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Are Bigfoot Connected to Energy Beings?

I woke up today and someone in one of my Bigfoot/Cryptid groups had posted this question: "Does anyone know of or have heard of a connection with Bigfoot and energy beings?" The person who posted this said, "There is a direct connection with the 2 Bigfoot I've seen. I was visited by a UFO and one of these beings the day before I saw the Bigfoot and am just trying to understand the connection better."

Several people I now know posted yes. Someone I don't know but that I know is involved with some of the big names in the business even said yes. But this person who posted wanted more information than just, "yes." He wanted to try to figure out what in the world is going on. So do I. Therefore, today, we have a new short-story in my "Angel Creek" series that is quickly turning into enough stories to fill a new book. Today's story is simply my answer to him. It ties straight into all my OTHER stories. Just look here on my website, under "Short-Stories" and click on the "Angel Creek" section. Click HERE:

I said: "Yes, but I believe the UFO technology is ours. I believe there is a dome over our earth. Outer space is pure propaganda. I write about how I think this works in my short-stories. I believe Dr. Matthew Johnson is very very close to the correct idea except in his belief the Xanue came from another planet. I think he is very close to the truth that the Bigfoot he personally studies are good. I don't believe him saying they follow Christian doctrine because Christian doctrine, I believe, is different from what I can read in the scriptures they translated into English. I believe our Bible is 100% correct but not as Christians are being taught. Other experts say they are pure predators (Dr. Johnson says yes there are evil Bigfoot but his aren't). He says his are light, energy beings who use portals. He says they can transform into orbs and sleep INSIDE trees during the day, usually, to get the nutrients from the earth and from the sun. I believe him. I also believe Jerry Williams' and that his experiences are 100% true. I believe his Choctaw Indian Medicine legends about creation coming from Grandmother Spider actually match what I can read in the ancient Bible scriptures only not in overall creation, I know that is God YHWH, just in the sense of how one age leads to the next. So do our elite because they are using the Grandmother Spider legend as they create and spin our next age they want (InterNET, World-Wide WEB) etc. Just take a look at this: National Library of Medicine "Grandmother Spider: Connecting All Things" Click HERE

So Yes they are energy beings but they are also able to manifest totally physically as well as cloak totally while still being totally physical AND can become translucent. I have photos of their stages of the ones on my land. I am writing as I learn."

I then gave him the direct link to my short-story, "Xanue Bigfoot" which is here:

Next, I went to search for a photo of an "energy being" and lo and behold they are in their own category, quite separate from Bigfoot. I didn't know that. So people are teaching, evidently, that these various energy beings can in a sense "possess physical beings" such as Bigfoot. That's not what I said at all. I said Bigfoot himself, themselves, I believe, can change THEMSELVES into a spiritual manifestation. That is quite different. THAT is what I have learned from my studies of the ancient Hebrew and Greek our Bible is translated from. It never talked about "energy beings" the way it is now being taught. So there is a slight but important difference. MY theory is that our physical day to day choices in life CHANGE US and that our choices AFFECT our SPIRIT. I believe Jesus was teaching us to make wise choices that lead to obedience to our Father God, YHWH, who Created absolutely everything there is. I believe the Bible is 100% true but that we have barely skimmed the surface of what it is actually telling us. I believe HOLINESS transforms a person into a righteous, good, being of light, actually changes their dna essence. That requires STUDY and OBEDIENCE to the Bible, to Jesus' teachings, to his REAL teachings, to our REAL Bible. I also believe that the phrase "As Above, So Below," is correct. I read and study IN THE BIBLE that God created the Heavens (spiritual) to be OVER the Earth (physical). The way it describes it is that there are TWO parallel realms (Heaven and Earth). What choices we make in our Earth physical life affect our ability to go to Heaven. But NOT the way we are being taught. NOW, not just after we die. THAT's why there is a DOME over the Earth and THAT's WHY the corrupt and disbelieving elite of the earth can't get there. Christianity is teaching basically to just "believe" in Jesus and magic presto you get to go to Heaven, you are now saved. That's a bunch of baloney. They've hidden EVERYTHING that teaches us what Jesus really said, what the Bible actually, really says. What it teaches, what all of God's Word in every minute detail of his Creation teaches, what our Bible teaches us, is that we are to learn and advance through first putting God the Father, YHWH, FIRST in our devotion and obedience to him and his LAWS. Every single Bible story is MAPPING that progression from whatever point any one of us begins at to Christ Consciousness. That doesn't magically happen. It happens the same way any one of us who wants to be a world-class athlete transforms from day one to the Olympic gold. We are to RUN the RACE. We are to essentially open all 7 Chakras, until we have BECOME what Jesus was telling us we CAN become, beings of light. I think Dr. Matthew Johnson's Bigfoot are just that. They embody the essence and they symbolize that stage in our development. On the other hand, there is a parallel EARTH realm and THOSE beings are evil. That's what Jerry studies and has interacted with. Dr. Johnson knows about the HEAVEN realm ones. You have to properly DIVIDE the WORD of TRUTH to get to these conclusions.

2 Timothy 2:15 KJV Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Right now I've bought 100 books over the past 2 years that are sitting in my 3 bookcases at home waiting for me to slowly read each and every one (I'm working on it). As I read them, I am finding they ALL link into my ideas that I have gleaned from my deep, deep, decades long study of the Bible, especially the original scriptures that now make up our English Bibles. I believe there is more to it than ANYONE has EVER grasped. The entire Creation is GOD the Father, YHWH's (Yahweh/Jehovah) handiwork, his WORD. Here's the right path of what we need to study next:

Stan Tenan and his work with the language our Bible scriptures are written in: "First Light: An Introduction to Meru Foundation Research" Click HERE

Quote: "The Meru Project is based on 30 years of research by Stan Tenen into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters of the Hebrew text of Genesis. The Project is sponsored by the Meru Foundation, registered California 501(c)(3) private nonprofit research and educational corporation founded in 1983."

There's your "Energy Beings." Study them THERE. xo Angel


Oh ye of little faith...the NEXT morning the same guy had commented: "The energy being came in a ufo and dont think it would be a human piloting it."

So then I said: "Yes and our human technology is kept 50 years more advanced than they tell us. WE humans know how to travel outside of our physical bodies."

Then I left some proof for him.

Quote: "The definitive work on the extraordinary phenomenon of out-of-body experiences, by the founder of the internationally known Monroe Institute. Robert Monroe, a Virginia businessman, began to have experiences that drastically altered his life. Unpredictably, and without his willing it, Monroe found himself leaving his physical body to travel via a "second body" to locales far removed from the physical and spiritual realities of his life. He was inhabiting a place unbound by time or death."


Quote: "The world's leading education center for the study of human consciousness.

For over 50 years the Monroe Institute has been welcoming consciousness explorers from all over the world. Our nondogmatic experiential approach allows you to pursue your own personal exploration of human consciousness. Monroe programs include the use of Monroe Sound Science along with exercises to target specific states of consciousness." Click HERE


Quote: "Secrets of the Unified Field: The Philadelphia Experiment, the Nazi Bell, and the Discarded Theory Paperback – Illustrated, March 15, 2008 by Joseph P. Farrell Offers a range of exotic technologies the Nazis researched, and challenges to the conventional views of the end of World War Two, the Roswell incident, and the beginning of MAJIC-12, the government's alleged secret team of UFO investigators."

That's what they are letting us know they did 50+ years ago. Think about that.

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Written at 12:25 pm September 12, 2022

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