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An angel Walked by Me

When the angel walked by...

An "angel" is a "messenger" of God's Word. God's Word is the pattern of how everything has been designed to work. The Bible describes in minute detail how this works. It is God's Word. Jesus was the perfection of the design, God's Word.

A messenger of the heavens walked by me. The heavens are the highest ideals of spirituality expressed in God's Word. The earth is physical, parallel, under the supreme excellence of heaven.

Last weekend I took my granddaughter, Laileigh Rose, to Mark DeAlessandro's Action Acting Stunt Workshop at Comic Con Albuquerque 2023. I took her last year as well. Sometimes when something or someone becomes a little too familiar and normal you overlook how splendid they truly are. Mark does that.

At the workshop Mark was weaving in stories of the Bible with his teaching aspiring beginners about the stunt world. Mark is the highest ideal of physical excellence expressed in the design of God's Word, and he blends that with the spiritual heavens. I forget that because he's our friend. I forget that because he's teaching babies and beginners.

At the workshop Mark was patiently teaching his students how to punch someone in the face without actually hitting them.

"If you hit someone you go home," Mark instructed. Right then, right there, at that moment, if you hit someone you go home."

Laileigh to me, "If you hit someone you go home." Right, baby.

Mark: "Imagine if I actually hit Sylvester Stallone. I'd be finished. I'd be out of there so fast." Then to his students, in slow motion, "Left hand grabs their shirt, step to the side, one, two - pull your fist back an extra bit, three..." and his fist goes slowly through the air just inches from someone's face. I watch as he repeats this baby beginner pattern for each student, as it becomes their turn.

An angel walked by me...

A bit later I was sitting there in his workshop, observing, and Mark walked by me on his way to wherever. "Swoosh." He threw a punch at my face. His fist was hard and fast. Tremendously fast. Powerful. I felt the air move. Swoosh. He missed my face by a micrometer. And it was at that moment I realized his true power and that...

An angel had walked by me...

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written January 17, 2023 at 2:02 pm


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