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Horses & Peaches & an Eclipse

"Your sister is coming late Friday night, they'll take an Uber from the Austin Airport," my mom informed me. "It will be after midnight when they get here."

Angel: "She should go ahead and schedule the Uber. You can do that on their app."

My mom: "They are flying in for the eclipse April 8." They live in Oregon/Washington.

Angel (not saying anything but upset at this news; thinking about what a terrible idea that is)...

My mom: "They are planning to drive to Llano, to be right in the path. She bought you glasses so you can see it."

Angel (thinking they are all already in the direct path, no need to go anywhere; needing to say something but how do you communicate with someone who is in danger and has no clue, what can you say to this level of total blindness that doesn't sound insane): "I will be at home, inside my room, hiding. I'm not watching it. I'm not going outside."

My dad (he is exceptionally intelligent, exceptionally spiritually attuned; he picks up on my mood-shift but does not yet know why; how do you communicate to someone intelligent enough to grasp undercurrents and able to spiritually lead others but who needs tools that don't make him sound insane; what tools do you offer?): "Why?"

Angel: "There's going to be 800 miles of Texans, all standing outside looking up at the sky, all at a planned time. It's going right over the Bible belt, Texas, Arkansas, the center is Nashville (I have land in Arkansas, bought as a refuge when Christians were saying, "go to the Ozarks," I was born in Texas, raised just south of Nashville.) "It will be a perfect opportunity to poison people, drop diseases." (how do you explain to someone who put you in tears when you tried to explain Chemtrails a decade earlier, claiming they don't exist, and who almost grasps the war we are in but not really?) "I won't be here, I'm staying home. I'm not doing vaccines OR eclipses." I added "vaccines" because they know I was right about that. Eventually they knew. Too late.


The next day; new scenario...

I've already written to my sister out of a sense of responsibility, from God, to warn her. She's the reason why everyone took the vaccines. She didn't listen. She and her husband are still coming, with glasses for everyone. After I warn her and she says she's coming anyway I feel a sense of relief that I've obeyed God. Then I don't. I didn't warn her strongly enough. It won't count with God, who has told us that if we know about danger and don't warn our brother then we are guilty of the harm they fall blindly into. I have to say it all. So I do. I do it for God, to obey. I write her back. I start with, "I'll summarize:" and list all the reasons why flying here from a state that is perfectly safe and out of harm's way, relatively speaking, is dangerous. I lay it all out, I don't leave out a drop of the insanity. At least she'll know in the back of her mind. She doesn't answer. This time, at least, I know I tried hard enough to satisfy God's instruction. I feel relieved.


The next day; totally new scenario...

Angel (to my grown daughter, mother of my 6 year old granddaughter): "Can I take Laileigh with me after school tomorrow to go see Andy?" She knows I took Laileigh to Andy's ranch a week too early for his Easter party, by mistake, and we didn't get to see him. Story HERE "Andy invited us to go to that ranch over behind the airport. He's going to be there for the eclipse. They are having a television show filming a trail ride. He's going to be there several days." She says yes.

I introduced Laileigh to Andy, and Lana, when Lai was 3 months old. Lai has sung with me at his ranch events, the songwriter circles. She knows how to do it, she has learned by observation. She has her own two white guitars, that match my white guitar. She puts the capo on. She tunes it. She holds it backwards. She is learning. She marches right in to the Songwriter Circles like a pro. She has done that since her first pink guitar, right by Andy's side, around his fire pit circle, and in the Saloon circle. I hate calling it a Saloon, but that's what he named it, his Saloon. I call it his musician's place.


Next day (I've just picked up Laileigh from school; now we are driving in my white van, "Swan," to the ranch)...

Laileigh: "Can we stop and pet the cows?"

We are all by ourselves on the same lonely dirt road I wrote the story, "Cowboys & Werewolves" about HERE I ponder whether or not to bring that up and decide against it. Lai knows all about Cryptids. The farm I bought in the Ozarks a few years ago turned out to have Bigfoot, Werewolves, tiny people, and almost invisible beings on it. Since I had bought the farm intending to leave it to my granddaughter as an inheritance from me, so she would be able to grasp God's concepts about land, which have all but disappeared from knowledge now, but which I was blessed with growing up, I had had to educate her about Cryptids. I hadn't wanted her to grow up, travel the thousand miles to her farm, which I had named, "Angel Creek" and have dozens of stories here on my website about, and be vulnerable. I had educated her, even though she was 3, 4, 5, 6 years old.

"There's monsters on the land I bought you," I had explained. "I didn't know they existed when I bought it, but you have to know since it is yours. I'll let you trade it for Tennessee land if mom and dad give me part of their farm, like they said they would. I haven't seen any signs of them there but monsters are actually everywhere."

I look out the window. There are Werewolves on this road we are now driving down. The cows are black and grazing as we slowly drive past. It is a dirt road and I don't want to drive faster than 3 miles per hour. Swan has new tires but I don't want to damage them. "No, just look at them out the window. Those black cows are called "Black Angus" cows. Granddaddy has that kind on his Tennessee farm." They came from my mother's dad's Oklahoma farm, 80 years ago.

Our history with land is part of the reason why I grasp concepts about God, concepts I want to pass down to my Granddaughter. In this day and age that is virtually impossible. I wonder whether or not I should use this to teach her about "Red Angus" cows. Mark's friend he talks about a lot was the one who raised the red heifers who were just sent to Israel from Texas. HERE I don't mention it but will teach her everything she will need to be able to understand. The red heifers have been symbolized in our lives already, twice now. The first time was when I took Lai to Albuquerque to Mark's stunt workshop at ComicCon. The second was when Mark and I were on the Dreamer's first cruise. That was last week. I told him and Gigi, both, but they didn't really grasp it.

God communicates with me through his calendar. The meaning of the feasts, their essence, always match whatever I'm going through in my own life, perfectly. It is my belief that this is why he created the signs in the skies/heavens for us. They all match spiritual concepts, they are all about the ancient Hebrew feasts, holidays, we all live through them when we are on the correct path. That path is outlined in the books of the Bible, the same books I was retranslating, that God matched to my life so I could grasp the concepts. This lets us know that we are walking on God's path. It is confirmation. It is continually guidance. We don't know this, as Christians. I started noticing this in 1998, the year I started retranslating the King James Bible. This was deep into my walk with God, decades deep. Sometimes the dates are off a bit. I know that is because the current ancient Hebrew calendar, itself, is off a bit. I can re-time the calendar with my life. I've told Gigi about this, and Skye, and Mark, many times. I've mentioned it in my writings, frequently. It's happening now, with the eclipse. It is my belief that if anyone who is reading my writings, really reads them from the very beginning, from "The Chapelgate Adventures Series," where I describe in detail how I prayed to God in 1985 to show me if there was anything I didn't understand about Christianity, and do the same things I did, they will wind up here. The ancient Hebrew calendar will start matching their life. HERE and HERE and HERE and in all my writings, in order.

That's why I'm writing this story. This story is about the April 8th eclipse. Their calendar is off. The April 8th expected eclipse happened yesterday, April 5th. It happened when I took Lai to see Andy and his horses at the ranch behind the airport, where we live, directly in the path of the Texas part of the eclipse. Did I mention we are the ancestors of the very first Texans? My great-something grandmother wrote a book of letters between herself and a man who was part of Stephen F. Austin's "Old 300" settlers of Texas. HERE Our Christian heritage goes all the way back to Jesus, himself, according to my dad, the Church of Christ. HERE


We have now arrived at Parrie Haynes Ranch Equestrian Center (camping/horses/horse trails). We've been here before, at Andy's "Cowboy Camps." He takes people back to the way things were, originally, in Texas. I created "Texas Tales from a Lone Star," inspired by Andy's personality and doings. He represents old Texas ways, thoughts, activities. He isn't necessarily Christian but he prides himself on being "Texan." He learns from nature, from Mother Earth, the physical realm. He sings the songs of yesteryear, the songs of Marty Robbins, George Strait, Waylon Jennings and many others. He admires Outlaw Country, has a copy of Waylon's white guitar.

In my mind Andy is the courtyard of the temple. Chapelgate is the temple. My writings are the temple. My new writings, written AFTER my Master of Arts in Religion and my Master of Divinity, written AFTER my 15,000 hours of documented retranslation efforts of the King James Bible back into the ancient Greek and Hebrew, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," - THOSE writings - are what I consider to be the "Holy of Holies" of the temple. My writings are all based on the design of Israel's holy temple.

It is being restored, you know, right now, I mean RIGHT now, as I write. God restored the temple, first, inside me, inside my mind. This happened when I was living in Orlando for twelve years, 1998-2010. I was retranslating the Bible during this period of my life. God was matching up my life to his ancient Hebrew Calendar. I'd notice and write it on my wall calendar. It was during this period of my life, the stories and songs I wrote when my kids where young, when I loved my enemies, Bax and Gabriel (both masters of the physical Earth Mother realm) like Jesus instructed us to, that I saw God recreate his Holy Temple inside me. It is in my mind. It is in how I think. It is in what I do. They are synchronized, physical and spiritual, blended together. When I moved back to Texas, in 2010, I began creating my stories and videos, television episodes, of "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." Andy was the center point. He represents the Sun.


Last week on the Dreamer's Cruise...

Angel (to Mark): "I'm the moon. Right now, you are the Sun. I used to be the Sun. I was the Sun for a long, long time. The Sun shines out what Jesus taught us, what is right, what is naturally right. God's laws. The moon is harder to grasp. God has had me being the moon now for at least 10 years (longer). Think of it like this... If Billy Graham went to a house of prostitution and someone heard about it they would naturally think, "That's not right." That's what the moon is like. God has me doing things that go against what is naturally right. I don't want to do them but I am under obedience to God. I obey God. In my own mind I understand what God is doing, he is USING me. He uses me to jumpstart the thoughts of the people who are in his courtyard. That's what "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" IS. It is for the people in the courtyard, not God's Christians, not God's Israelites, his ancient Hebrews, but for those who are on the edges of the temple. They are IN the courtyard. The moon is for them. It draws their thoughts to God, to the temple, to what is naturally right, in God's laws. I'm the moon. Jesus was the moon. Jesus was the Sun. Everything is designed as some aspect of Christ, that's how God designed all of Creation. You're the Sun. I used to be the Sun. Now I'm the moon. You have to humble yourself to be the moon. I'm not doing anything wrong. In my mind, in my actions, in my thoughts, I am obeying God's laws perfectly. He knows. I know. But the people around me don't know. They aren't that advanced yet. They are just beginning to grasp what is right and what is wrong, that right and wrong even exist. The moon is for them. "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" was designed so I could be the moon, draw them in to my deeper writings to "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," to "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," - to the Sun, to Jesus, to the Holy Temple."


Lai and I have now arrived at the ranch. Lai is now looking for "her" horse...

Angel: "What is your horse's name?"

Laileigh: "Peaches. He's white."

Angel: "Why is he YOUR horse?"

Laileigh: "Andy gave him to me."

I think back, replaying conversations I've overheard between Andy and Laileigh. I remember when Lexi was first beginning to help Andy create his "Cowboy Camps." I remember Andy saying, "Peaches can be Laileigh's horse. Ya'll can come out to the ranch and we'll get Laileigh her own horse. We'll teach her to ride." I spell ya'll that way on purpose. That's how it is supposed to BE spelt. The old way. Forget indoctrination.

Angel: "There's a white horse," I point. We are driving around Parrie Haynes now. I've headed to the bunkhouse Andy prefers but I don't see his big black truck anywhere. "I saw someone brushing a white horse as we drove past, over there." I point behind us. But this white horse is in a corral right by where we are now. So it will do. I stop Swan. I help Laileigh out. "Don't run up to them, be gentle, don't scare them." She does. She is so brave I notice, marches right up to them, eager to love them. We're not positive this is Peaches. She pets the white horse anyway.

Angel (I call Andy. He tells me where to go.): "Laileigh, let's go see if that OTHER horse is Peaches. Andy told me where they are." We get back in Swan. We drive a couple hundred feet back the way we came. I park. Andy leaves his group of friends and family, gathered around in foldable chairs, like always, underneath the awning attached to his very, very long, huge, horse trailer. His dad is sitting there. His cousin, Peter, who cooks prize-winning Texas steaks, is there, cooking. His friend, Billy, is there. Some blonde lady is there. Two dogs, Peter's and Andy's are there. Andy is walking over to meet us.

Andy: "Laileigh!!!!!!!" He meets us halfway between his horse trailer, where everyone is, and where I just parked Swan. Laileigh runs up to him, excitedly. He bends down to her level and scoops her up in a big bear hug, telling her how much she's grown. We are loved. I wait and give Lai a chance to see him first. Then I raise my arms for my own hug. He doesn't kiss me on the lips, he kisses the side of my face. I notice. I wonder why. He has always, almost always, kissed me full on the lips, from the beginning. I had to sort of get used to it. He does that with the people, the female people, he loves. He loves me. He just kissed my cheek. Well, it has been a while, six months since I saw him last. I started writing my "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" stories about him in 2014. It is 2024.

We all walk back to his camp. I introduce Laileigh to everyone, even though she has met them before. "This is Andy's friend, Billy," and they say hi. That's Peter and that's Peter's dog. They say hi. "Say hi to Andy's dad, this is Andy's dad." They do. Laileigh is interested in the two dogs. We sit down together in an empty chair. I put Laileigh on my lap. The blonde lady says, "What are your names?" I tell her. She must be one of Andy's newest. He does that. I'm careful about what I do and say. "What did YOU say YOUR name is, again, I think I missed it," I say to her. She tells me. She is still looking at me, trying to figure out who I am to Andy, to the group. I'm busy chattering with everyone, I say things that make it obvious I know them all, well. She keeps looking.

I take Lai to find the real "Peaches." He's, or I guess She's, in a corral, behind Andy's long horse trailer. She pets Peaches, we give Peaches hay that we see that has fallen out of her reach. I show Lai how to hold the hay so she doesn't get bitten. She is using a technique, holding her palm stretched perfectly tight and flat, with the hay in it, already. I show her a second way, to hold the hay on one end, in a swad, long swad, I guess that's my word I made up, so the horse takes one end and then you can turn loose of your end. She does it. We pet Peaches a lot. Lai is very happy. She is very comfortable here. We go back and sit down with everyone. We talk. Lai plays with both dogs.

There's really no way for me to say this part except just to say it. I had the distinct feeling, quiet knowledge, that the group was looking at me as if I was Andy's mistress. That is not what I am. But I am the moon to his sun. We eclipsed. During the ancient Hebrew calendar. On the correct day, April 5, not April 8. We were in the Texas country, at a horse ranch, in the dead center of where the April 8th eclipse is planned to go over. WE eclipsed.

It's not real. This goes back to what I said to my sister and that's not the point of this story. But the insane part is that the sun and the moon in the sky right now, the ones undergoing the so-called "eclipse" aren't even really our sun and moon. Those in control are SO far beyond insanity that most people can't begin to grasp what is actually going on with this eclipse and that's not really important. They are actually orchestrating this eclipse for their own purposes, which go against God, which contain intricately thought-out and pre-planned rituals against God. Which contain intentions to harm God's people. So God eclipsed my moon with Andy's sun, in the planned path of darkness, in Texas. With me. With him. That was the eclipse.

The blonde lady: "WHO are you, EXACTLY???" she bursts out, unable to grasp my presence there. I pause, "I'm a writer," I start to say.

Andy (to EVERYONE and to EVERYONE vehemently and loudly, firmly): "She's MY FRIEND. That's all you need to know. She's MY friend." That was the real eclipse. Sun/Moon.

We fed Peaches some more, played with the dogs some more, Andy left in a bit to go take a shower. We said bye when he took a bit too long coming back. Lai didn't want to leave, she had seen Peter's prize winning Texas steaks being prepared for later. She knew there would be music later. She wanted to ride Peaches, but Andy is cautious about that. He had mentioned some other horse he was waiting on to be delivered, some gentle horse, suitable for children, suitable for Laileigh, but it wasn't there yet. It was still daylight and I wanted to get off these dirt roads in the middle of nowhere so I didn't get lost. So we said "Bye" to everyone, I promised Lai I'd go get her something to eat, and we left the scene God had created just for us, just for the eclipse.

When we drove back to the beginning of the road we had driven in on there were two huge concrete road blocks that had been moved in to block the road. Some guy had flagged us down in his truck, coming back from that way, saying, "They've blocked the road, for the eclipse I guess, you can't get out, follow my dust," and he had taken off down some side road I didn't want to follow and didn't. I do things my own way. We went on until we saw the road block. I took pictures for this story. It was still barely daylight. But we found another way out, a long way, I remembered from a previous trip. I bought Lai "Long John Silver" fish and we went home. That was the eclipse. xo Angel

P.S. I guess, for the record, even though it is too deep, so deep, I should say, "I'm not really the moon in this case. I'm the black Sun." Not as Wikipedia describes it. As God created it. xo

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written April 6, 2024 at 10:16 am


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