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Walpurgis Beltane's Thin Veil & my Cryptids

Well, this is interesting... today and tomorrow I will have new photos of my Ozarks property, "Angel Creek." It just happens to be April 30th & May 1st. I wasn't aware the dates meant anything when I hired a different local guy to go scout out my property (today) and work on it 6 hours tomorrow and send me photos. I had contacted him a month ago because I noticed his ad in local pages I keep up with. It just said he removes stumps and

brush. It was his idea to go out there today and have a look at what he'd need to do tomorrow. I asked for photos of both days. He's sending them. In my photos I usually discover strange things, Cryptids, Bigfoot, Dogman, unknown ghostly entities, even tiny people. See all my short-stories I've written on my website HERE. They are in my "Angel Creek" short-stories category.

I've written about how a lot of my actions align naturally with the ancient Biblical Hebrew calendar, just like this, without my even realizing it or without any planning on my part. I believe that is due to my excessively deep study of the Bible in the original languages and because as I read I incorporated every idea I understood into my own self. I believe a temple was created inside of me that matches the concept in scriptures. It happens inside anyone who does what I did and I've been describing that to you through my writings and documentation for several decades now.

I started in 1985 and published 20 years of my exploration in 2009. From 2009 until today I've been writing the sequel to my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," which I call, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." Basically, it is a documentation of what happened in my life when I did 3 things Christmas 1985. I prayed and asked God if there was anything I didn't understand about Christianity would he please show/teach me? Then I determined I would: 1. Read at least 1 verse of the Bible every single day for a year. 2. Stop listening to Country Music, that I loved, and start listening to Gospel music, which I didn't particularly care for. 3. At each and every decision in my day to day life I would do my very best to choose whatever it was I felt God wanted me to choose even if I didn't want to do it, in other words, obey what I read and studied in the Bible to the best of my ability, without cheating. Later, I would realize that what happened is that I decided to: 1. Study the Bible 2. Nourish myself with Spiritual food and 3. Obey God's will, not mine, truly in my private heart and mind. I documented doing that day by day through my poems, songs, and stories I wrote along the way. It turned into something totally unexpected which I call my Chapelgate adventure.

Chapelgate was the name of the property I owned and was restoring with my late husband and our children, in Tennessee. We were living there at the time and I had already been writing stories about it. My book, "Willie Worm & the Apple Tree" HERE was in the works before we even moved from Houston to Tennessee, I had started it in the 1970's. I redid it to use Chapelgate as the setting once we bought the property. It is about an eccentric genius inventor (based on my late husband) who had created a mass transport device at the old Grist Mill. We owned a Grist Mill, Evins' Mill. I had renamed our property, Evins' Mill, to Chapelgate. It is described in the bio of their history on their website even today. HERE Robin, my late husband, was very interested in solving the mysteries of anti-gravity and mass transport. He wanted to go down in history as the person who did. He taught me. He gave our oldest son a Tesla Coil on his 12th birthday, at Chapelgate. I now have several Tesla books waiting on me to get to them as I read other books in this same vein of thought blended with my ancient Biblical Hebrew studies. I did that because when you faithfully read 1 verse of the Bible every day for a year, like I had vowed and like I actually did, it leads you down a path where you want to understand more. It is very interesting and just draws you. Robin wanted to solve the physics problem called "The Grand Unification Theory." He talked to me about that so much that I modified my children's book I had been writing to change from the setting of our back yard in Houston, to Chapelgate, and put a character, Gramps, in my book, based on Robin and his eccentricities. His device, in the children's book, is a mass transport device, and he is figuring out the Grand Unification Theory. Now, when I write about God's Design, in both the ancient Biblical Hebrew scriptures underlying the King James Bible, and in studying my books on physics I am actually still working on what my late husband taught me and what he desired to know. It's really God's Word. So that leads me to today.

This is the first time I've noticed that my life is not only aligning to the ancient Biblical Hebrew calendar, it is aligning to a pagan calendar. It is my personal belief that the reason why there is an overlapping of pagan thoughts with ancient Biblical Hebrew/Christian thoughts is because our Father, God, YHWH, has a system in place that he personally designed to teach us about Christ. Every single thing in existence has some lesson to do with understanding Christ. That includes holidays, seasons, and special times as well as rocks, water, the sun, stars, our bodies, grass, cows, everything. Look at what just came to my attention about today and tomorrow, which I will have photos of, of my strange property, "Angel Creek," which I believe God led me to buy (sight unseen on the internet):

Quote: HERE "In Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, Beltane often begins at sunset on April 30 and continues through May day. Since the medieval era at least, it was believed that the veil between the world of the living and dead is thinnest on both the night of Halloween and the night before Beltane.

As a result, not just the ghosts of the dead, but fairies, shapeshifter and in regards to Walpurgis, witches were at their most powerful and could more easily cross between the two worlds."

Notice the essence of my story, this story, is a thinning of the veil between the living and dead. Just like the holiday celebrates. I've shown you how you go from a dead relationship with our Father, God, YHWH, to a living relationship with him. Do those 3 things. xo

Quote: HERE "The ancient Celtic Sabbat (religious festival) of Beltane, which had merged with Germanic May Day, was Christianized at some point after 870 CE to celebrate the canonization of Walpurga (also given as Walburga and Valborg), a British Christian missionary who became famous for miraculous healing powers, especially concerning the effects of witches' spells, in Germany.

Saint Walpurga was canonized, and her relics moved from her abbey at Heidenheim to the city of Eichstatt, on 1 May 870 CE. The date was most likely chosen to correspond to the earlier Beltane in keeping with the medieval Church's policy of rededicating pagan festivals to the worship of Christian saints and events in the Church calendar."

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Written April 30, 2023 at 11:27 am (On Beltane and the Eve of May Day)


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