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Eureka! Genesis 1 Creation; Grand Cayman, Steven Tyler & Hollywood

I woke up this morning and my first thought was, "What do I want to do today?" I ran through my options in my mind: Continue reading the book I'm on, which is "Myths of the Dog-Man." I've barely made a small dent in this huge and extremely helpful and interesting book. I'm on page 64 of 334 pages. It took me all day last week to progress 5 pages. I just kept stopping to put new book titles on my Amazon Wish List. I've spent about $10,000. in the last 2 years building my library and I'm literally surrounded by bookcases overflowing with interesting books. I can't wait to read them but more so I can't wait to have processed the knowledge that will be inside my mind and spirit once I've mastered this course I've set for myself.

My husband was a genius. I'm not even going to say "late" husband anymore. Who made up that stupid rule? I don't care that he is not physically here with me. He's right here beside me, inside me, leading me, reminding me, every hour of every day. He made that important of an impact on me. He loved me with that kind of love and I loved and continue to love and adore him. We will keep walking together until we are reunited and then on. Marriage does not end with the death of one partner. Not with that kind of partner and love. Anyway, my husband was a genius, is a genius. He always told me that "Eureka's" come from determining what you want to know (Firm desire).

Google quote: The eureka effect (also known as the Aha! moment or eureka moment) refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.)

Robin taught me that after you have set your desire then you study every single thing you can possibly find that answers that question. When he was working at Dresser Industries in Houston as their lead Staff Engineer - I mean of ALL of Dresser Industries (there was no one higher, they invented a rank just for him) he would put in a request or go over to another building and talk to the Dresser Librarian. They would discuss what he was interested in. Then she'd order scientific documents that were in other languages, Russian, or German primarily, and have them translated and then deliver them to him. He lived on the leading edge of technology. He described what an eureka is to me and I'm now telling you.

First, you set your desire of what you want to know. Then you gather all the material related directly to the subject. Then you read and incorporate into your mind all the directly related material. You are not there yet. You've just begun. Next, you create a secondary circle. Everything that was in your primary bull's-eye that you now have in your own mind and comprehension then spreads out to the next circle. The next circle includes whatever needed knowledge has sprung up from the center knowledge. You gather all that material. You study and incorporate all the secondary knowledge. Then you spread out to the next circle. You do the same for the third circle. You continue just like this. He said that it will feel like you are banging your own head against a brick roof over and over and over. No matter what you do you just can't grasp what you want to know. Just keep banging and studying. He said the Eureka! moment will come suddenly! The bricks above your head will crack. They will start to crumble. They will fall away just enough that you can now raise your head above them as if they were a brick floor. Your head will raise above the bricks and you will look around you at a brand new world in every direction. You will be in rapture, in astonishment, as you look around. Everything will make perfect sense. You will be delighted and awed and you will think to yourself, "Of course! That makes perfect sense!" And you will feel like you should have known that all along because of its simplicity.

That's how my husband operated. He built a software/hardware computer system, for collecting/monitoring/analyzing/alarming/storing as a database, the computerization of the data of drilling oil wells. It was the first in history. It saved the oil well companies a hundred million dollars per year for decades. It founded an industry. That was how my husband worked. That's why I'm surrounded by $10,000. worth of books right now. My goal: What does the Bible really say? How does that match science/physics? In other words, "What is God's Design of the Physical/Spiritual realms?" That is why I am studying. That is why "Myths of the Dog-Man" is open on my bed beside me as I type this short-story documenting my path. It just linked to Genesis Chapter 1. Genesis Chapter 1 is describing what I just said. Creation.

So, this morning my options were: 1. Continue reading my current book and working my way through my library. 2. Go fix the editing on the original "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" first season. (I was just beginning and I don't like the simple editing I was able to use; I can do it a lot better now and want to go back and fix it, so it is more professional.) 3. Finish part 3 of Andy's documentary on his Cowboy Camp so it is 22 minutes like he asked for, then make it 28:30 minutes so it is a full television episode. 4. Stop and work on my blue shed/cabin (I did; I ordered the next pieces to make my locking system complete so I feel safe there, and so my tools I've bought and had my worker now put in my shed can't be easily stolen.) 5. Start going back through my files and separating out the hundreds of photos/videos I've taken since 2014 for my "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" episodes. I must have 10 more seasons in my files. 6. Read the first story in my book my parents gave me that my lady ancestor wrote about early Texas history. My goal is to shape my Texas Tales to both match what she was observing and how it links to the Bible, to God's Word, because that is what made Texas special, great, and gave it its' true reputation for independence. Those were my choices. I went back to reading the book I'm currently on. I stopped to document my journey. Later! xo

PS Both Mark and Gabriel had exciting news for me last night. Those will both be part of the new episodes I'm currently creating. Mark's going on the cruise that I wrote about, he has talked to Kyle (see the stories on my website). The Dreamers are going to Jamaica, and to Grand Cayman. When we get back to Miami I'm going to Nassau, Paradise Island, and the Atlantis hotel I love. I'll be filming and creating. Gabe is going to perform somewhere we scouted out and planned in 2007, and it is a big deal. I'm proud of him. I told him I bought a ticket so I can film him but no promises. I just want to, he deserves it, he has worked hard. When I told Mark about it Mark said, "I bet he performs Aerosmith, right?" I said, yes, he knows every Classic Rock song/band and performs all of them but his projects I've been part of revolved primarily around his original music bands, which is what he's about to do again. Mark said, "That's me doubling Steven Tyler in "Love in an Elevator." I went back and rewatched it and sent Mark all the screenshots of himself. He does Steven Tyler's high fall from the elevator and I suspect that's him actually in the elevator with the blonde, lol, although he didn't confirm, he just hinted. I'm surrounded by astonishing circles, after circle, after circle. Thank you, God. Back to the books. xo

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written June 3, 2023 at 11:22 am


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