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A Sukkot Book Review

I enjoyed the book signing last night, thank you. HERE Yesterday I finished the book I was reading and began yours. I’ve now read your story and Ella’s. They are incredible. I’m glad you found each other. She is brave, articulate, and a fitting warrior companion. My mind is drawn more to you , however, because of our overlapping shared interests. A minute ago I finished reading “The Legend of Time.” I could tell when you asked for my review that you were actually interested in my thoughts. So for you, here they are. Your legends are so similar to my ancient Biblical Hebrew original Bible scriptures that I can almost, not totally, but almost transliterate from Choctaw concepts to Hebrew concepts. The deep level I read is zero percent of the overlying Christian interpretation and doctrine. My belief is that has become so corrupted that it now serves our enemies by luring Christians into blindness and sleep. They have the Bible, the words, but don’t know what they have, that it is sacred. It is the spiritual warrior’s book, written through the minds and eyes of spiritual warriors. The entire Bible is actually talking about the Messiah, the Christ. It describes the spiritual dna of how he comes to be and how he thinks and his purpose. It is so interesting I’ve devoted myself to grasping it. It comes from the same roots as your legend and contains similar symbology. I find this fascinating. You are rare and have depths I haven’t seen yet but your book will help me see the path through your interests. Bless you and I am honored to know you, Ella too. Thank you. Back to reading…

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written September 30, 2023 at 2 pm on Sukkot


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