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Listen to this show!

This is going to be good tonight! If I can’t watch I’ll 100% catch up later & so should YOU! I would have never known these kinds of creatures exist if God hadn’t led me to buy my remote off-grid Ozarks property "Angel Creek" (you can rent my cabin there; info under “Grants.”) My friends Ella Tracker E and Jerry Williams tracked my land for me last August and documented creatures & structures I have there. I've written many short-stories here, just look in "Short-Stories" under the "Angel Creek" category.

You should watch. People think they are in remote areas and yes they’ve been documented on/near my land going back 50 years. But they can also be on your street, in your yard, and going through Walmart dumpsters in your town. You need to catch up & listen for your own knowledge and safety! Buy their dvd! Info on link!

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Written January 31, 2023 @4:23 pm


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