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Is Bigfoot Cain's family?

"Good morning. We was talking to Scott’s mom last night (a Bigfoot on his Tennessee property). And I asked if Bigfoots was Cain's family. And we got “what if hairless people were Cain's family?” I believe mammals are all normally hairy. So it does make sense. I was curious how you interpret this? Biblically? Thanks in advance."

That was the question that one of my friends left in the comments when I posted my recent short-story, "Bigfoot are People ...or maybe bears." HERE

Angel: "I would interpret it like this... God has two separate systems going on simultaneously. I call them "Heaven" and "Earth." I call them that because that is how Genesis 1:1 begins and I retranslate that to mean that there is a physical realm and a spiritual realm and in the start of every new cycle, they mate. I think that is what Genesis is describing. So the story of Cain and Abel are the same concept. Cain, the tiller of the soil, represents the line that becomes the flesh/physical realm. Abel, who keeps the sheep, sheep are a concept Jesus used, represents the line that becomes the spirit/spiritual realm. It is a male/female concept. It is a yin/yang concept. There is a cycle in place that repeats eternally. Both are important in the same way that both male and female are important. Jesus was the master of the spiritual realm. Cain's line will lead to the beginning of Abel's line. There are a lot of lessons in the physical world that must be learned before you start connecting it to the spiritual mate. Abel's line is already on the way to becoming what Jesus has already mastered, the spiritual realm. I think Jesus was advising those who saw something different in him, those who wanted to be like him, to focus on the spirit. So, yes, I already think that Bigfoot/Wildmen are in the line of Cain. Flesh/Nature/Physical. Today we call that "science." Today we call Abel's line "woo." You know yourself Bigfoot are both. They are masters of the physical realm, even more so than our best scientists because they are constantly living for generations in the physical natural world God designed. I think they have mastered that world. I suspect they have, after that, mastered the spiritual realm as well and that explains why the "woo" exists."

After I answered my friend he asked another question:

Very interesting. Cain was cursed to be so ugly he would be in danger. I’ve always thought ugly as in hairy monster.. But technically a bald mammal is not normal. Would we have been cursed to be bald. Which is considered ugly?

Angel: Cain kills Abel. His ugliness was in his spirit. He was not only on the physical realm side, rather than the spiritual realm side, but he was very happy to simply be satisfied in staying on the physical side. Satan is beautiful and yet very ugly. Hair represents attention to fine detail, excessively focused in one direction or another. Jesus had long hair. Baldness comes when you take it to an even further extreme blended with old age.

Third question:

my friend dru. Had made a comment “something like” that when you take the dna of a son and mix with mother you can get hairless offspring. I looked into it and can’t find how they make hairless dogs and cats. They don’t tell us that part. So I tend to believe that might be some truth to that. Are we marked by no hair and also come from that kind of dna mixing. Just thinking.

Angel: "There are Torah laws that forbid sexual relations between a son and mother. So when that occurs it is an abomination that results in even further distance from the ability to grasp the goodness in the spiritual realm where Jesus dwelled. I was just thinking about how Abel's line could be the same as Jesus' when Cain killed him. The answer is in Seth. God let Seth be born next. WT in Hebrew means "to put, place, set." Sometimes God just steps in and fixes a situation. He sets things in place."

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Written May 20, 2024 at 8:00 am


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