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Scalar the 4

Today's interest... Yesterday I wrote, "Jesus Light, Scalar Light," and linked to a video describing what Scalar Light is. HERE I said I suspected it worked because I was recognizing aspects of Christ in the symbolism of what it does. It heals. It heals by taking our dna back to the very basic structure.

I said that that is what Jesus was teaching us. He taught us the first commandment was to place God YHWH first. So now, today, I'm interested in trying to figure out what the four base pairs of DNA are. Why? Because I also suspect I'm going to find aspects of Christ and what Jesus was teaching us. I just now started with "Adenosine." And the very first words I read about what Adenosine is jumped out at me causing me to recognize the symbolism of "DESIRE." Jesus told us, "SEEK and you will find..." Adenosine, I suspect... We'll see....

I also wrote, the day before yesterday, "So far..." HERE wherein I described what I had figured out - so far - that our actual system of earth, sun, moon, stars, heaven and earth, physical and spiritual, is designed way differently than we've been taught. I've pieced this together one hammer stroke at a time, studying, praying, asking God for direction, DESIRING to know. Why? I suspect that if we get our physical world's design back into it's proper shape and function that it matches, no I don't suspect, I know, ...that it matches the spiritual realm symbolism. How do you do that?

After the first commandment, to place God YHWH, as our foundation you then do exactly what I describe in "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." HERE Those stories that I began writing in 1985 describe my prayer to God asking him to teach me anything that I didn't understand about Christianity. HERE I said I prayed sincerely, with DESIRE, and then I made a VOW to read at least one verse of scripture per day for a year, to stop listening to Country Music and start listening to Gospel Music, and to simply DO what I knew God/Jesus wanted me to do, instead of what I wanted to do, and to sincerely follow their commandments. I write about how that changed my life.

I've now been doing that same thing, daily, since 1985. I started with DESIRE, I took away unhealthy spiritual FOOD and began eating more healthy spiritual FOOD (Gospel instead of Country music), I put my focus on God's Holy Bible, and DID keep my Vow (which eventually led to my 2 Masters in Theology and 15,000 hours I spent retranslating the Holy Bible, one hammer stroke of effort at a time, daily). That is FOOD. I watched what I ate, spiritually.

Last, but most important, I OBEYED even when it cost me and even when no one but myself and God understood HOW I was obeying. I obeyed. If I knew God didn't want me to lie and I didn't feel like going to work I didn't lie and say I was sick that day. It cost me. Over and over and over, it cost me to follow God. I paid. I paid even when God's path started winding into directions that no one else grasped and I had to withdraw from the parts of society, church for example, that were hindering me by my recognition that I was being led the wrong direction.

Just me and God. That's the path I took. I write about, in "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," how my decisions COST ME because when I found myself in the position of facing the top lawyers in the land over my late husband's intellectual property I had to TELL THE TRUTH. I did that and caught everybody off-guard over and over because I was acting in a way that was not normal. I now believe that our legal system ASSUMES people are going to LIE. It is DESIGNED to capitalize on lies being told. I didn't lie. It threw the system into chaos. I forgave. It threw the system into chaos. I loved my enemies and tried to show them the way, even as I lost my home, Chapelgate, that I loved with all my heart.

I just KEPT keeping my original VOWS to God and he, faithfully kept showing me the way. My study of his word got deeper and deeper. I walked through the halls of knowledge in our best universities doing the very same thing and threw THEM into chaos. I didn't mean to, I wasn't trying to. I just thought differently. I just WAS different. I was different because I was walking this path and as I walked it I was changed internally and externally.

There was a period where I spent 10 years turning off the radio every single time what is now 80's Classic Rock came on. I did it for the sake of my vows. I blocked unhealthy spiritual food from even entering my mind. For a decade. THEN my Father led me back to that very same battleground and said, "Ok, now that you have proved your willingness to follow me I release you and you are now to go into that territory." I did. That's when I got involved with the Classic Rock musicians I write about, in my life. It was YinYang because of my mind, my heart. I was in territory that goes against Christianity and my personality started creating situations and experiences that God used to open my insight into even deeper places in his Holy Bible.

This is the period where God led me through situations that created the tabernacle in the wilderness INSIDE my spirit. THEN, as we kept going in this same way, day after day, I witnessed my life and thoughts matching what I was reading, daily, about the Ark of the Covenant, about the Temple design, about the Temple utensils, about the function of priests, what sacrifices really are, how to do it. On and on and on and on God led me until the Holy Temple was built inside my spirit. That's where I live, now, right now. THAT is where I am viewing "Scalar Light" from. THAT is what is CAUSING me to be able to recognize the symbolism.

So, my entire journey is documented in my writings. God kept telling me, in my spirit, "Write, Angel, write." And I did. Day after day after day. I documented the path in my writings. THAT'S what "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir" is. Documentation from the prayer in 1985 to 2009 when I was in Orlando and involved in the Classic Rock local scene with what I considered to be the best Florida musicians there. They were the best.

My book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," documents what happened from 2009 until today. In 2010 I moved back to Austin. I started living and writing, "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." I walked through the local Austin music scene with the best of the best here. I began exploring Texas Outlaw Country and wound up with THOSE stories. Then God introduced me to Gigi and through her to Mark and that group of the best of the best media creatives in the world. I kept writing. I kept living the same Vows. God kept teaching me. I grasped what the Bible is actually saying through all that, through that documented path.

So NOW I have gone back to take a look at what Christians have been taught doesn't belong to us - the Earth. It DOES belong to US. How do I know? I know because God is now teaching me what all the physical objects he designed are to be used for and why. They all match the concept of Christ. It all works just like God taught me, just like I documented for you. Now...I have my 300 books which represent the best FOOD I have been able to collect. I'm reading them, taking in their ideas, and comparing them to the Holy Bible - the real one - the original ancient Hebrew and Greek, primarily Hebrew scriptures UNDER our King James Bible - and to my lifelong walk with God, following Jesus. As I learn, I write my stories. As I experience my life, which God designs, I write my stories. God uses everything, my day to day life, my knowledge, to spark insight in my spirit. I grow. I leave a path behind that God and I have blazed. I do that for the ones, God's kids, who will come behind me. God will lead them here. That's what I'm doing now. I choose to carry this burden as a freewill offering to God. Hebrew concepts. God wrote everything in Hebrew. The very design of the constellations are based on ancient Biblical Hebrew. HERE and HERE

This is how it is supposed to work, friends. THIS is how Christianity is supposed to work.

THIS is what I wrote about recently in "So far..." when I said that the concept of the firmament is "a beaten out place" in the heavens, with embroidery. It is how our understanding of "Heaven" - of the Spiritual Realm - is advanced. Jesus lived HERE. Jesus did THIS. Jesus TAUGHT us FROM here and told us that if we want to follow him to SELL everything we have and then follow him because we will have riches in the Kingdom of Heaven. THESE are the riches, these concepts, this skill, this insight, this knowledge. It is more valuable that any other thing God has created for mankind. This is how you reap the riches.

Now back to figuring out what the four base components of Scalar Light are symbolizing. This is joy. This is how you walk with our Father, following Jesus. This is Christianity. This is the expansion of the Firmament. You do so because of how your mind works, of how intuned your walk has made you with God's Word. Jesus was God's Word. xo

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Written May 5, 2024 at 11:22 am

Quote: HERE Adenine HERE

My book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," HERE

What are the 4 base pairs of DNA?

DNA has four nucleobases: adenosine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. Adenosine and guanine are purines and cytosine and thymine are pyrimidines. Adenosine bases pair with thymine, and guanine bases pair with cytosine.

Is adenine a purine or pyrimidine?

Adenine and guanine are both purine bases, which means they have two rings. Cytosine and guanine are pyrimidine bases, which means they have only one ring.

What is the function of adenine?

Adenine can be used to form multiple compounds that are important for nucleic acids and energy storage and creation in cells.

What is the formula of adenine?

The chemical formula of Adenine is C5H5N5. It is a purine made up of two fused, nitrogen-containing rings. One ring has five members while the other has six, and the 6th-position carbon has an anime group attached to it.

What is adenine in biology?

Adenine is a chemical molecule used to make the nucleotide building blocks of DNA and RNA as well as substances that store and provide energy for cells.


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