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The Team Has Arrived

Yesterday I SCOURED all my usual sources looking for answers. None. Well, I'm here to say the TEAM has ARRIVED. It is my belief there are 144,000 of us that believe the things I've been saying, each of us shown by God in our own private ways. He's been teaching me for decades, from birth. It builds on previous generational faith. But in specific in 1985 I made a VOW to God. I asked him, "Dear Father, if there is something about Christianity that I don't understand would you please show me?" Then I decided to do 3 things: Read at least 1 verse of the Bible every single day for an entire year, stop listening to my favorite music, which was Country and start listening to Gospel, (yuck at the time), and to simply OBEY better. Every single time I had to make a decision to obey God or not to obey God, based on my study, training in church from birth, and Bible knowledge at the time I would OBEY. I would OBEY even if it cost me and it often did.

Those 3 things changed my life. I was STUDYING the BIBLE, FEEDING myself with good Spiritual food, and making constant decisions to follow and obey God as I understood, regardless. I did it. That's what we have to do. Some of us, 144,000 to be precise HAVE been doing that for years. That's why we could see this coming. Your HISTORY is like a SCROLL. The Book of Life. It was only the ones who had perfected the 12 tribes of Israel inside their spirits, done this way because God himself starts teaching you, who had created a SCROLL of knowledge in their past who had the foundation to discern what was happening.

Now we are finding each other. Jesus said that his sheep know him. We do. We also know other sheep and can spot goats. That's how it works. The sheep are finding each other. Soon they will produce a larger flock, there will be more and more of us. The ones who were on the same path but not quite to where we were yet, will recognize us. We are a family. They will recognize their family features and join us, learn, see for themselves, and add their own individuality God gives them as their gift. They will bring others. This is real. That's why I've been doing nothing but trying to tell my Christian brothers and sisters about it now for decades. It works. It has only been a day now and when I look in my same sources they are popping up. We've arrived.

There are 2 paths that God our Father, Yahweh, YHWH, has created. They work like electromagnetism. The Earth path is Physical and focuses on self. The Heaven path is Spiritual and focuses on others. Jesus told us to seek the Kingdom of Heaven FIRST and ALL these things would be added unto us. What that means is that Jesus KNEW there were 2 paths and they were mirror images of each other Positive/Negative As Above So Below. He WALKED the Heaven path. When you do that it builds the Holy Temple inside you. He told US to walk the Heaven path. FIRST. Because THEN we have a mirror image blueprint of the enemy and we are on a higher frequency where they can't reach. They go down (Hell). We go up (Heaven).

Here is a patent for a Solar Simulator, from 1966. I'm not saying they used this one. I'm saying they know it is possible. I'm also saying that sun sure looked hexagonal to me.

As I was writing this, one of my friends, commented on my Facebook page, where I also post my stories. She said, "Angel, I didn't know about not watching the eclipse. I'm gonna look for your post now about it."

I said, "There are several. Plus I'm figuring out how to help those of us who didn't know. You are a powerful ally. Love you."

Then I made a list. Here are the short-stories I've written about the eclipse so far, in order:

1. Why Are Bigfoot Elusive...Christ HERE

2. Horses & Peaches & an Eclipse HERE

3. The Scorpion King, No, the Rifle Scope Israelite Watchman HERE

4. Fake Eclipse, Black Sun, What now? HERE

5. Judgment & Repentance Begin in the House of Israel HERE

6. The Team Has Arrived HERE

Then I found this one:

Then I found this one: HERE

THE FIRMAMENT (There’s No Place To Go) Flat Out Truth You Tube channel

The Team Has Arrived. And we will grow. Join the team. We love you. We need you.

xo Angel

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written April 9, 2024 at 4:55 pm

It looks a bit like a honeycomb; see the link to the patent.

THEN on April 10, 2024 at 5:00 pm I found this:

I saw this photo of 3 suns seen in Las Vegas yesterday. I wrote a story about it, "Black Sun, Sun, Simulator," HERE


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