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A Gigi & Angel Day!

Today was a Gigi & Angel day! I met Gigi in 2012 when we both lived at "The Island on Lake Travis" in Lago Vista, Texas. My boyfriend, Bax, and I were performing in the restaurant as "AngelBax" and our real estate lady brought Gigi with her, she was Gigi's real estate lady, too. She said she thought we'd hit it off and she was right! It was our first gig there and I had invited every musician we had met so far since we had moved to Austin from Orlando in 2010, Bax, Skye, and I. Before that Bax and I had spent a decade going out into the Central Florida music scene performing. That's also where we met our friend, drummer, Gabriel, who would later be my co-Producer of my television series, "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." I have lots of stories about all of us. Bax has gone on with his own direction, back to Orlando. I'm entranced with a baby granddaughter my beautiful daughter, Skye, gave me.

Now it was 2022 and Gigi and I were still friends, true friends, can't wait to talk to you! friends. Gigi is an actress, with a long resume from childhood up. That's the foundation for:

Gigi: "I've been thinking about calling you for 3 DAYS now! You should see what I had to memorize, the lines, for today's shooting. MASSIVE. I'm working with So-And-So. I can't ever tell what Gigi tells me about her work. Let's just say that at first I thought the lady she was working with was the lady who played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies but it wasn't. I kept googling until I found ...let's just say Spider-Man has kissed her. Gigi was working with the top. She deserves it, she's the best and has worked at this her entire life.

Angel: "I've been thinking about you too. You know we both go for quite awhile before talking and catching up. We went through our normal time period and then we went through it AGAIN, this time. I just told myself, "Gigi must be doing something really cool." You are."

And here we go...this is why I love Gigi...

Gigi: "I'm on II Samuel 22:22."

I start immediately opening up my BibleHub software and loading up the interlineal Hebrew/English to II Samuel 22:22. I start translating in my mind. Gigi is off and running about her theories about II Samuel 22:22. A bit later we will do the same thing in Psalms. I'll tell her that I have 3 tabs open right now that I'm studying Isaiah 38, Genesis 19, and Hebrews 4. Now I've added II Samuel. Gigi is saying, "I KNOW there is something special about HEBREW LETTERS, the INDIVIDUAL Hebrew letters."

Angel: "There is. You are absolutely right. Remember this: MERU dot org. MERU."

Gigi: "I KNEW you'd KNOW!"

Angel: "Yeah, that's the best source I've found for studying the Hebrew letters. I've got his book but it's in my pile of 100 plus books that are waiting for me to read them. Read that site."

Gigi: "The Star of David...the two pointed down and one pointed up...I'm trying to figure that out."

Angel: "As above so below," I tell her. "Go read the Bigfoot article I just wrote. It's called, "As Above, So Below: Bigfoot & Werewolves." I just wrote all about this.

Gigi: "God ALWAYS has us working on the same thing at the same time. EVERY TIME."

Angel: "My new friends, Jerry & Ella, who just tracked my Ozarks land for Bigfoot and Dogmen named the episode about tracking my land, "Divine Appointments." I tell her a bit about the synchronicity that kept happening to Jerry and Ella the entire trip to my farm. "They are like us, Jerry calls his best contacts/friends "Frontline Warriors." He said I was a Frontline Warrior. That's what you and I and Mark and some of the people we know are. We're the Remnant, we're on the edge of the new cycle that is coming in." We talk about that for awhile.

Gigi and I talk for at least an hour. All about God. All about God's presence in our day to day lives. Listening, sharing, listening, REALIZING how God works in our day to day lives. He's been doing that with Gigi and me since the day we met in 2012. I have written several stories about it already. For example, we have our story of "Leviticus." We LOVE that story of what God did with us. We were just becoming friends. I had given Gigi my book I had just published in 2009, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." It was about God's presence in my life and the adventures he had led me though. After Gigi and I met at our AngelBax gig at the Island on Lake Travis I had visited her in her condo and she had visited me in mine, there at the Island complex. One day I took my dad's new book, that I had just edited for him, "The Principles of Leviticus," to Gigi's door. I knocked, book in hand. Gigi had answered...

Angel: "I thought you might like a copy of my Dad's new book," I had told her, handing her the book.

Gigi: She looked at me stunned, simply stunned. "I was just praying to God, just now. I have been trying to study Leviticus. I just told God, "If you want me to understand Leviticus then you are just going to have to show me." Then you knocked on the door and handed me your dad's book on Leviticus."

Later, Gigi had told her friend she was introducing me to, Sammy Maloof, this miracle story. Sammy was a top stuntman car driver, Fast & Furious, Mission Impossible, and more . Later, in my story of meeting Mark, I'd introduce myself to Mark at "Dinner with Dreamers" by saying, "We know Sammy." In my short-story about that night I say, "Mark knew Sammy too." and that had opened the door to our friendship (along with the big smile and Jesus t-shirt he had on that night, oh and the big cross Mark and Gigi and I all saw that night in the sky outside after the dinner.)

All my stories intertwine. Many are in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," many are on my website, many will be in my new book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." That's because...God. God intertwines us. God gives us synchronicity. God leads us. God makes it SO exciting to follow him through our lives.

Gigi: (an hour after we started) I'll send you those links to the scriptures.

Angel: "Ok, and GO READ some of my new stories and watch the video of Jerry and Ella tracking Bigfoot and Dogmen on my Ozarks land. I want you to KNOW this stuff so we can keep up with each other and SEE what God is doing with us. OK, bye, love you!!!"

Gigi: "LOVE YOU TOO!!!" and we hang up and are back into the adventures of our own lives that at a future date our Father, God, YHWH, will entwine together magnificently just so we can see he loves us and that he is walking with us. xo Angel

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written August 26, 2022 at 8 pm


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