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Black Sun, Sun, Simulator

Saw this in a group just now. Today, Las Vegas. 3 suns. I said: “The one that hurts your eyes is always the, inferior to the sun, simulator. They can turn the brightness up so high you have to cover your face partially with your hand just to drive (Texas). My guess is black sun/sun /simulator. Pretty sure mirror images involved.”

Angel: "Our real sun is a warm and hot yellow. The simulator(s) is/are harsh white like led lights. I think the black sun comes out of the north pole area, from inner earth, maybe south too, don’t know, through where the aurora borealis is. That is very open now and stronger so colors are coming out in many places. Best I know so far. xo"

Angel: "Someone in the group I saw this post in informed me the sun is green and it would be impossible to put a sun simulator in the sky. So I responded to that: "I guess I get the laughs I get because I posted on a page that believes in the Nibiru system. I joined several months back and don't follow it very much. I saw this post in my news stream and responded without consideration that my viewpoints are going to be alien, that's a joke. Yes, there is a sun simulator, more than one actually, not impossible at all. The first patents I've read began in the 1960's. In for a yard in for a mile I guess. We live on a flattish earth, I don't know the exact shape but there is an ice ring wall surrounding all the edges. There is a dome of some sort, maybe electromagnetic, some force, that is over the flattish earth. Just like all the ancient people told us, including God's precious Bible, when it is translated properly from ancient Hebrew. The sun, best I can tell, is about 3000 miles above us, so yes, they can easily reach it and have. I hadn't heard about the greenish hue of the sun but that matches my other thoughts because of the symbolism God designed the sun to represent. That matches green, the color of new life and growth. God designed the sun to symbolize Christ. I guess if this group believes in planets far far away as in Star Wars and Star Trek propaganda then it would be hard to grasp how local and contained everything actually is."

It works like this:

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Written April 19, 2024 at 12:41 pm

The Fair Use Standards used in my writings for photos and quotes can be found in full at the end of my "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" television episodes published by Chapelgate Publishing Inc.

I wrote a half-dozen stories during the eclipse that are relevant. "The Team Has Arrived," is HERE It contains links to all of them.


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