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About to re-translate the Story of Jericho...but first a word from our Sponsor"

(My post just now on my personal Facebook page, where I develop my story ideas)

"If you don't read my stories, especially if you are someone I personally send them to, then you need to start doing that. I write about how we walk with God and how he responds and leads us. Right this minute I am re-reading my story, "Mark's Key," and I just added a few more fine details to it. I stopped what I was about to do this morning, which was to continue to read and study my Tesla book on the Unified Field, because yesterday it was linking to the Bible story about Jericho. I wanted to go re-translate the Jericho Bible story before I continued to read the book on Tesla. I do this so that I see clues to how to connect the dots between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. Before I re-translated the Jericho Bible story (by the way I re-translated the Moses and the burning bush story yesterday because a friend asked me about it; it was also miraculous) I checked my website, wound up adding a couple of fine details to my "Mark's Key" story from the other day, then came here to type this. When I finish this I'm going to go find the Jericho story, re-translate it, then have that knowledge when I go back to reading about Tesla and how standing waves were probably involved in the Jericho story. Here's the updated paragraph from "Mark's Key." xo"

Angel: “How long did you look for your key?”

Mark: “About 4 hours. I prayed, “Dear Father, you’ve told us that if we will SEEK we will FIND so I need you to do that, God, because I’m trusting you.” I said I wasn’t going to go home until God gave me my key. I told him that. That I was trusting him. He just gave me my key. Do you remember that black lady manager? I was standing by my car just now and she was standing across the parking lot with two black guys, by her car. She yelled across the parking lot, "Hey, did you lose your key?" I said, "yes." She walked over and handed it to me. She said she had found it by a chair and she gave it to me. Just now. I gave her the biggest hug cause I was so happy to get it and she gave me the biggest hug because she was so glad to have found it and to give it to me. I need you to write a story about this.” What he is describing is miraculous. That must have happened around midnight, and the spa would have closed at 10 pm.

And now on to re-translate the Bible story of Jericho... I really need to write a story about what happened yesterday as I re-translated "Moses and the Burning Bush." Decisions, decisions... focus...Jericho. Tesla. Electro-magnetism. Don't I have a book about "there's no such thing as gravity?" I need to find that...

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Written July 18, 2023 at 9:59 am

My story, "Mark's Key," is HERE

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