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Abraham & Keturah, to Esau the Wildman

TruthUnity Quote: "...This means that one is to express faith by bringing the faith of God into the multitude of manifested thoughts and acts. The first step in spiritual development is the awakening of faith (represented by Abraham). We must have faith in the reality of the power of the realms invisible."

This is what I found when I googled, "metaphysical meaning of "Abraham" truthunity." I discovered the TruthUnity website, Bible translation resource, a few years ago. Most of the Bible is both literal AND metaphysical. Physical/Spiritual. Their insight to the word, "Abraham is HERE.

Genesis 25 begins with the word, "יָסַף" Actually, it begins with a vav, which I retranslate "add this concept to the previous concept." That means that in order to truly grasp what Genesis 25 is saying you have to base what it is saying on what has already been said, in the previous scriptures. Retranslating Genesis 25 is going to be hard enough. So I'm going to ignore that and start with Genesis Chapter 25, verse 1.

What I AM going to use as my "add this concept to the previous concept," is all of my previous work, 15,000 hours RE-translating the entire Bible from Genesis 1 in the Old Testament of our King James Bible, (letter by overlapping letter, word by word, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book, TWICE, ignoring vowel pointing which was added centuries later, going back as close as I possibly can to the original) (which is why I personally prefer the English King James Bible) to the last book of the entire Bible in the New Testament, Revelation, final chapter, Book 22. Well, that was a long sentence. It's been a long journey. Literally and spiritually. Physically/Spiritually.

My King James English Bible RE-translation was later in my life, beginning in 1998. I was born, in 1956, into a multi-generational Fundamental Conservative Christian family, the Church of Christ, in my case. From the moment I was born my dad began holding me and saying, "I love you, God loves you, and when you grow up you are going to go to Abilene Christian University." At the age of 6, living near ACU, in our home in Abilene, Texas, and having been taken religiously to Hillcrest Church of Christ from the age of 2 weeks old, I made a vow.

I had just learned we would be moving from the only home I had ever known, Abilene, Texas, and I was sad. I must have been standing somewhere where I could look across a big field and see ACU off in the distance, perhaps my mom's sister's yard, they lived in Abilene too, at the time. But my memory is that I made a vow. I vowed that when I was grown up I would come BACK to Abilene and I WOULD attend Abilene Christian University. At the age of 18, living in Lewisburg, Tennessee, I graduated from Marshall County High School, and I packed my 1972 red Chevrolet Cutlass with a white roof car my parents had given me, previously my dad's car, and I turned it on and drove to my new dorm room at Abilene Christian University.

Genesis 25 is about roots. It is about growing. It is about how you are born into a situation and then where you choose to go from there. It is about choices. It is about genealogy. It is about being born into a family who already know about God and teach their children. It is about where that family starts from, their level of faith, and how the next generations BUILD on that faith.

My little 6 year old beautiful granddaughter, Laileigh, just came into my bedroom, just now, where I study and where I have my writing/website/computer set up. I had her after-school snack ready and waiting for her. While she was eating, and after I had explained to her what this story is about, (I had it on the big TV screen right in front of her) recounting family stories to her, connecting them to the Bible and to college at ACU, she said in a loud voice, while eating her baked potato, "When I grow up I'M going to go to that same college. I VOW I'm going to go to Abilene Christian University." Genesis 25. That's what it is about.

Last night, when Laileigh asked me to "play with her," a frequent request, I got out our baby Jesus doll, our Katherine "almost like a real baby" huggable doll that I bought for her mother, my daughter, when her mother was somewhere under 6 years old, and a couple of our other dolls we play with (we have a whole town and farm I created, in the corner of my room) and I reached for my Children's Bible I bought for Laileigh probably as soon as she was born.

Our Baby Jesus doll, yes, I know it doesn't look much like Jesus but we've used it like this, as Baby Jesus, since Lai was born This pic is from my story, "Baby Jesus to Jamaica" HERE

We plopped down on the floor with the Bible. We arranged the dolls as our audience, around us. I said, to the dolls, "Now your mother is going to do the most important thing on earth. She is going to teach you from the Bible." In the past few days I had discovered Laileigh was reading well enough, remarkably well, actually, that when I opened the Children's Bible and asked her to read, she HAD. She had read the big type, but not always simple, illustrated Bible to me. We had started at Genesis Chapter 1. God created the World. She had read all the way to the Sixth Day. I was thrilled. So I said, "Now, where were we? I think you read to the Sixth Day..."

We opened the Bible and Laileigh began reading the Bible to her doll children family. She read Adam and Eve, the Seventh Day, when God rested, the sneaky snake, and how they had to leave the beautiful Garden when they disobeyed God and ate from the only tree he had told them NOT to eat from: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Nope it has a VAV. It is actually the tree - meaning what you literally, physically DO for a LONG, LONG time, tree-long - of Good VAV Evil. What happens when you think it is "good" to ATTACH "evil." You know, like how most of the world thinks right now.

I noticed a good example of this today. This is an example of what God means when he says they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden when they ate from the tree of good and evil. He had told them not to. Now, think of it with a VAV. The TREE of what happens when you ATTACH (Vav) "Evil" to "Good." When you take what is normally "good" and you add a little bit of "evil" to it. Why? Because you think you know best. You think that you are superior to God's Word. You look at something and you decide it will be ok to add a little white lie, or a big white lie, or eventually a big black lie, to it FOR GOOD. YOU decide what is "good" instead of studying God's Word, his Holy Bible, his in particular, 10 Commandments. "Do not lie." You think, "But I know better. You lie. You lie because it will result in good happening, in your mind, in how YOU think. You ATTACH evil to good.

Where did I see an example of this today? I actually saw a TREE example of this today. A lie told in 1895, attached to the truth, has resulted in the genealogy Bigfoot researchers are dealing with right now. We know Bigfoot exists. Some of us have seen Bigfoot. Some of us have them on our property. I do, "Angel Creek," my Ozarks off-grid land I bought for Laileigh 5 years ago. See all my "Angel Creek" stories, here on my website, that I've written - TRYING to untangle LIES from TRUTH. Someone back in 1895 decided to get us thrown out of the Garden of Eden in the understanding of Bigfoot. How? It is called, "The Winsted Wildman."

The article I ran across today, is the REVISED and WE KNOW BETTER THAN GOD version of the original story of what happened when in 1895 someone saw a Bigfoot in Winsted, Connecticut. Someone actually DID see a Bigfoot. Bigfoot was named Bigfoot in 1958. Before that they were called "Wildmen and Wildwomen." Back then, at least in this story I found from 1895, we had NEWS reporters who told us the truth. We had NEWS reporters who backed up that they were telling the truth based on the REPUTATION of whoever had told them the story. It was a true story BECAUSE So and so, who is KNOWN for his honesty, reported it. That's what happened in "The Winsted Wildman." A very honest, reputable man SAW a Wildman, and told a local reporter. He had told the reporter the truth. Eventually, it caused so much alarm and panic to the town that SOMEONE came in and, I believe, threatened the honest men to RECOUNT their honest story. Because that is what evidently happened.

It is now called, "Propaganda" and the culprits who learned to "attach evil to good" because they know better than God and his Holy Bible, his 10 Commandments, his instructions to us to NOT lie, have become SO good at it that they can now sponsor and write, at will, articles designed for the sake of good, their good. It seems that when the town became upset at the news of the Wildman having been seen that panic ensued. So someone decided to do the same original sin that got us kicked out of the Garden of Eden in the first place. They lied. They lied, created propaganda, to calm down the town, for the betterment of the town folk.

As a result, 100 plus years later, we are now dealing with a TREE that has grown from that lie. We now have entire government agencies dedicated to the LIES told in 1895. We now have an entire SYSTEM in place so that whenever anyone SEES a Wildman - Bigfoot - and reports it, honestly reports it, they are threatened the way I believe the newsman was threatened back in 1895. Their story, the truth, is covered up with lies. For the good of society. Genesis 25 is telling us how this works in the story of Esau and Jacob.

"The Winsted Wild Man" article written April 30, 2019 HERE

Quotes: "Americans aren’t nearly as rational and sophisticated as we’d like to believe. Whether confined to small rural communities or spread nationwide, delightfully stupid instances of mass hysteria and unfathomable conspiracy theories are sprinkled liberally throughout our history."

What you just read was written as the foundation for this 2019 article. It will now twist and turn and make you believe that the original true story of a Connecticut man seeing a Wildman was a lie. I must say, this guy, is a pro at writing propaganda. It starts off masterfully. You will now be led through a series of whitewashing the truth so that you believe a lie by the end of the story. You will be praised for your intelligence in believing the web of lies this author of this propaganda piece spins - my opinion.


"On August 27, 1895, Lou Stone, the 20-year-old editor of Winsted, Connecticut’s Evening Citizen, ran a column in which he recounted the story shared with him the previous day by a local selectman named Riley Smith.

A few days earlier, Smith, accompanied by his bulldog, Ned, had been walking along Old Losow Road on his way to a business meeting in nearby Colebrook. The road snaked through dense woods, and upon reaching a small clearing, Smith paused to pick a few blackberries. As he did, Ned wandered off to investigate some bushes. A moment later, a shivering and whimpering Ned returned and cowered between Smith’s legs.

As Smith took a few steps forward to see what had so terrified his dog, a tall, naked man covered in long black hair exploded from the bushes, as Stone wrote, “leaping high in the air, emitting fearful cries, and suddenly he disappeared into the woods, the long black hair on his head streaming out behind him as he took flight.”

Stone noted that selectman Smith was an honest, plucky and serious man not given to flights of fancy. If he said he saw a naked crazy wild man in the local woods, you can believe he did.

The story was repeated the next day in The Winsted Herald, a weekly. From there, it went out on the wires."


"A panic quickly swept through the entire area, with any number of residents refusing to leave their homes out of fear they might run into the Wild Man."


"Stone ... confessed he’d just made the whole thing up, that the tale about Riley Smith’s encounter with a crazy, hairy, naked man in the woods was nothing but a hoax." This is where I believe the authorities stepped in to scare Stone and forced him to recount. Why do I think that? I've read story after story for the past 5 years about how this same thing happens to the more recent people who report their true encounters with Bigfoot - various branches of official Government offices work together, in a system, to cause those people to recount. They also have various methods they use to ridicule and mislead (LIE) the public's perception of Bigfoot. Very rarely do you hear the idea that Bigfoot, a name invented in 1958, as I said, is actually MAN. But look at the description from 1895: "hairy, naked man in the woods."

The article continues with: "things began to calm down after that." Witness the tree in the middle of the Garden. The writer of the 2019 article, in like fashion, uses his pen to continue breaking the instructions of Jesus in the Sermon on the mount for our "yes" to be "yes" and our "no" to be "no." He ridicules the man who had originally reported the true story, almost mercilessly. Propaganda at work, perfected 100+ years later and used as a standard tool of Journalism. Lies. Lies for the better good. However, truth prevails. In 1972 and 1974 Bigfoot was again reported around Winsted. But by then the method of Propaganda easily fooled the public into discrediting the truthful eye-witness accounts. The article says so. Lies. The author employs "mocking" as one of his propaganda methods. The Bible has a lot to say about mockers.

My opinion: the truth is that the original story WAS true. But someone came along and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. No, the tree of the knowledge of "it is good to attach evil." In other words, LYING/PROPAGANDA is GOOD because it keeps people from worrying. Only it is NOT GOOD because GOD instructed us NOT to lie.

We now have a tree of experience with what happened as a result of lying being attached to a true story. Ask any Bigfoot researcher. We know. It is almost impossible to figure out what Bigfoot is anymore. Now take that same situation and apply it to just about any subject you can think of. That's where we are right now in trying to figure out the truth in any direction of science or religion. Genesis 25 is suffering from the exact same application of changing the meaning of the Bible stories.

Back to Genesis 25.

Vav. Ok, so Genesis 25 is about the family genealogy of spirituality, how it works. It works like I described by giving examples from my own life and family. Beliefs are handed down, generation to generation. Desire is handed down. We all start at whatever level we were born into. Genesis 25 is describing a piece of that path, a critical piece. It is describing the point in the path where our PHYSICAL - Earth - knowledge is developing into the beginning stages of SPIRITUAL - Heaven - knowledge. Esau represents Earth, the physical path. Jacob will become Israel, the genealogy of Jesus, of Christ, of the Messiah.

Like I said...

TruthUnity Quote: "...This means that one is to express faith by bringing the faith of God into the multitude of manifested thoughts and acts. The first step in spiritual development is the awakening of faith (represented by Abraham). We must have faith in the reality of the power of the realms invisible."

So Genesis 25:1 starts with an ancient Hebrew letter, which I didn't find that anyone knew what it actually meant so they, of course, ignored all vavs when translating, when I was working on my Master of Religion followed by my Master of Divinity at Lipscomb University. It is tracing the genealogy of the point in God's Design of his Holy Bible/Holy Word in nature. It begins with the concept of Abraham. Abraham MARRIES Keturah. What does "Keturah" mean?

Quote: "A phase of the soul consciousness that, though still in sense, aspires to higher things for the body. Through this sincere desire of the soul for higher and purer realizations of Truth, the animal nature is refined, and thus prepared for transmutation." HERE

I described the two paths: Earth (Physical) and Heaven (Spiritual) in my story, "Is Bigfoot Esau in Genesis 25?" HERE

My conclusion was "yes" because Esau is representative of the natural state of man who is learning by being born on/choosing the natural, PHYSICAL - Earth - path and that it is my belief Bigfoot is actually "natural man."

The Earth path was designed by God, Yahweh, YHWH, to lead mankind to the Spiritual path - Heaven. Genesis 25 is taking a deeper look at that concept. It is going to contrast Esau, who is on the natural Earth path with Jacob who is on the natural Heaven path. God has designed Heaven to be over Earth. It is symbolical. That is why Jacob is going to wind up with the blessing and inheritance.

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Written April 19, 2024 at 7:08 pm


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