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Michael John

Mark keeps telling me, and now Gigi, that we need to meet his friend, Michael-John. A few months ago I did what he asked and called in to a weekly program hosted by Michael-John. When you do the system retains your name and phone number so that the next time you call in they see your name pop up. "Angel, you need to know Michael-John!" Me: "Let Gigi do it, she likes that kind of stuff. " Mark: "Gigi, call in tonight to his show, I'll call him ahead of time and he'll let you talk. Actually, let's call him right now...wait, I can't put 4 people on the same phone conversation...hey, Gigi, you and Angel call him right now, I'll call him first and tell him to expect you..." and Mark the Hollywood Hall of Fame Stunt Coordinator is doing what he does, coordinating ideas. He has given Gigi the phone number and set it up for us. He's off the line. Gigi: "So, do you want to do this, Angel?" Me: "No, not really. YOU call him. I'm going to go read my book and study the Bible part about the Red Heifer, (which is what I was currently interested in.) I'm not a people person like Mark and Gigi are. "I WILL call in to the show tonight, however, and listen to you speak." Gigi was satisfied, and said, "Ok, I'll call him and then let you know how it went." We hung up. All weekend long Mark had been constantly trying to connect me with his super-friends. "Angel, come over to this table with me and meet so and so and so and so." Me: "I don't want to." Mark: "But he produced some of the Star Trek episodes, but he produced some of the Star Wars episodes, but he..." Mark has cool friends. Me: "If Gigi were here SHE'D do it. I don't want to. I'll call her..." I'd go back to doing what I WAS doing, which was playing with Laileigh. Laileigh and I had flown from Austin, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend Mark DeAlessandro's Action/Acting Stuntman workshop at Comic Con Albuquerque. Mark began teaching Laileigh when she was 4 months old and now she is 4 years old. I have photos of it on my page. On the phone later with Gigi I described this to her and added, "YOU need to meet all of Mark's friends and interview them. It's perfect for YOU. You can do it for your radio show, "Standing Freedom." In 2012 Gigi and I met at the Island on Lake Travis in Lago Vista, Texas where we were both living at the time. She was brought by my realtor to a concert my then boyfriend, Bax, and I were hosting in the restaurant there. I had played my Contemporary Christian Music original songs and Gigi loved God. We became immediate and fast friends. She had used songs I wrote and recorded on her radio show. She interviewed incredible people. I found my songs being played on the same show as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, for instance, and many other internationally famous people. Gigi needed to meet Mark's friends, that's exactly what she loved to do and was good at. So Gigi and I hung up the phone, yesterday, Mark prepared Michael-John for Gigi's call and about an hour later Gigi texted me, "OH MY GOODNESS, you won't BELIEVE what just happened..." and we were off and running into the fabulous, miraculous world of YHWH our Father's leading us through our adventures. That night I called in to hear Gigi speak on Michael-John's program. Michael-John saw my name pop up on his equipment, "Angel Isaacs has joined us...welcome!" and I said the stupidest thing I could have possibly said, "Hi Gigi! Hi Mark!" and I stopped. Michael-John intervened with, well, there are a lot of people on line with us tonight, ummmm, way to go saying hi to everyone." Then I blurted out "Well, I was going to say hi to you but I forgot your name. I couldn't remember if it was Michael-John or John-Michael so I just stopped." (Could I have POSSIBLY said anything worse than that??!!) I caught myself after I said it and added, "I bought your book today. So there's that." He brightened up. "Gigi and I BOTH bought it AND we bought your friend's book (I couldn't think of his friend's name either). So that repaired the damage a bit I guess. Gigi's testimony of the time she had gone to Anita T's house in Los Angeles and sat on the front row of the living room and felt ocean water sprinkling all over her had been her testimony on the show just before my blunder. She had recalled the minister in Anita's home meeting pointing at her and saying, "This woman has the gift of vision." Gigi had marveled at his insight and when Mark had connected her to Michael-John earlier that day on the phone she had recognized the man's voice. It had been Michael-John who was the minister in Anita's home that day years before. These kinds of things just HAPPEN to us because of where we are walking on our journeys with our God, YHWH. God sets it up. Constantly. We just marvel and go with it. Gigi has a movie, a comedy, that she has written. Michael-John has a book that was just sent up into outer space and a connection to a song that she wants for her movie theme song. So they connected last night with that too. Honestly, you just can't make this stuff up. Mark earlier that day: "Angel, you need to be writing all this down. I've just spent two hours on the phone with you and Gigi and that's very valuable. Time is money. You need to be writing these stories down." Me, looking at my two pages of notes on the big TV screen in front of me, "Do you want me to send you my notes?" I HAD been writing it down. After we had hung up I had turned Mark's stories into a new Contemporary Christian Music song just the same way I describe in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir" that I used to sit in Sunday School class in Houston and make poems out of the lessons in class. I wrote a new song while Gigi was meeting Michael-John. It is called, "Walking Two Blocks Through Harlem" and I posted it below. Today I am writing this short-story to add to the many I already have of our adventures with God. I sent a note to Mark and Gigi along with the lyrics of my new song, "THIS is what I do. Let Gigi interview your greats, Mark." So there's that. Now, back to my 300 books I've bought on how to understand God's Word and World better and looking up the meaning of the red heifer... Love you guys, and if you have read this far this is OUR journey together, friends. xo Angel


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