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Kosher & Not

I kept marking up the text in my last book with “Wrong!” so many times towards her grand finale ending (which was basically blasphemy against our wonderful Father God) that finally I stopped reading and tore that book to shreds. No we do not have to consume rotten food. Yes we can spit it out. Yes we can destroy it so it doesn’t make anyone else sick. I deleted my short-story about it. I deleted my posts about it. This is why we have Kosher laws. They teach us how to discern the quality of the food we choose to eat. I spit it out. It was rotten but disguised so you couldn’t tell until the last bite. I won’t even say the name of the book. Yuck. Gone. Discern!!!

I had explained in the story I just deleted that I’ve bought 230 books over the past 2 years. Each is a piece of the puzzle. I’m trying to discern God’s Word both in his holy Bible & now in the physical realm. Also, we are to keep our closest friends of Kosher quality as well. If a friend, even someone you really like & admire, starts leading others down a path God’s Word warns you about we are to close that door firmly. All portals don’t lead to good places. Some lead to hell. Some hide that from you until the final reveal. Then it is too late. Obey. Keep the Kosher laws. Your absence sends a bright guiding light to help others find the way back. That’s true love and respect for our Father & his Word. Summary: Blasphemy against the holy spirit is to remain unforgiven until repentance itself lifts the ban. Witchcraft is banned. Even when it looks white. Especially when it looks white. xo

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Written March 29, 2023 at 1:18 pm

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