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As you know I've devoted thousands of hours and decades to trying to grasp and understand what the Bible actually says. I do not believe it has been translated correctly. I'm 100% sure. I do not say this lightly. Each must study for themselves and determine their own relationship with our Father, God, YHWH, and an understanding of Jesus and who he was and what he said to us. I've done that so that I am personally satisfied I know the answers. So to my dear friends, who are mostly the best Christians I've ever known at any point in time in my life, and to the public at large I say this: Today I am retranslating Matthew 7. I go day by day, every day, and that just happens to be where I am today. Matthew 7 has a BIG TITLE saying in BOLD BLACK, "Do Not Judge." I am here right now to tell you that is the biggest boldest lie those who have translated our precious scriptures have ever told and the biggest hinderance to Christians actually being able to understand God's Word and what it says and what Jesus was saying to us that has ever been recorded. I am here right now to say: IT DOES NOT SAY THAT!!!!! What it actually SAYS is that we ARE TO JUDGE CONSTANTLY at the beginning of EVERY SINGLE DECISION WE MAKE in our day to day every single day lives. WE ARE TO JUDGE our own actions and thoughts and everything around us FROM the letter "A" meaning that we WILL BE JUDGED when we get to the letter "Z" - the alphabet, I'm transliterating, actually Greek is Alpha to Omega to A to O - but you get the idea. AS WE JUDGE in the beginning will be the RESULT of every single thing we do. THAT is what the Bible actually SAYS. I love you, Angel. Believe it or not, that is my diligently studied for decades opinion. xoxo

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Written January 20, 2023 at 3:47 pm


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