily spiritual thinking. That is why we can't get good photos of the physical Bigfoot. Because we are using primarily physical techniques and thinking. Bigfoot is more spiritual than physical. Therefore we have to look for them in the spiritual realm. The only one who has been able to do this so far, as far as I'm aware of and I'm still fairly new at this, is Dr. Matthew Johnson when he writes about his research with the Xanue. The reason why I think like this is due to 15,000 hours retranslating the deep thinking in the ancient manuscripts, and two Masters degrees in Bible. I read the ancient texts and ideas. I am describing how Bigfoot fits into the overall grand design of God's Word. That is what I study. So now I agree with Dr. Johnson that these creatures are both physical and spiritual. I'm going deeper into studying Bigfoot from that perspective. If we want to successfully photograph Bigfoot then we are going to have to change our thinking about what they are and the physical tools we are trying to use to capture partially spiritual creatures. These things did not "come from another planet" like Dr. Johnson believes. His understanding of them is amazing and beyond anyone else's but his ideas about God and how God's Word is designed in nature and in the spiritual realm are based on normal Christianity and indoctrinated Nasa propaganda. We are going to have to advance beyond the baby steps we are all on. We can take the photos we HAVE captured because they are partially physical and appear as such when they are not in their translucent invisible manifestation. Dr. Johnson says they turn into orbs and go INSIDE trees in the daytime to get nourishment from the sun. They can do all kinds of things that we don't even know exists yet. THAT's WHY. I'm still studying and I don't do well with being attacked for my ideas so if that happens here, I'm out. Best Wishes. Angel"

This is a photo that was taken in my woods at Angel Creek 2022.

So was this:

and so was this:

My true stories of the Bigfoot on my Ozarks land (and the other strange things) can be read on my website: At this moment it is under repair and my stories are here (look under the "Angel Creek" section):

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