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Gigantic, Hairy body, Human Face "Where 2 or more are gathered..."

This just happened, this morning, just now, in one of my Facebook Bigfoot groups. A man posted his encounter with Bigfoot. I read it. I came here to capture it as a short-story. Word for word...

When I saw your post I thought “oh good!” and went to your profile first to gauge your character. I love every single true post on your profile. Then I came here to read, still thinking, “he’s probably going to say Bigfoot is an animal.” But then I read your story and thought, “Thank you, Father, he knows the truth and was brave enough to stand up and tell us.” Thank you sir. THIS is the truth. There are other creatures/beings out there, no doubt. But THIS brave, honest, logical man SAW Bigfoot and says Bigfoot has a human face mixed with a hairy gigantic body. I believe you 100%. I needed this for my own research. They are on my Ozarks land I bought for my family vacations and have been afraid to go to until I figured out what they are. Mine has a hairy body and human face. I have other creatures/beings there too. But my photos look just like this. Thank you sir, you are one of God our Father’s precious jewels. Thank you.

*** This personal story belongs to Daniel, used by his permission***

It was the summer of 1989, my name is Daniel Gonzalez and you are welcome to use my name, I am now disabled and live in the state of Georgia!

This occurred right on the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area at the foot of these 3 Volcanoes!

I am a retired Mechanical Engineer, at the time I lived in Hood River, OR. (the Northwest is the Mother load of these creatures) I have never had a psychological issue nor have I ever needed any related help.

I was an avid hunter and had hunted this area numerous times in the previous 10 years, my camp was approx. 6 hours on horseback (after a vehicle could no longer drive) this is an awe inspiring mountain area with very large timber yet open meadows, on this trip my son along with 2 teenage friends of his and I, decided to backpack in, we started at the crack of dawn and arrived at the camp around noon, this trip was just to explore for the upcoming hunting season so my only firearm was a 44 Mag revolver I would always carry into the woods.

When we finally arrived, we cooked, ate lunch and proceeded to scout the area, the day went without any unusual event and we were exited to see abundant game. After it got dark and we went to sleep (around 10PM) all 4 of us in a light nylon tent with semi transparent material, and me being a very light sleeper (perhaps as a result of my Vietnam History) at about 2-3 AM I was woken up by very very heavy bi-pedal steps approaching the tent, there was a full moon, the “person” stopped and I could see a very large shadow and I assumed it was just his proximity to the tent blocking the Moonlight but along with that, there was a very loud breathing which I could only associate with a large animal, by that time I began to become alarmed, I was sure that it was not a bear because I heard the steps from quite a ways, perhaps 30 yards and they were definitely bi-pedal and bears do not walk like that for extended distance. At this moment I believed there were humans trying to scare us or rob us so I grabbed my revolver and out loud said “do not come any closer, I have a gun and will shoot”, the breathing continued for perhaps 30 more seconds, he could not have been further than 3 feet from our tent, by this time all four of us were very awake but then, all of a sudden, we could hear the steps again, this time walking away.

I immediately unzipped the tent door and looked in the direction of the steps and with the full moon and no more than 15 yards we saw this incredibly large hairy animal, at least 8 feet tall, probably more and using my hunting experience I judge his weight at no less than 800lbs, he heard our noise, turned around, we could see his human-like face, the moonlight illuminated him clearly, he led out a blood curling hair raising scream/growl combination that echoed throughout the mountains, we were all terrified, I knew that my revolver could not stop a beast that size before it reached us if he chose to charge, but he turned away walking very fast and occasionally looking back and we never heard from it again.

I know there's a lot of skepticism but I have no doubt such species exist, there were 4 of us, we all saw it clearly, we talk about that experience to this day (30some years later) and when I ask the then teenagers if they remember, they all say “as though it happened yesterday”

these boys, are now grown men who pursue the hunting sport including my son and they all have had additional, less dramatic, signs, noises, small rock thrown at the tent at night etc.

For many years we did not talk with anyone other than amongst ourselves, but nowadays there are many sightings.

Please remember we lived for more than a century with Mountain Gorillas and it was only relatively recent that we discovered them.

True Story!

I am using this man's post word for word under the Fair Use Standards laws because I need it as background for my own work. I am allowed to do that because of the nature of my own work and my professional media certifications. I will, however, also ask him for his permission to include his story at the bottom of my comment on his story. I am creating this first, while it is fresh on my mind, it just happened 5 minutes ago.

Matthew 18:19-20 KJV

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

I then went back to the Facebook Bigfoot group page where we had posted and asked for his permission to use his story... "Daniel González-Perez Sir, may I please include your story here, word for word, at the bottom of my own comment which I just turned into one of my dozens of short-stories on my website about the Bigfoot creatures on my own land and my experiences figuring out what they are? I am asking for your permission. I won't change a single word. It looks like this, thank you:"

He said:

Daniel González-Perez

absolutely, feel free

Angel Isaacs

Daniel González-Perez Thank you! Truth tellers find each other once in a blue moon. Done!

By the way, for my readers, today I am on Ezekiel 1. This matches the "wheel within a wheel" concept in Ezekiel. It is where those who have walked truthfully on the "Earth" part of God's Creation face their natural inclination, in order to tell the truth, to help others and just because it is the right thing to do (Daniel) and where those who have walked truthfully on the "Heaven" part of God's Creation face their natural inclination, in order to tell the truth, to help others and just because it is the right thing to do (me). They meet. They join. God's true Word begins to come back into being from being lost through sin and disobedience. God writes his Law in the way the Earth (physical realm) is written and it leads to the doorstep of Heaven (spiritual realm). The Earth truth tellers see it and begin to pass over, explore the spiritual laws God has designed. Meanwhile the Heaven truth tellers see it and begin to pass over, explore the physical laws God has designed. It restores "God's Word" back into it's proper authority. Jesus knew this. Jesus taught this. Jesus knew God had designed both Heaven and Earth to lead us to him, our Father, and to his Word.

I also suspect this spiritual concept, the wheel within the wheel, is going to match physics in the area of levitation and electromagnetism (where the two opposing forces Earth/Heaven meet).

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written November 17, 2023 at 11:37 am


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