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Interpretation of the Bigfoot Cross please...

Well this is interesting. I just posted this in a few Bigfoot groups I’m in. Unbelievable! ***

Ok so I need some interpretation guys. In May I put up my little blue cabin at my Ozarks property. In August I asked a Choctaw Medicine Man/Bigfoot tracker to track my same land. We took photos both times. Between May and August Bigfoot had built 2 blinds, one on each side of my cabin positioned to see the only door. I do not live there, I’m doing this from 600 miles away. I was only there when I bought the cabin in May. Two weeks ago I hired two local men to start clearing my land between the cabin and road frontage (50 feet). They both sent me photos. Today I hired a local lady with a chainsaw to go clear around my cabin. She sent me back this photo. It’s brand new - a huge cross. If they were saying “Stay out of our woods” maybe it would be slanted more to be straight in front of the woods. Instead it is 10 feet from my cabin and slanted like arms of protection like “leave her (me) alone.” My tracker confirmed they are there. So what are they saying with this new CROSS???!!! Thank you guys!!!

Look for translucent outlines

Look for translucent outlines

Someone in one of my groups asked me why I had a tracker track my land when it is obvious to him they are there. I said: I knew zero about Bigfoot when I bought the land 4 years ago sight unseen on the internet. I had a photo and a 10 min video the salesman took. I watched the video many times. I noticed a small bent tree and an ancient bent tree. I googled “Ozarks bent trees.” I found out about Indian Marker trees. At the same time I read Bigfoot bend trees. I have a daughter and little granddaughter. I had told my little granddaughter this was HER land. So for the next 3 years I studied everything I could find about Bigfoot. Then I discovered Dogmen. In another group I posted the picture from the real estate guy. It had a suspicious black blob in it. I thought it might be Bigfoot. Then I thought it might be a Dogman. Ashley was in that group. She was our expert. Ashley said it was a hyena variety Dogman. I had found this Indian Bigfoot Expert tracker a few weeks before and bought his dvd about Bigfoot. I sent that photo to him and asked what he thought it was. He confirmed - a short snout hybrid Dogman. He showed me Bigfoot in the same photo and said there were several more of each kind. I found 3 Bigfoot. I asked him if he’d go track my land because I’d been there maybe 4 times total for less than 2 hours max and had never seen it. I asked him to take photos and videos. I wasn’t about to go near it myself. He agreed and made a 2 hour video and his assistant took 230 photos for me. They made a full report. That was in August 2 months ago. So I started hiring guys to clear the front part of my land. He showed me the Bigfoot had made 2 blinds to watch my new cabin door. Today I hired a lady to use her chainsaw to clear around my cabin. She sent me this photo of the big cross. It’s new. I don’t know how to interpret it.

Here are pictures from August:

This is the co-tracker beside a rare Bigfoot double-bend tree in the back of my property, "Angel Creek," in August 2022. I call the Bigfoot who did this "Samson."

Notice the twist in the tree. Notice the SIZE of the tree. Think about the strength required to do this.

Ok so experts in a handful of other groups I'm in are giving me their insight. One wise lady says that my cabin is interrupting their energy flow because of its' location and they aren't happy about it. I believe her. But it gets complicated trying to figure this out correctly. Here's what I said to her: "This is only what I see" is the reason why I asked this group, you see way beyond anyone else, so thank you. I REALLY appreciate your thoughts. Yes I can see the ones you pointed out. There are so many everywhere. My tracker told me in August that Bigfoot is coming across my property at my road frontage while hunting. He calls them predators and has interactions with them because he tracks lost and missing/murdered Choctaw people. This is why it gets so confusing. I'm still new at this even though I've now studied religiously for 4 years. Half the accounts I read/watch involve the danger of these beings, half involve community and co-existence. There is such a divide that although I'm in a handful of groups I am careful to not post videos/comments mixing the two. I've refrained from posting info/videos/comments on THIS page that involve how dangerous/malicious/vengeful these beings can be. But my tracker has a different viewpoint from this group. His accounts include Bigfoot who constantly lurk in bodies of water and pull down innocent swimmers in order to store their bodies under the water and come back later to retrieve their food supplies. Also a story of a lady being captured by a Bigfoot, tree resin put on her eyes, and taken to a cave. A friend of his rescued the lady by tracking her down. She was 150 feet deep in the cave. I listened to a story of a man who was being friendly to Dogmen on his property. He was bold but friendly, going out at night, taking photos, leaving food, running up on them to get a better view. The Dogmen turned on him and for 3 months solid, every single day, all day, all night, used telepathy to harass him, noises, banging, appearances. He begged them to stop every day and they were relentless. He then moved and they followed him to his new location and continued the harassment for months. He moved again. He considered suicide. They finally calmed down to occasional harassment in the third location he moved to. Then I come to my groups like this one and it is a completely different point of view and types of interactions. I bought my land for my family and gave it to my little granddaughter. That's why I am trying so hard to grasp the true nature of these beings. My tracker said at least he didn't find any bones in my immediate area so they aren't feasting on my land. Totally different viewpoint. I believe both. It is a remote area off grid in the Ozarks. My tracker saw structures the entire 7 miles TO my land. My cabin is right on the road, The property goes back 2 football fields and he found tremendously large tree bends. They found footprints right in front of my cabin on the dirt trail road. So with this information it is not like they are only using the spot where I placed my cabin. They are miles in every direction. I DID place my cabin on the only dry creek bed, next to it, that runs the entire length of my land, so you could be correct but I don't know what to think. My plan was to clear out the entire 200 foot road frontage to a depth of about 75 feet so they couldn't build blinds to watch my cabin from just steps away like they already have. I am willing to learn different viewpoints and believe in yours a lot but to me I'm responsible for my daughter and granddaughter's lives and safety as well as my own. I'm probably going to move the cabin further away from the road once I have it cleared more. I am hoping they will settle down. They don't bother my neighbor 150 feet away but my tracker said that once I develop my frontage it will cause them to have to use neighboring land to cross the road and could cause my neighbors to have more interactions. They have miles of land to use all around me. Your reaction to what I've said would be considered PRICELESS to me, and already is, so thank you. Sorry so long. Maybe it will help others grasp this and also enable them to pinpoint the situation and solution. I'm not selling my land I love it. But I will learn and even protect them. I already told them I wouldn't make them leave if they would protect me. My tracker advised me to NEVER talk to them because they can form psychic bonds and follow you the rest of your life if you do."

A lady wrote about the Nephilim. Here's my answer: "Yeah, I mostly agree with you except for the Nephilim. I can read ancient Biblical Hebrew and Genesis 6 says absolutely zero about Nephilim or their theories. It is a complete fabrication on the powers that be's part to try to link Enoch to Nephilim to Genesis 6. The word they are translating Nephilim in Genesis 6 says nothing of the sort. It simply means "to fall" and it is not talking about aliens and junk. It is talking about the elohim, elite, of the heavens (spiritual realm) uniting with the elohim, elite of the earth (physical realm). Aliens do not exist. The universe does not exist. We are in a domed small, special environment created by our Father, God, YHWH. Our mother, the Earth spirit, is in charge of teaching us physical stuff that then leads to the spiritual. We are in dimensions based on our ancestry and choices of whether or not we seek the spiritual realm or the physical realm. The so called scientists are simply those who are blind to the spiritual realm because of their ancestry and/or personal choices and inclinations solidified into blindness. I bought the Enoch books and they are waiting for me to study more deeply. But I can tell you for sure Genesis 6 has nothing to do with Nephilim, only in the manner I am describing. Nice to meet a fellow spiritual sister. xo"

This is a work in progress...stay tuned for more short-stories as they develop. Go read my previous short-stories to catch up.

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Written October 26, 2022 at 12:26 pm (and the day before)

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