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Wouldn't it be lovely, if...

Facebook post:

I’m really missing the comfort of my old page today. This page has a totally different feel because it is 70% a different set of friends, many who aren’t used to me yet. That’s lonely. Plus then, I’m a bit different, lol, so it is a bit intimidating to just throw myself open to observation. I’m very private. Plus I love a pretty, organized page and erase and clean up all the time. Oh well. I guess I’ll just be me and people will come or go. Here are my current interests.


I read, I study, I think, I explore God. So here are this week’s books plus a glimpse of my most recent writings. I made a vow to myself to finish a book before starting a new one. I have 250 books I’m reading. My goal is to understand how God’s Word works. I have a Master of Divinity, decades of in depth Bible study, and interesting life experiences. I write. My stories are on my website. Usually, I write whatever is on my mind - here - then, if I like it, I go create a new story about it. Today, I’m off into the exploration of out of body experiences. I suspect this is what Bigfoot are doing. I’m dreaming that, “Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could travel without leaving my beautiful room with my 250 books and my massage chair, TV, and pretty soft blues décor?” If I could figure out how to do that and control it then I wouldn’t need $$$ to go wherever I want which limits ideas and opportunities. I’d go to Chapelgate, the beach, my Angel Creek Ozarks farm, and then to a bucket list of ideal places. I think this is possible. By the end of book #250 I will know. Here we go, this week’s books, all available on Amazon for anyone who wants to join me in my explorations:

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Written October 6, 2023 at 10:31 am


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