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Dreamer to Dreamer

This is a comment I made on Facebook on a fellow "Dinner with Dreamers" page. I noticed they were posting pictures of themselves linked to people they personally knew connected to people I knew. I did not yet know this person. I added fellow Dreamers to my friends list when I went to the Dreamer's Austin, dinner, the Dallas dinner and the Dreamer's Nashville dinner/conference at the Johnny Cash Hideaway Farm. A few added me, likewise. That is the beauty of the group. Ideally, we are all in the group because a media connected friend invited us, a cultural mover and shaker, leader, world-class, and I had thought at first, when I was invited, a specifically Conservative Christian leader. Now, I'm not so sure about that part, my primary personal friends are in this category, but the group has become so large now with several hundred members that this isn't necessarily true. My own personal group starts with that as a base but then diverges into writing and Biblical Hebrew - just a small group of people I really like, true friends. So I was quite pleased when I accidently ran across this fellow Dreamer's page. He and his wife knew who I know and were excited about their little world. So am I. I've deleted the parts that would allow anyone to figure out who these fellow Dreamers actually are. I've included what I did say as a method of showing you how this works. I actually erased this comment after we had become acquainted, the purpose of the comment. Ideally, it works beautifully...Dreamer to Dreamer...

It’s 2:40 am and when I woke up I reached for my phone and God opened it to this. Last night I spent an hour watching your videos on You Tube and reading your website. Plus I learned more about your lovely wife. Why? Because I want to know more about the Dreamers going on the first cruise in March. Your posts come up in my news feed. You talk so beautifully about your wife. What amazing people you both are! Beautifully written! I’m a fellow Dreamer. Last night I finalized Sylvester Stallone’s body double/stunt double’s ticket to Miami for the cruise. I’ll send this to him, Mark DeAlessandro, Sly’s double for 23 years, 30 movies, 180 major feature films. We became buddies due to Kyle & Brenda Golden’s small Dreamer’s dinner in Austin in 2017. My girlfriend, actress Gigi Erneta, took me with her that night. Mark was filmed in the long distance shots climbing the stairs in Philly, Rocky 2. He was in Rambo, won a Taurus award for Rocky 4, on and on. Our world’s overlap and Kyle did that for us all. Say hi on the cruise if you’re going - Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Miami.

My late husband created the historical technology that ushered the entire oil industry into computerization, real-time drilling, $100 million per year savings to the major companies, safety and security to the earth itself, because our Drilling Data Center could predict blowouts before they happened and a host of other features. I say our because he trained me as his Documentation Specialist and his software programs were like our children as he created each one.

We then created a private hideaway for Contemporary Christian music songwriters in the early days. I wanted to give a beautiful safe Eden to the writers of God’s, Yahweh’s, songs, to nurture their spirits. I named our property “Chapelgate,” and Amy Grant made “Lead Me On” at my waterfalls.

Today it is Evins Mill in Smithville, Tennessee. See how our world’s overlap? Someone will read this and see their world overlapping.

Bless you, what a gift you gave to the world with your intentions to heal entire nations through your abilities. See, I learned that last night. What amazing photos of your family's work beside US Presidents. Dreamers, creating, healing, leading the way… thank you, bless you! I’ll send your post to Mark, who emails Stallone. Beautiful! Angel

After I wrote this we messaged several times. I said I had spoken of this to my parents, the next day because their interests also highly overlapped. My parents reminded me not to divulge matters that were personal to my father's career. I was very proud of his accomplishments and he told me the stories I'd heard all my life, again, for the sake of my memory. Even my mother expressed surprise as it dawned on her afresh what he had accomplished for the good of our country, God, the church and our world during his lifetime. "I'm just a farmer's daughter," she said, I really never knew all this as we were living it. He had a high so-and-so security clearance and couldn't tell me. She was almost surprised as he relived the stories for the benefit of my memory. I decided to keep them private and didn't share them with my new acquaintance like I had planned, even though the edges of our worlds and lives overlapped perfectly. "You went to college, on purpose, to pick Dad," I commented back. Then I explained to her what Dad did that had such a high security clearance she hadn't known until now. It was truly splendid. Dreamers, true Dreamers, lead the world like this, through their dreams and goodness, quietly. God taught us that. xo

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Written February 4, 2023 at 11:36 am


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