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Baby Jesus to Jamaica!

Ok, I'm off on my "Dinner with Dreamer's" cruise from Miami to Jamaica then Grand Cayman! My plane goes out from Austin tomorrow, but I'm loading my packed suitcases into my van right now. I'm heading into Austin to look through my storage for my marriage certificate. Seems I have to prove my married name and birth name are connected since I'm using my birth certificate and driver's license instead of my expired passport. Long story. I've already written almost a dozen short-stories about this cruise for "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" and they are on my website. Look in the "Chapelgate" category. I put most of them in there anyway, so you could read them for free. I told my daughter, Skye, that I was a bit worried about the voodoo there at a house I've paid to visit, Rose Hall. I don't know that much about it and it worries me a bit. My 6 year old granddaughter, Laileigh, overheard me. As she was later helping me pack she put her "baby Jesus" doll in my suitcase. I asked her why. She said "baby Jesus" would protect me. Awwwww!!! Our baby Jesus doll doesn't look much like Jesus but we've been using it for that since Lai was born. It is one of our prized possessions. So, I'm going to Jamaica and the story is posted here on my page, about Rose Hall, and baby Jesus is in my suitcase. I will do what I do and turn this into a story. Beautiful. Tomorrow Eden Roc Miami on the beach! The next day, cruise! YAY!!!! "Dear Father, please be with us all and everyone we love." xo Angel

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Written March 14, 2024 at 12:15 pm


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