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Christ Consciousness: Earth Ritual vs. Heaven Substance

Today I went back to the two short-stories I wrote just before this one and inserted this paragraph. It is the heart of the matter. So I am creating it's own short-story, here.

Note: I came back and am inserting this paragraph December 3, 2023. I looked up what the internet is calling "Christ Consciousness." It is NOT at ALL the SAME thing I am describing. What the New Age people or whoever it is is describing is based on meditation. They seem to have discovered what I believe must be the EARTH RITUAL mirror image of what I am describing. I am describing the HEAVEN SUBSTANCE their mirror is reflecting. I am describing what actually happened to me and exists in me right now, 2023, AFTER the LONG walk with God from BIRTH that my story and thoughts are coming from. THIS is what has to change in our world and this is how you get to the HEAVEN SUBSTANCE that the Earth rituals are just a flimsy, cloudy, shadow of. Jesus Christ was NOT going around sitting down, closing his eyes and meditating. That is NOT how he had attained HIS true being and substance. I'll state it flat out. We have, again, been LIED TO. Not just about the science and history subjects - almost all subjects - but about JESUS. Jesus was NOT some "alien" who God sent to us. GOD CREATED the idea and substance of CHRIST. It EXISTS, has always existed and WILL always exist. The way to be changed, truly "baptized," BECOME LIKE Jesus is to DO what Jesus demonstrated and taught his followers. Jesus was NOT teaching the entire world the way Christianity wants to believe. That is not necessary. The entire world has general standards, the basic laws of morality and decency. JESUS CHRIST LED the world and he LED the world FROM Israel. Right now the physical Israel is being DISOBEDIENT to God's Laws, to their own teachings, and that is NOT what I am describing. God created Israel to BE the leaders of the entire world, of humanity. Jesus was an Israelite, born into the Hebrew genealogy and that is important. The ONLY reason WHY I myself was able to reach Christ Consciousness, and I feel I am just barely there, just barely beginning to uncover all the wondrousness of this concept, is because I am what is called, someone who has "risen up naturally from the soil." Our Christian teachings and beliefs are BASED on Israel, on Hebrew. We STUDY the ancient Hebrew teachings and writings and in our Bibles it is called the Old Testament. We have managed to reshape the REAL teachings of both the Old Testament and Jesus into a coordinated mess of rejecting the essence of what both are teaching us. We have sat down, closed our eyes, put our little fingertips together and chanted some irrelevant Ohmmmmmm sound. Now Christianity is filled with people who do NOT WALK. They sit there with their eyes shut and block out everything Jesus was teaching us. Our corporate groups, our churches, our music, our media do the same. We just sit there and meditate, in actual rebellion to God and to Jesus. It doesn't work like that. First of all, ISRAEL itself has to wake up and actually follow their own teachings handed down to them through the ages. Then Israel has to go a step further, like Jesus did, and DO what Jesus DID. They have to not just have the RITUALS of being the leaders they have to have the TRUE SUBSTANCE of what each and every one of those rituals was designed to communicate. In summary form, they have to BE GOOD. Jesus taught that it wasn't enough to just be faithful by not having sex with someone who isn't your husband or wife. He taught us to not even THINK about, imagine, having sex with someone who isn't your husband or wife. The law of "Do not commit adultery" is not a ritual idea that we can just be forgiven of - because of Jesus. That would INFURIATE Jesus and DID. The ritual is given to get us to the substance. What the world is calling "Christ Consciousness" and what I am calling "Christ Consciousness" are two different things. One is a mere ritual with a shadow of the substance. The other is the true, real thing. The articles I read were also comparing other famous gurus to Jesus. That is 100% a LIE. They are mere shadows, RITUALS, of Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ is the HEAVEN CHRIST. They are the mere Earth ritual Christ. God our Father, created the Earth to MIRROR Heaven. Do not sit around on your bum, close your eyes, and hum. Get up and walk. Follow Jesus. God our Father will then lead you. You must learn to be Holy, if you want to arrive at the true goal. We lead from THERE. Heaven.

I will now go insert this paragraph in the story I wrote after this and make a story out of just this paragraph. Now back to what I had written earlier...

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written December 3, 2023 at 11:23 am


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