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Happy Yom Kippur, beautiful daughters, today!

Happy Yom Kippur is what we should say to all of our beautiful daughters today! Why do you think the holiest holiday has been renamed? So we miss what today really is, a holy day of utmost holiness. It is the holiest day because we learn that YES we ARE required to obey God's LAW. And thank goodness God's law is in place already throughout every spec of his glorious Creation. It is the GIFT of all gifts. Begin to learn Torah and discover the glorious realm of the heavens. We have no idea what a masterpiece YHWH has created for us. Yom Kippur opens that portal. Come in precious sons and daughters! Celebrate! Your sin has been atoned for. Open your eyes. Heaven rules over earth. The good spiritual realm is more powerful than the physical realm. Come in my beautiful daughters! The power of the earth is less than the power of the heavens. We will prevail in our knowledge, skill, and understanding of this the most holy of holy days! Amen.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written September 24-25, fully understood the 26th and finished; Written during Yom Kippur 2023

Just start observing this, from our Torah, to begin to really see what the feeble earth attempts to distract us has no power to do. HERE

Eventually we will all master here and beyond. The gift of the LAW, Torah, true POWER and GOODNESS, the true gift of HEAVEN: HERE



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